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Sith Empire

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Ezoia, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Ezoia

    Ezoia Guest

    The origins of the Sith Empire lies with a species that evolved on Korriban many tens of thousands of years ago, the Sith are a species of Force-sensitive blood-colored humanoids that lived a barbaric life filled with sentient sacrifices and constant warring among their nations. This life of Dark Side practice was socially accepted and considered the norm, on par with peace or serenity. With a rigid caste system in place, the Sith would eventually evolve into different subspecies. The priest caste Kissai, who study Sith magic and the ways of the Dark Side, the warrior caste Massassi, the Engineer caste and the Slave caste.

    Nearly three thousand years before the formation of the Republic a Sith called Adas rose to power on Korriban, his ascent to power preceded by thousands of years of civil war. Many things would combine to reinforce his sovereignty of the Sith; his unusually dark skin that had marked him as a Chosen being from birth, his massive size, great intelligence, fighting prowess and talent for Sith magic. Adas lead the unification of the Sith on Korriban with a series of bloody conflicts, using his massive alchemy forged battle-ax and eventually became the undisputed ruler of all Sith. As King and God of the Sith, he earned the title Sith'ari – the Perfect being and Overlord – and was expected to rule for eternity.

    After almost three hundred years of Adas' rule, the Rakata of the Infinite Empire arrived on Korriban. By sharing the technology behind holocrons with Adas and the Sith, the Rakata hoped to gain their confidence in advance of an invasion. Eventually revealing their true intentions, the war for Sith independence began.

    Even being very old at the time, Adas still fought against the Rakata invaders. By outsmarting the technologically superior foe Adas brought them close to a victory but ultimately he had to sacrifice himself for the freedom of his people. Scavenging the technologies of the Rakata, the Sith advanced their sciences in many fields. Most notably Faster Than Light travel which enabled the Sith to travel to and colonize nearby worlds, establishing the first Sith Empire.

    With Adas gone, the Sith again turned to fighting amongst themselves with various Sith all claiming to be the Sith'ari. Due to this fighting the Sith were forced to relocate their capital to the planet Ziost, the now war-ravaged Korriban was now limited to being a tomb-world where the most Revered Sith would be laid to rest.

    Almost two thousand years later, the Sith would once again be invaded. This time the foes were the Dark Jedi, who after having lost a war with the Jedi during the Hundred-Year Darkness and being exiled from the Jedi order had found their way to the Sith Empire. Though the Sith showed a great affinity for the Dark Side, the Dark Jedi had more power and more advanced technology at their disposal. Because of their, to the Sith, incredible power, the Dark Jedi seemed as gods and managed to defeat and subjugate the Sith.

    Becoming known as the Jen'Jidai, one of the exiles reigned as the first Dark Lord of the Sith (or Jen'ari). During the rule of the exiles, new starships and weapons were constructed making it possible to conquer even more worlds. Continuing the Sith tradition of Alchemy, the new sovereigns of the Empire fashioned new monstrous beings to serve them.

    Finding many favorable characteristics in the Sith species, the Dark Jedi used Sith Alchemy to interbreed with them. Weeding out inferior ones, such as superstition, sympathy and loyalty while enhancing qualities like ambition, cunning and raw power in the Force.

    Much later, during the funeral for the great Dark Lord Marka Ragnos, two hyperspace explorers happened upon Korriban. Naga Sadow, a prospective Dark Lord of the Sith, used them to incite the ruling council of the Sith into starting a war with the Republic and declaring him the Dark Lord of the Sith. Using Sith magic to give the illusion of greater numbers, Sadow was still defeated and fled back to the Empire. While he had been gone, Ludo Kressh had been appointed Dark Lord of the Sith.

    Kressh banished Sadow and stripped him of the title of Dark Lord of the Sith, though not without consequence. Sadow and Kressh fought with their fleets until both were destroyed, only Sadow surviving with just a few subordinates. Taking refuge on the lone moon of Yavin IV, Sadow managed to avoid being subject to the Republic conquest of the Sith worlds while Shar Dakhan, once a vassal of Naga Sadow, took up the interim mantle of Dark Lord.

    Some of the Sith Lords of the Empire managed to escape, one of them attempted a series of random hyperspace jumps. After twenty years of drifting aimlessly, the remaining Sith armada stumbled upon the forgotten Sith world of Dromund Kaas. Once a planet in the heart of the Empire, it would be the capital of the new Sith Empire under the rule of the Sith Lord known as the Sith Emperor.

    There in the Dromund system, the Emperor built massive fleets of advanced warships and massed armies that rivaled the former glory of the old Empire. Perfecting rituals to prolong his life and ruining the atmosphere of Dromund Kaas, the Emperor devoted his new Empire to the eventual revenge on the Republic.

    One thousand years later a Jedi student named Exar Kun awakened the spirit of Dark Jedi Freedon Nadd, who eventually forced Kun to surrender to the Dark Side. Finding another like him, the Jedi Knight Ulic Qel-Droma, Kun ignited the war that would become known as the Great Sith War. Even with the aid of the Mandalorians Kun and Qel-Droma were eventually defeated, leaving Yavin IV desolate and void of nearly all life.

    Forty years later during the Mandalorian Wars, a few Jedi rallied to defend the Republic against the judgment of the Jedi Council. Chief among them were Revan and Malak, who took it upon themselves to lead the Jedi and the forces of the Republic against the Mandalorian crusade. Sometime during the War Revan and Malak, having been drawn closer to the Dark Side with every battle, stumbled upon the Sith Empire and were seduced by the Emperor to fully turn to the Dark. Finding them useful, the Emperor sent them to weaken the Republic in preparation for the True Empire's attack. Once the Mandalorians were defeated, the Jedi Civil War began.

    After having been betrayed by Malak, Revan lost his memory and turned to the Light and helped defeat him. Over time Revan regained more and more of his memories, this precipitated his trek back to the True Empire where he would confront the Sith Emperor. The threat from the old Dark Side Revan was not over however, his old apprentices emerged not long after Revans disappearance.

    The Sith Triumvirate nearly managed to wipe out the entire Jedi Order in a short span of time, the rest of the Jedi were in hiding and had yet to be rooted out. One such Jedi, known as the Jedi Exile due to her being exiled for joining Revan when he rallied against the Mandalorians, eventually defeated the Triumvirate and ended the First Jedi Purge. Having received information on where Revan had disappeared to, the Exile followed him after reforming the Jedi Order.

    It is unclear as to what effect Revan and the Exile had on the True Sith Empire but it took another three hundred years before the Sith once again resurfaced. With a massive attack that caught the Republic and the Jedi completely off guard, the Sith Empire managed to seize control of a major part of the galaxy. Using infiltration and manipulation by the Imperial Intelligence, the Sith successfully managed to unite the Mandalorian clans against the Republic as well as staving any support from the Hutt cartels.

    The Sith Emperor had expected a quick victory, becoming increasingly impatient with the slow progress. Surprising the Republic, he offered peace. To gain leverage at the negotiations, a surprise assault on Coruscant was concocted. Not expecting a major assault on their capital planet during the peace talks, the Republic was once again caught unawares. Destroying the Jedi Temple and holding the planet hostage, the Emperor forced the Republic to agree to the uneven terms of the Treaty of Coruscant.

    Thus the twenty eight year conflict that spanned the galaxy was ended. Peace was maintained, however with great tension as small proxy wars were fought. With the treaty on the verge of collapse, this is where The Old Republic starts off...