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Simple questions of a spotless mind

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Un_elf, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Un_elf

    Un_elf Guest

    I hope someone will have time to answer these general questions about siege perilous...

    - What is the most valuable craftman, or the craftman the most needed in the Siege perilous community?

    - Do people buy non gm made stuff?

    - Can you survive as a pure melee?

    - Is there still room for housing?

    - Is it foolish to plan building a craft skill up to GM if you plan on PvPing? Will this ''lost'' skill be big enough to make you totally non-competitive?

    - What are the most notorious guilds on Siege?

    Btw I played UO in the early years and am planning on starting back again... It seems pretty different so I am trying to get a general idea of how things goes...

    Thanks to whoever can help.

    *Is Bushido a must for pure melees now? It did not exist in the times I played...
  2. Jeremiah

    Jeremiah Visitor

    Jun 30, 2008
    Likes Received:
    As far as craftsman go, I would assume the perishables sell fastest Bolas/Smoke-Egg bombs/Pots/darts-shurikens. Youll probably do okay with a tailor selling Armor if your 120 and have arms lore but i wouldnt count on selling non-gm stuff. With the ROT system however you wont use as much materials training your skills. Runic kits of any kind will sell pretty quick, and when your first getting started gather wool and sell bolts as you cant buy them from npc's here. Other stuff people buy, leather of any kind/ingots/apples/petals.

    As far as housing goes there is plenty of room for 18x18's and the odd keep has been known to fall from time to time.

    As far as guilds there are several to choose from once you train up, but the guild NEW you can join for a month, most people wont pk you while your in it, and theyll give you starter equipment and a few lesser scrolls.
  3. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
    Likes Received:
    I have 2 chrs. that are pure crafters here. The busy most of the two when I did have vendors up for those crafts were the combo gm alchemist, gm scribe gm chef. That chr. was endlessly busy all alchemy sells so do enchanted apples smoke and eggbombs, spell books, rune books, gate scrolls etc. One does NOT have to be GM to sell rune books if the character's skill is high enough to make rune or spell books and well frankly a keg of greater heal or cure would sell anyways be one a gm or not in alchemy. I just preferred those to BE GM skilled easier to make once 100.0 alchem scribe chef. My other chr. also a crafter, is legendary tailor, and she has all the other gms carpentry mining, lumberjacking tinkering but I DO have soulstone fragments when we HAD to have arms lore then I HAD to finally get soulstones used to make her 120 tailoring then worth a darn. I personally am against soulstones but that is how UO did it so I HAD to then get gm or better arms lore.

    Resources will also sell, if you make a hunter gather type of character hides all types will sell, so will cloth bolts, so will wood all types which one can easily make arrows and bolts with just from the wood and fletching tool and those do sell. But the alchemist potion makers are pretty darn busy on Siege good income if ya want to go that route but you WILL be so busy you may also opt NOT to do it for long spells just to keep your sanity. :) Alchemy sells rapidly on Siege..no matter how many gm alchemists that there are it never seems to be .......enough of them restocking faithfully and those that DO restock faithfully get burnt out FAST !

    There is a lot of room for 18 x 18 homes on Siege, depending on area. Many of the old world close in to the cities may be fuller, and Luna Umbra close in to towns are pretty full but that still leaves acres and acres of land empty and still relatively close in and more land yet all over AOS land just empty as hell with room galore for 18 x 18s.

    I myself made my original main 2 chrs. here TO craft..my connection would have been too slow to pvp anyways, so I do not concern myself with PVP anywhere on my chrs. templates and if I end up dead and drylooted it does not even matter my chrs. can re equip remake whatever because they make it all :) So I did not plan to try to juggle pvping skills with craft skills, to me it is always has been ..either or..either you make the full template to be able to fight or defend yourself which won't have room for crafts or ya craft and do not concern yourself about dying at all cuz ....you can remake it all anyways so ya a ghost for a bit but ya remake everything ya had maybe lost being looted so ....pfft.......no fricken biggie to die ever self sufficient !

    Ask anyone of any guild tag which is the most notorious guild here and they will say ..............THE OTHER GUILD.............. ;) lol so that would depend on whom ya asked.........cuz they all would say......THEM OTHER ONES ARE THE WORST guild of peeps ever..............not them ! LOL Just think of Siege as a comically dysfunctional family ...it is always ........THEM OTHER PEEPS that are often or always....purely...notoriously... badddddddddddddddddd ! :)