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NEWS Sir Pax the Dread Llama?

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Tamais, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Tamais

    Tamais Reporting for Lake Austin since April 2014
    Reporter Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Campaign Patron

    May 13, 2008
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    Hilnus opened a gate for us. The Fiery Lady stepped through, talking to herself again. "I have no ideas why Minax would trust a llama, even one that thinks he is noble. Sir Pax indeed."

    The gate took us a safe distance from the dungeon. We carefully worked our way up to the caves. There indeed we found Sir Pax the Dread Llama. "You are strange looking things...whatever you are? He said looking at us.

    Surprised, Tamais answered, "I don't believe it, a talking llama. Looks a bit strange doesn't it?"

    Sir Pax stamped his foot in anger. "I don't have to stand here and be insulted! Ogres, defend my honor." Ogres began streaming out of the cave. Even though we were out numbered, they were easy to defeat.


    Sir Pax had moved to a safer location. Jumping back and forth he yelled at his army. "You stupid ogres, kill them. Grox, Gree, where are you. Come get rid of these pesky creatures.

    Demoss and Hilnus went to stand next to Sir Pax. Looking at them, he was indifferent who they were. "Have you seen Grox and Gree? You can't miss them one if a golden color, the other a sort of blue?"

    Small rocks began to fall as the ground began to shake. "There the two bumbling ogres are. Come here."

    Not listening to Sir Pax, the Gree and Grox joined in the battle. Stronger than the first ogres, they killed any who came close.


    "Stop! What are you doing you stupid ogres. I didn't tell you to kill them. Get over here and carry my bags to Felucca." Sir Pax shouted as he jumped up and down. "They aren't even listening. Why do I even bother."

    As strong as they were, Gree and Grox were at last defeated. Sir Pax looked at us, "I suppose one of you would carry my stuff, wouldn't you?"


    "Only if you will help us agains Minax." Demoss told him. "Help us and we help you.

    Sir Pax began to shiver, "No, no I don't really need my bags. One does not turn on Minax."

    "Then you shall join your ogres in death." Hilnus replied readying a poison spell. Sir Pax, not trying to defend himself, was quickly killed.

    "Did you find them?" asked a voice behind us. Turning around we found the Fiery Lady. "Where is Grox and Gree?" she asked looking around.

    "They are dead my lady." Demoss walked over to their bodies. "Here they are."

    "Dead? You killed them." The Fiery Lady's voice shaking. "I didn't want you to kill them. They had plans stolen plans from Minax. Pease tell me you found the plans."

    Quickly Demoss began to seach the dead ogres. "The plans aren't on them, Lady."

    "Of course the plans aren't on them. Those two aren't even as smart as mongbat. I'm sure they buried them to give me later. But no you fools had to kill them." said the Fiery Lady stamping her foot.

    "They attacked us first." Demoss explained. "We didn't didn't have a choice." He paused "Wait, they were working for you?"

    Sighing the Fiery Lady nodded yes. "I overheard Sir Pax say that he was holding plans for Minax. So I hired those two to steal the plans.

    "What shall we do now?" Hilnus asked?

    "As far as I'm concerned, you can march into Felucca and ask Minax her plans. You fools always killing before asking questions.

    A red glow appeared and in a poof of smoke she was gone.

    "Well I'm not confronting Minax." someone said. Everyone in the party agreed. Gates began appearing as people left. At last only Hilnus was left. Taking one last look he also left for his warm hearth and cold brew.