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Simple Hunter question

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Ricknbacker, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Ricknbacker

    Ricknbacker Guest

    No my Hunter's not simple :) Maybe I am!

    I've a favourite best I've had for a long time (around lvl 20). I'm now lvl 69 and for a long time my beasts training points have almost stood still.

    I know the rate at which they rise is linked to my pets base level. Does this mean I need to get myself a new pet at a much higher lvl to rack up useful training points.

    Any recommendation for a BE pet at this lvl?

  2. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    The pet training points are calculated by (Loyalty Level - 1) * Exp. Level. So...
    If you have a pet with loyalty of 5, and it hits 30, you get (5-1)*30, or 120. Lets say the pet then hits loyalty level 6, you get an extra 30 points from the loyalty level going up. However, now you have a very loyal pet, but your points will slow down a lot. A loyalty level 6 pet dinging 31 will get 155, and at 32, it gets 160. So, five points per level after loyalty hits the cap.

    If your pet is the same level as you (or close to it) and you like the pet, I'd say keep it. Going out and taming a new pet won't do you much good. If your pet is 68 and top loyalty, you have 340 points (counting the used ones). If you go get another 68, it's loyalty to you will be reset, it will be untrained (except for what it might know) and when it's loyalty gets back to max, you will still have the same formula making you gain points slowly.

    It's just the way it is...
  3. Lag

    Lag Guest

    All this loyalty stuff is going away in 3.0 =)
  4. Ricknbacker

    Ricknbacker Guest

    Thanks, what I've been doing wrong is assuming that my pet should be trained in everything as opposed to a select pattern like talents.

    I'll stick with him and yes thanks noted re 3.0 and talents 4 pets

  5. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    Don't forget you can also tame other animals to get certain skills to train a pet as well. Like my Cat has Bite instead of Claw, and I had him learn Dash as well.
  6. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Patch 3.0 will probably be out in a little less than 2 weeks. I don't know if I'd worry too much about the current system.
  7. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    I do know pets will no longer be able to have Bite and Claw together if my info is correct.
  8. Bud_Weiser

    Bud_Weiser Guest

    Don't bother, if you would read the new patch notes, you would know that the pet talent points are going away and you get a new pet talent tree to play with.
  9. wyrmtongue

    wyrmtongue Guest

    New pet things are a bit tricky and fun to mess with.

    Sadly you can only put 4 of the pet talents on your pet bar at a time.

    Sweet thing is all tameables are 5 levels lower then you when you tame them, regardless of the pets level. :thumbup1:
  10. wyrmtongue

    wyrmtongue Guest

    King B still rocks.

    I got one back in the day for the cobra reflexes.

    Still keep him cause hes a old school pet..

    Used to have Humar and the Ghost Saber..

    My current stable is.

    A albino devilsaur.. <forgot what the actual name is. :mf_prop: > The Kurken
    <white core hound> Black Raptor from Blades Edge Mountains. And King B.

    I have the wasp from Zanga and tried a bunch of various other pets..

    Saving the spot for a Rhino or whatever when the xpac comes out.