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Skills Killz

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by 5% Luck, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest


    Yea that says 830!

    Now I know I have too much necromancy But where should I put it?

    This char is in vamp form with 10 MR and plenty of StmR from the suit Im not currently using any necro jewelery so to get into vamp form I will have 40 points to spare. 15/15 + 10 (grimoir)

    This is a pure Pvp build and I do like to cast a good curse now and again.

    Where do My skillz go?

    Thoughts ?
  2. I donno but I like what I'm seeing!

    ........ I guess you're not up for swapping that focus for med.
  3. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    I need the stm regn as well as a pot chugger Ill need to regn that stm fast to make them Gagility pots work.

    Midnight bracer's medable?
  4. i think they are medable, you could always add a lil chiv due to 40 chiv lets you use fury consecrate close wounds cleanse by fire. being a archer though im not sure i never really made archers for pvp.
  5. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    With the sheer amount of necro spells I cast in an average night of pvp I cant keep up with karma. Plus the mana relief from the wisp is sweet with low karma

    Thx though its a good thought!
  6. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    When I see a disarm guy coming down the road I like to hit them with Mind Rot as this will some times prevent a special move from going off. In the event they are human with 45+ mana to spare and still get that disarm off its a blood oath for them. Crippling their mana supply is key. But disarmed Im toast against a seasoned player
  7. Kylie Kinslayer

    Kylie Kinslayer Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Feb 12, 2005
    Likes Received:
    My suggestion would be going 120 SS and 110 Resist and just carry GM Necro. Unless of course you use strangle a good bit then I would carry 110 Necro and GM Resist.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    this is the exact reason I am on siege, you will never see a build like that there, well maybe until the first death.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest


    this is the exact reason I am on siege, you will never see a build like that there, well maybe until the first death.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You may think that all those skill points are great but I know better.

    I have a char that pushes about 780 skill points and to do that other areas of the suit suffer badly.

    My red only uses 120 tact, anat, fencing, healing, resist, and GM poisoning. That leaves 20 points free I will never need.

    Now you may think that the skills I have are awful and that with only weapon specials and poison I will never be able to kill anyone but that would be a mistake to think on the field against me. Because I am not using any equipment that pushes skill all my stuff has props that boost mana and stats. Skill means nothing if you don't have the mana and other stats.

    With 120 healing and anat 2 normal bandages heal TONS of damage and with high dex it heals FAST. Added to high HP from str and bonuses on armor and fast mana regen lmc and bonus mana from the suit now your talking about a pure killer.

    I don't know just been my personal experience that skill is not a key element it all comes down to high stats fast regen and heals with good resists and whatever skills you use at the highest level.
  10. I see you have 64 fire resist, how do you survive against a necro mage who casts corpseskin and drops your fire resist to 49? curse/corpse/explod/fs/fireball = dead
  11. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest


    With 120 healing and anat 2 normal bandages heal TONS of damage and with high dex it heals FAST. Added to high HP from str and bonuses on armor and fast mana regen lmc and bonus mana from the suit now your talking about a pure killer.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    If i hit my heal macro it costs me 20 mana (ouch right?) its concentration/spirit speak for a total of 64 healed in 1 second. Thats a full second. kinda tough right? Well it still takes a healer 4 seconds at best to manage a heal for no mana I regen 8 mana in that time as well as mana leech on the bow + 4 and a wisp +10 thats a total of 24 mana in that same time. With a cursed weapon I almost never run out of HP mana or Stm.

    That said my drawback is the disarm speical and with a quick mind rot "most" players cant get it off and for those that do blood oath will back them off for at least 20 seconds or 80+ mana regained.

    Skillz Killzz!
  12. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest


    I see you have 64 fire resist, how do you survive against a necro mage who casts corpseskin and drops your fire resist to 49? curse/corpse/explod/fs/fireball = dead

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Well the thing with a PvP mage is not only are they not protected but I swing at capp/ My short bow is 50 lighting 33 mana leech 10 SSI 40 Di. The pic doesnt show what a few pots can do LOL. Now a Mage will be casting against gm resist spells so the fire resit isnt all that bad I think a 120 SS brings me down to about 54 yea that hurts If ya can actually cast on me through a barage of arrows! I swing and hit a mage near 100% with lighting strike so that gains me nearly 8 Hp per swing every 1.25 so even with 2/6 casting it will take a mage 5 seconds to get that combo off. In that time I have healed 32 HP to add to your combo calculator.
    I havent goten my crimmy yet and I can easily replace the midnight bracers with a fire resit boost to make my suit 67/81/70/70/67 and add in an extra 2 MR.

