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Skill and stat drop on tamend monsters

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Prudentis, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    I am somehow confused with the stat/skill/resists of freshly tamed beasts.

    As I understand, freshly tamed monsters always lose some of their initial skills. Stats and resists, too?
    The stratics tamer guide suggests, that they can be trained to a maximum of 100.0 in their skills and up to a maximum of 125 in stats unless they are already above 125 in stats.

    So here come the questions:

    Are monsters whos' skills are initially under 100 able to train the skills to 100?
    Monsters with initial skills above 100 can be trained above 100 up to X * 1.25?
    X = skill after fresh tame

    Max 125 unless already higher. But does the rule above also apply to stats?

    What hit do they get after tame?
  2. <u>Stat Caps:</u> Any stat below 125 can be trained to 125. Anything above that cannot be changed.
    (Even if the pet lost stats when tamed.)

    <u>Resistances:</u> The resistances are not altered when tamed.

    <u>Skill Caps:</u> I am not sure what to tell you about skill drops. Normally, a pets skill caps at 100.0, but if your pet is killed and reasurected, losing a 0.1 to their skills, you can still train your pet back up to their previouse tamed +100.0 skill. For example, if a Rune Beetles poisoning drops from 105.3 to 105.2 you could still train it back to 105.3, but wouldn't be able to go higher than that sinse your already above the 100.0 cap.

    <u>Stat Loss:</u> Cu Sidhe, Reptalon, Hiryu, Lesser Hiryu, Greater Dragons, Fire Beetle, Blue Beetle and Giant Ice Worms all lose stats when tamed, but the Fire Beetle, Blue Beetle and Giant Ice Worms must first be beaten down before your alloud to tame them.

    <u>Being paralized causes a greater skill loss when a pet is tamed</u>, but as far as average pets go Rune Beetles and Fire Steeds are the only pets that come to mind that can have +100.0 skills when tamed, so avoid paralyzing them, Hiryu, Reptalon and Greater Dragons before taming.

    <u>+100.0 Skill Gains:</u> The only creatures I think that can be trained above the 100.0 cap as well as above their tamed skill levels +100.0 are Reptalons and the new Greater Dragons. Unless you know the math and skills the pet had before being tamed it's pretty much a guessing game at which point you finally cap these pets skills.
  3. Prudentis

    Prudentis Guest

    You gave me pretty much all the info I was asking for.
    As for the math on Greater Dragons, I think the guys in the GD posts have it figured out. The new cap seems to be 1.25 * tamed skill
    Or in other words, The dragon loses 28% of their skills after being tamed but can be trained up to 90% of old skill.