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Simply amusing. Random thoughts...

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by PunkersSlave, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. PunkersSlave

    PunkersSlave Guest

    If you're going to read the first sentence and base everything I typed on just that, buzz off.

    It's been over 3 years since I've scanned through these forums and I can't help but laugh. I haven't played on EA servers since 2003-ish, I've been playing on an unmentioned, but the best player based server, since early 2004.

    I imagine EA must have gone through 30 plungers trying to flush UO down the toilet over the last year or two. I honestly can't beleive the crap you, the players, put up with. After scanning through the S n' R section, then scanning through that old "pre-ren" thread, I honestly can't beleive people still play on EA servers. Perhaps it's a sense of security and reliablility that keep you guys playing. Either way, I'm sure the reason is a good one.

    EA is a large corporation with dedicated servers, bukko bucks, and a dedicated "Dev" team (lol), but honestly it is only a matter of time until the plug is pulled. It may even be a year or so from now, who knows, but I imagine that fat lady has been holdin' a sharp note for quite some time now.

    From what I've read:

    The recent bannings over duping and "hacked" accounts. Oh wow. I would not be surprised if my main account, although inactive, is banned. I've never cheated or looked into it, but who knows, I'm sure in one of the bank boxes is some duped rare I purchased without knowing. The policy on duped item banning is horrid considering duped items have been around since, well forever as far as UO is concerned and when that anal GM checks the properties of an item he/she won't be able to tell if the item was duped yesterday or 10 years ago.

    Hacked accounts. O man, this is a good one. Want to know why my 8 year old account has never been hack, I never gave out my info to anyone, not even the people I trust IRL who play. Not even my own father, who has long ago stopped playing UO knows my info, nor do I know his. Even where I currently play, I've had the same stupid password for the past four years on four different accounts, guess what, no hacks (i'm certainly not poor or unknown there). Unless some jerk managed to get a keylogger onto your computer you really shouldn't fret over the possibility of being hacked. Brute force hacking is a joke, unless your PW is actually a simple word in the dictionary.

    I know there will be some of you saying "you don't play EA servers, get out", but really EA would get my $15 a month if they would only come out of the cave they're hiding in and start paying attention to the player base and legit complaints/suggestions. One idea, lower the monthly rate. Sadly I know that will never happen since as the population drops less revenue is generated, blah blah blah and so on. Then the plug is pulled. Then there was darkness.

    Why not just cave in to one stupid request. One wacky idea that a lot of people would like to see, an old style server. That's right I said it. An old style server. Sink whatever is left in the budget to get those frito-lay muchning "devs" off thier 80k a year salary arse and just do it. Make the dang server. If it flops, so what, UO is going down hill anyway. Take a friggin chance. It seems to be the popular demand to bring back pub 15? Well, I can't really remember when that was, but just bring back that time, just a few months before trammel was put into place. Sure the server would likely top out at 3000 accounts, give or take a thousand or two, but that's 1500 more accounts than any of the other servers on EA's list.

    EA needs to simplify UO as well, not ingame but the infrastructure. Each shard is hosted on a half dozen or so servers, why? Why not cut costs and move each shard to it's own server. Correct me if I'm wrong, but server lines still do exsist, yes? These shards are no where near as populated as previous years, so what's the need? An excuse to keep the monthly payment as high as other, more popular MMO's? Stupid. I haven't dealt with a server line in so long, but I still know the exact location of the one that splits Buc's Den in half. I ping 90ms where I play with a 1000 players online avg on one single server three different shards. I don't play the other two, but I think they still average around 200 players at any given time. Mods, that's just an example of how outdated EA is nothing more. If I'm wrong, then I'm outdated. :(

    I might add to this later, I'm friggin tired, it's late, and I can't think.
    If you pick out my poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and the occational misused word then you've got issues, not me. :D