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Since publish: Difference/difficulty with stopping combat?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_revenant2, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. An archer was dueling someone. The archer killed the other guy. Then the archer rezzed him, and then some auto-attack mechanism kicked in and the archer shot the fresh rez to death.

    The archer went to rez him a second time, and then shot the fresh rez dead yet again.

    Then, a bit later, on my own archer, I shot a bow at someone to show him the damage. I then tabbed out - but my guy kept firing. I tabbed several times trying to stop, then finally ran out of sight (he was getting ready to die).

    Some stuff just isn't noticeable on test center for me - - i didn't know to look for anything like this, and when you don't have established chars over there, it's just different.


    Also, totally unrelated - - the demons at demon temple may have had their fame adjusted downward, or something, I'm not sure. I used to unintentionally get "Lord" while working karma on a red char there, but now, I was getting the message that I was gaining a little fame, but was not even Lord at that point.


    Succubus (as done on a blue) seemed the same as before.
  2. Revenant, have you had this happen any more since you first reported it? Could this be connected to the flagging changes that it appears crept in because of the proposed (and then cancelled) changes to Arch Cure?
  3. I haven't had my archer or any melee dexer out since then so haven't had a chance, but I did encounter something similar with my tamer.

    I had a superdragon attacking a paragon cu sidhe via a magery attack over a rock embankment. When the dragon was out of mana I told it to "all stop" and invissed it, then said "all follow me". The paragon cu sidhe seemed to forget about the dragon for a few moments, and then it started attempting to attack my dragon. The cu sidhe was not poisoned or had anything going on that should have caused a re-engagement.

    After a short while, like with the people, the weird attacking stopped (I did invis the dragon a few more times, so not sure if it was strictly a time thing or what).

    In both cases, it was a situation where combat should have ceased, but one of the mobs gets back into action again. If it happens consistently the way it happened to me, it'll be noticed as being unable to tab out of combat properly - most noticible with archers. On the other hand, most monsters are aggressive anyway so weird re-engagements of monsters onto a pet could be mistaken for normal aggression.

    I'm wondering if it's related to the changes they made to fix pet behavior. The auto-attacking type of behaviors do appear to be the same for people as for monsters. Both the cu sidhe thing and the unstoppable-shooting-archer thing could be different symptoms of the same thing.
  4. This is easily duplicable with the paragon cu sidhes and a pet. I'll try to check with people vs. monsters and people vs. people sometime today.

    If it's duplicable with people, I'm surprised nobody else is responding in this thread. Being unable to 'tab out' right is quite noticible on an archer.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    that happened with my archer a few days ago, before the publish.
    I had attacked a red and after he fled the area I west off to farm some gold a few hours later when I was banking the gold the same red passed by me and my archer flung an arrow at him.
  6. I had this happen months ago with me and my friend. I had died to his dexer and when he rezed me, he hit me as soon as I rezed and killed me. Ended up having to get rezed by my other friend on his mage. Also, why do you enter war mode when talking as a ghost? That may have been part of the problem.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was out on my archer last night and noticed that when I hide, I'm still in war mode.