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Skara Brea Mayor Protests

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Eyes of Sosaria, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Mayor Zanku of Nidaros and Emissary to Skara Brea, was on his way to have a meeting with "Francis", one of the Mayors of Skara Brea. The evening was chilly to the face, the skies were clear with a starlit sky, and the winds had a calm breeze blowing across the waters. As Zanku walked down the streets towards the office building, he had to stay on his guard, as protesters were expressing hostility about the presence of outsiders inside their town and began throwing garbage items at him.

    Zanku picked up his pace to a brisk walk and made it safely to the the offce of the Skara Brea Mayor. As he entered through the door, he was totally surprised to see Mayor Francis, with a few other coherts, yelling at the top of their voices about the town not having enough supplies and resources to pacify the residence of Skara Brea. "We need more help from our neighbors and townships of the realm. What's going on here !!! I was told that help would come to us in the form of supplies, goods, and extra guards. I have yet to see any real help. Sure, Paxlair Alliance, with its 4 townships, has helped some, but it's not enough. WE NEED MORE HELP !!!!!!!!!. And what of the other Alliances and towns??/. Don't they care about what happens here?", she screams in a loud bloustrious voice. "I'm getting fed up with all this disruption to my town and I'm sick of hearing all the yelling in the steets, with fires being set everywhere, PEOPLE SAYING THAT WE ARE CORRUPT AND DON'T CARE ABOUT THEM. The buisnesses are saying they can't pay their taxes because of all the up heavel and our coffers are dry as the desert".

    At that point she threw a lantren against the wall and the tapestry caught fire. Mayor Zanku frantically and quickly grabbed some nearby water and put the fire out. He then took Mayor Francis by the arm and escorted her to one of the side offices, away from the disterbence. There, he calmed her down the best he could and explained that even tho things seem bad, a large contingent of Merchant ships was in the planning stages of bringing supplies and goods to Skara Brea. But that she needed to calm down and be patient a little longer.

    Mayor Francis looked at Mayor Zanku and yelled, "BUT THE BANK !!!!!!!. It's on fire as well and is being torn apart and no-one there to help the guards. The other residence have pulled all their coinage out of saving. Now the bank president tells me that no coinage lays in the safe. How do you expect THAT to be resolved?". Zanku scratched his head and with a soft voice said, "Well? We'll have to get the supplies here first, try and calm some of the residence down to the point where we can talk to them sensibly and tell them that the bank is still the safest place to keep their gold while giving them goods that we bring in." "I doubt seriously that you'll be able to accomplish that !", she said in a frantic voice." But ok. Lets do it your was and concentrate on this supply shippment first as you suggest and hope that what ever you have planned works to the towns advantage, otherwise I may resign my position and just might join the protesters".

    After calming the Mayor down and the rest of the office staff, Mayor Zanku made his way out the back door to meet with those preparing to make this plan work reguarding supplies for Skara Brea.

    Below are some of the Havok still taking place according to Mayor Francis.




    As you can see, several places are ablaze and little help can be found. The Guards are slowly becoming corrupt and lawful enforcement is short of hand. It may take the Royal Guards , those that aren't taking the sides of the the Protesters, to bring law and order to Skara Brea. This eveninbg brought alot of disruption to Skara Brea and it won't be long before the Raiders, with their Pirate sidekicks to lay waste to this strategic port of call.

    Stay toon'd for further developments as they unfold in this uncertain of times and the big shippment of supplies that are suppose to make their way into the hands of the city residence.

    From the office of Nidaros, Skara's closest neighbor and ally.