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Skara Brae Elections

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Archibald, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Archibald

    Archibald Visitor
    Skara Rangers ~SR~

    May 13, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Greetings Residents of Skara Brae.

    For those who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself.
    My name is Lord Archibald, Guildleader of the Skara Rangers (~SR~).

    The GH is located along the Southwestern coast.
    It is easily identifiable by the blue and white banners that are proudly displayed,
    the sharply dressed Rangers who are always on guard,
    and the resonate “ Twang ” sound that a bow makes and can be heard
    thundering well off in the distance.

    ranger guildhouse.jpg

    I am seeking your support in my bid to chair the office, as Governor of Skara Brae.
    Out of necessity I feel I must act. I can no longer sit idly by as our great city
    is continually allowed to be neglected, and unrepresented.
    For months now I have watched as the townspeople have been packing up
    family by family, in search for more work, leaving for greener pastures.


    Can you Blame them?


    Earlier this week, I had the chance to speak with one of the families that were trying
    to stick it out through the hardships.
    Elyse the rancher, told me of the problems her and her sister were having.

    “ Wheat production has gone n’dropped off.” she explained.

    “There is scarcely enough grain for the bakers much less the cows these days.”

    “ Most mine are skin N bones”

    “ an’the veggie fields aint proudcin’ much yield neither.”

    “What lil we do manage is just for us, the rest goes to the cows and horses, well the ones not

    stolen in the night that is.”

    “Not enough to sell, profits are slim at best.”

    When I asked to speak with her sister to get her opinion on the matter, Elyse told me.

    “Arella?”, Im afraid shes taken a turn for the worse, she just sits in her room day after day

    and stares out her window.”

    “What is she looking at?, The empty fields?”, I asked somewhat remorseful.

    She heartbreakingly replies,

    “Well ya, she’s staring at the empty fields alright Mr Archibald, but she’s looking for a brighter tomorrow. Amen to that”

    I had more questions to ask, but I could tell by her own meditative blank expression

    That she was lost in thought after her last statement, staring out her own mental window,

    as she blindly began to sweep the floor.

    I decided to take my leave. For now.


    On my journey across the countryside, I ran into a couple of freelance rangers as well.

    “ …..You sure do have a lot of questions Lord Archibald, Join us for dinner?, and we can discuss
    a wide range of topics.”


    After listening to my host until late in the evening I decided it was best to retire for the day.

    I had a lot of things to sort out. Besides, as surprisingly good as Mongbat tastes,

    saying its demanding on the digestive system is quite an understatement.


    The next morning I decided to follow up on a tip the rangers gave me about possible rustlers in the area.


    With people leaving in droves, crime on the rise, unneeded suffering of the people and

    desertion in representation, I decided to take action. I had seen enough.

    I called an emergency guild council meeting, where I made my intentions known

    to run for office, and discussed what we can do for the surrounding area in the meantime.

    Copy of RangerAssembly.jpg

    Having the councils blessing, I proceeded to the Skara Brae bank and put my name in the hat.


    I employed some of the freelance rangers to help them keep watch on some of the more exposed areas around town.


    I ordered the Guild flagship to moor at the Skara Brae docks.

    ship docked.jpg

    …and scouted nearby islands for additional resources.


    Being satisfied of having done what I could in the short term.

    I decided I needed to clear my thoughts, and made a pilgrimage

    to the Spirituality shine to help prepare myself for the work that lies ahead.



    My Name is Lord Archibald

    I am running for Governor of Skara Brae.

    I ask for your endorsement, as well as your help to get this great city back on track.
    #1 Archibald, Jun 9, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2015