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(Player Event) Singin' and spinnin'

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Scrumpy Jack, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    Ello yer lot!

    I was gone for a while. Now I am back.

    Have I ever told yer about the time I was in Trinsic and lost my best companion Typhoid Mary who went to see the Gargoyles and never came back? Anyway, 'tis a dull story.

    Here is a more interesting thing: I want to start a series of nights out, full of singin' and story telling. There will be a grand price every night for the best on stage (expect lots of candies ... they come free and I am a beggar after all), and I am hoping to scrounge a few drinks out of yer all. Question is: where should this happen? Being a beggar, I obviously don't have a house of my own, and my cousins in their posh houses won't let me crash on their sofas anymore. 'Twas something about "personal hygene", whatever they mean by that ...

    So, yer challenge today is: tell me what establishment I can use for a night like that! Any run-down boozer will do, I am not picky ...

    Thanks for yer time and now give me some alms!

    Yers hygenic
    Scrumpy Jack
  2. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    *looks at the filthy beggar*

    Hello again Jack, I'd say its nice to see you again but its not *frowns*

    *mutters about what the world is coming to and stalks off into the darkness*
  3. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    Hey, I have a permit, so I can be here or stay away just as everyone of yer posh people!

    Did I ever tell yer the story of when I was in Yew and met this reporter who was frowning so much, his nose got stuck to a tree branch and he got eaten by a sheep? Anyway, 'tis a dull story.

    Yers staying
    Scrumpy Jack
  4. Kou (DoT)

    Kou (DoT) Guest

    I don't reckon I could help you with a "run-down boozer", but I could certainly suggest a certain fine little-known establishment right near Trinsic.
  5. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    Ello Kou!

    Now that sounds nice. Trinsic is my home-town after all and I DO have a permit! And if yer insists I don't mind putting a piece of cloth on yer posh chairs to sit on. I am used to do that from when I visit my cousin John in his proper house in fancy-dandy Moonglow. Mage-twit I call him, but don't tell him I said that. After all, he has some fine cider in the attick.

    Anyhow, tell me the name of yer establishment and I will come around to have a look and talk.

    That reminds me: did I tell yer the story of when I was in Minoc and met this miner who's pickaxe was so tiny, yer thought it's nothing but a toothpick? Anyway, 'tis a dull story.

    Yers expectant
    Scrumpy Jack
  6. John II SRC

    John II SRC Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Oh, a poetry contest. Here you go

    There once was an ogre in Shame,
    he fished up a painting with frame.
    The picture was horrid,
    too kitschy, too florid,
    he realised that Shame was just lame.

    What you think of that, huh?
  7. Scrumpy Jack

    Scrumpy Jack Guest

    Ello cousin!


    Yers snoozy
    Scrumpy Jack
  8. Kou (DoT)

    Kou (DoT) Guest

    Feel free to have a peek at the premises when weather permits (or demands) you to leave the shelter of your bridge.
    Seems to me those waterways could get a little unaccommodating if it rains.

    If you go out the West Gate and follow the wall around to the south (that's left, as you're walking out the city), it's the building just before the first river.