    But heres the thing I posted this for help in skill point distribution. Not to debate how effective this is now but how much more effective can I be.

    Thx all I know Ive been moved and maybe for good reason but this isnt realy a necromancy or bushido post its a high end template that should go where debate can ensue.
  13. Id go 120 Resists spells, being a pvper, helps alot with the poison. Maybe give yourself a little poison aswell.
  14. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    No 120 tactics/anatomy replys? Ive been think that for a while now but was unsure if the extra damage would be noticeable.

    Maybe 40 points of cooking?
  15. That's a nice template.
    Have you tried corpse skin with a poison/fire damage bow with LS?
  16. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    The extra damage won't be noticable with 120 tactics/anatomy. I've had that on my archer, and when i dropped to 100/100 didn't notice a whole lot of difference. I think on the calculator it gives a whopping 6ish more damage. not worth the 40 points.
  17. Jaimes

    Jaimes Guest

    If your gear is medable, get rid of focus and take up med.

    Other than that, definitely put 20 into resist, and then 20 into bush if you like lightning strike.
  18. NeXeD LeGeNd

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 7, 2005
    Likes Received:
    120 archery
    110 necro
    120 ss
    120 resist
    100 tactics
    120 bush
    100 med
    40 focus

    In all honesty that's the way i would attempt your temp if i was ever going to play a template with insanely low mana..... i guess your just a turret who occasionally casts a spell? What do you do against mages like me who won't stop for more than a second to cast? Or who are smart and debuff the [censored] out of you before you can do anything...... your temp needss the 120 resist otherwise people will mana vamp the [censored] outta you... and EO curse must absolutely destroy your stats.....

    your temp needs to be corpse proof... im sry but i haven't died to anyone who wasn't corpse proof in a long time.... if i'm able to curse strangle corpse you.. which don't doubt i will since you cant running shot... and even if you could ur dex is so low that you'd be swinging far to slow.. to ever interupt me... then all i really have to do is eplxd fs eo pain spike and you'd be ded....

    I hope whatever bow your using is balanced... cuz again it's going to be hard to heal for you...

    Your overrating your wisp.

    Med is better than focus.... (you can't chug mana pots)

    I understand your trying to be creative in your template but your just trying to cram too much [censored] into one suit using all skill increase mods.. instead of going for things like mana, stam, hp inc, and resist.....

    Another thing... if a person bloodoaths you? You aren't using a conc wepon and even if u did it would be far to slow because of how low your stam is.... so generally if someone blood oaths you and stands next to you you'll either kill yourself or run incessantly basically never fighting back.

    120 archery
    120 resist
    90 tact
    90 anat
    100 heal
    105 necro
    120 ss

    this temp drops down the amount of skills you'd need to get out of items... this would let you attempt to get more stam i'd go for 160 stam 140 dex at least.... and up your intel... your str is ok... i guess.... this would also let you get some more resists out of your suit...

    Yes u'll sacrfice your precious bushido... but if you get max hci and a hld bow..... with your amount of mana regen and your life leech... you could basically running shot away whenever your on defensive gaining your life back while healing... with the skill... and chugging...

    And now you can utilize more offensive necro spells... insted of focusing primarily on your wepon hit... which in your temp cannot be done on the run... now you have enough mana to strangle people... and eo pain spike... coupled with running shot and the occasionaly conc blow... it just seems to me like a far better template... but i still think you'll have trouble with the better pvpers... your first template sounds just like a template to bully newbs who don't know how to defend themselves.... but real pvpers would realize how cramped you r for mana and stats and would have little to no problem with you.
  19. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Im not sure what your getting at about the mana part MR 10 +vamp and leech. Yea the wisp dies bit I still out mr most mages. I have massive stmR So strangle does little to nothing to me at all! And I swing at cap! 1.25 Unfortunately my bow isnt balanced but a quick concentration/SS hooks me up with 68 + LL I I regn that mana in about 8 seconds. Never been killed my a mage of any sorts on this char(-3.1Ganks). As i said its those massive mana pooled disarm jokeys that I have trouble with.

    Now as youve said EO corpskin Hrmm well to tell ya the truth I rarly go out with my midnight bracers on Thats just for fun. So with my proper arms Im stitting at 88 fire so whats that mean to your eo corpskin umm 68 fire LOL wow man way to see through 10 posts and not read them!

    P.S No crimmy yet!