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Silverelf Fiction #3 The Assassin

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Liriel_Silverelf, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. The assassins’ blade tore through Liriels’ worn leather armor and left a bloody gash across her right arm, Liriel twisted to her right and rolled under her assailants’ blade. She came up behind the man and with her left hand began to cast bolts of energy. She staggered backward trying to distance herself from the biting steel. The Lady Mage needed to heal. She could not hope to defend against the clan of murderers and thieves that now swept the dungeon. The dungeon floor was littered with the bodies of those who had unwittingly stumbled into the bands presence and those who had stood and fought their steady stream of blood shed. Liriel clenched her teeth in pain and with her right hand grasped a healing potion from the folds of her cloak. She drank it quickly and grabbed for the sulpherous ash she would need for the spell that could kill this one and leave her time to retreat to a safer position. The assassin gave Liriel a sharp toothed, vile grin and came at her, swinging his sword inches from Liriels’ throat. With a last explosion of movement, Liriel bent low and dodged quickly to the right and finished the finger motions of her spell and the assassin suddenly dropped in a clatter of weapons and bone. Fire poured from the assassins’ mouth and nose and smoke rose, curling up around the dead man. Liriel quickly backed away and began to run in the direction of the sounds of battle. When Liriel reached the bridge to the dungeons center island she backed up a few steps to finish healing her bloody arm. The healing spell burned as the flesh on her arm began to weave and fuse itself back together. As soon as the healing spell had finished, Liriel raced up to aid the other fighters. The murderers had retreated down a side tunnel to the right of the main dungeon. Several mages followed them into the depths of the tunnel. Liriel knew few would survive to return to the island. Only those who could withstand the powerful attacks of the war fairing guilds could remain to defeat the Champion.