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Simple Suggestion for Damage Eater/Soul Charge

Discussion in 'UO Test Center' started by Stupid Miner, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    ... could we get some visible numbers when the effect goes off? It's really hard to quantify the value of the property without accurate numbers.

    Also, the ability to toggle the numbers on/off would be good too. As well as the spell image effect, since it can get backlogged and keep going off 2 minutes after a fight is over.
  2. On a semi related note, the 'all' eater type doesn't seem to stack with the other eaters, I don't know if they're supposed to or not, nor care much, just something I noticed.
  3. Logrus

    Logrus UO Legend
    VIP Stratics Veteran

    Jan 9, 2009
    Likes Received:
    hmm not stacking! god forbid.

    Uh, making a toggleable option to turn off the spam is a bit complicated. If there was already a way to do it that I could hijack err I mean repurpose, it would be easier. I figure if you end up getting alot of restores queued, you'll get a message every 1-3 seconds or so and thats alot of message spam. Especially since the restore damage is proportional to how much damage you are taking. Maybe have it fire off the message if you get a significant amount restored would be better. But then again I dont know how often one gets hit for enough damage that 30% of it is significant enough to warrant more than , 'oh thats nice'.
    Something to consider though for when I have free time to see what I can break, err create.
  4. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Well you also have to note... if they're not stacking, pretty much no one actually has 30%, the realistic best is 20% with the Wall shield

    Well, for PvP 30 damage is a good hit (usually achieved with Armor Ignore doesnt help)... but that's kinda weak for PvM
    PvP-significant damage and PvM-significant are very different.
    And even worse when you account that it's difficult to actually get 30% damage Eater, so significant restore from 30 damage for 20% is only 6 hp, whereas for 30% Eater, a regen of 6 comes from a 20 damage hit, and those are a dime a dozen in PvM.

    Perhaps instead you could just put the amount restored in the spam message to the side instead of overhead?

    Also, in equal quantities, mana is a lot more useful than HP. And soul charge isnt dependent on damage type, which tends to make it much more useful.
    So hard to tell how much of this nerfing is actually needed.

    (*pst* any clues on what the drop rates for artifacts from renowned are? :))
  5. Logrus

    Logrus UO Legend
    VIP Stratics Veteran

    Jan 9, 2009
    Likes Received:
    All Damage wont stack with the individual damage types.

    Fire stacks with fire. (So combine that shield with the jade axe and you got 30 fire right there) (of course there's the sacrifice because of the lack of mods on the shield but it can be done)

    If you have 10 all and 20 fire, you're still going to just get the 20 from fire and 10 to everything else. The all wont bump fire to 30%.

    The balance is for PvM and PvP..

    Since there's less damage being dished out in PvP and the eaters dont restore immediately its a bit more negligeble.
    However because there's less damage being dished out the little bit does help.

    So I'm wary with that. But its an easy switch back and forth. And with the other balances we'll see how they work out.

    Renowned drop rates are certainly nowhere near that of the peerless/champs.
    Of course the renowned are about 100 times weaker than those.
    The drop rate isn't 100 times worse though :D
  6. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    Not sure, might have gone over-board with the nerf. Having it both not stack, as well as lowering the effective cap. Why not have it stack, but keep the lowered cap of 30?

    More importantly, it's a huge sacrifice on the Weapon. Weapons with defensive mods generally have a tendency of weakening offensive capabilities such that you end up taking even more damage than a regular weapon that's perfected for offense. (If you kill slower, you take more damage)

    Really not necessary for PvM. The 3 second delay makes it pretty much entirely useless for PvM. Deaths in PvM are typically caused by bursts of large amounts of damage.

    5 hits of 40 damage over 10 seconds = 200 damage - Bandages/Healing.
    Is an amount that could easily kill even a good fighter.
    Apply 30% damage eater: +12 hp x 3 = 36. A good amount, but you have to account for the fact that the Jade War Axe is a terrible PvM weapon, and that'd only work for 100% Fire Damage, so actually the best you can get currently is 20%.
    Apply 20% damage eater: +8 hp x 3 = 24. Still a decent amount, could probably justify the use of the property.

    But then again, how often are you actually taking 100% elemental damage? Slasher does 20% Physical, Stygian Dragon* does 25% physical.
    20% damage eater from 75% of the damage taken: +6 hp x 3 = 18. Ok, the numbers are starting to get rather low.

    But it's a lot more common for creatures to so somewhere about 50% Physical, 50% Elemental damage. Medusa does 60% Physical, Dreadhorn does 40% physical damage, many others do around 50% physical.
    20% damage eater from 50% of 40 damage = 4 hp x 3. And that's where it gets entirely negligible. If nothing else, you could use the free hand to drink a healing potion.
    For creatures with 100% physical? It'd be worthless.

    So, while it might be good *if* it was possible to get to the 30% cap for all damage types. Since it's not possible, it's effectively a waste of a property.
    And even moreso since the All Damage doesn't stack any more.

    *Just kidding about the Stygian Dragon. In reality he does 60-90 damage per hit, and when you die it's because you went from 140 HP to zero in the span of 3 seconds or less :D

    Well you also have to account that since there's less damage being done, the round down effect is a lot bigger.
    I'm not convinced 17 Damage All Eater is better than 5 HPR, especially with the delay. It'll regen more, but only when you're actually taking damage, doesn't help when there're extended intervals when taking no damage.
    Not to mention, the effects will be completely negligible for short fights or against burst damage. Then add that to the fact that we can't actually get 17 All Damage Eater, only 10 currently, and even then on armor that compromises a lot of other benefits.

    Depends on the renowned. Wyvern, for example, is twice as tough as Medusa, but Medusa takes 10x longer, but the artifact drop rate is less than 1/10th the rate of Medusa. And if you take having to work the spawn into account, it's 3x tougher than Medusa, equally long, but doesn't require Gorgon Lenses. ... and the drop rate is still worse than 1/10th :)

    ... also worth factoring in the sense of crushing despair after getting nothing after 20 wyverns. (same with ratmen, just since they're so slow)