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Silverelf AOS Fiction 1

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Liriel_Silverelf, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. Liriel crawled through the last cave of her long and tiring trek through the Northern Crags and entered a heavily wooded and misty forest. It was dark and cold and sounds of strange creatures greeted her, but she could not see them. The Lady Mage hoped she was nearing the crystal fens she was searching for.
    Many nights back Liriel had sat comfortably in a warm tavern on the docks of Skara Brea sipping honey wine and listening to the sailor’s tales of the new land. From one of these leathery sun hardened men, she had received a map of this new place. The land was called Malas and many corners of the map drew Liriels eye. The first of these was the crystal fens she now crept through. She had sensed that if there was magic to be found in this new land, this might be a good place to start.
    Liriel drew her cloak tighter around her lithe frame and called forth a spell of light. The woods had emptied out onto a plane of crystal spires and small caves. The groups of crystals glowed with a strange iridescent light. Liriel bent to one knee next to one of the shrub like crystals and pulled out her map. As Liriel unrolled the map and studied its contents, a strange foreboding feeling came over her as she looked over the part where the Dungeon Doom lay. Liriel twisted her pack off her shoulder and looked at her supplies. She had enough food and spell components to last her if she journeyed to the dungeon, so she began to plot her course from her map. Her path was a sound one for according to her map the great city of Luna resided just on the other side of the crystal fens. Noting the many dangerous paths she must cross by to get to her final destination, Liriel shivered but fear was a small feeling compared to Liriel’s great desire to explore. The Lady Mage loved nothing more and often faced dangers one should certainly fear.
    Liriel got to her feet and began to make her way through the crystal forest. As she headed west towards the city of Luna she crossed just north of a building surrounded by the fens. It was something she would have to trek to providing she lived long enough to come back. After another nights journey she came out of the wood on a hilltop, overlooking a valley leading to the walls of the great shinning city of the Paladins.