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Slayer Talismans

Discussion in 'UHall' started by imported_Tabby Kapak, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Hello!! Didn't know where to ask this, so trying here...
    Can anyone tell us for who the slayer talismans work (ie does it work for mages? tamers? warriors only?) and also, do the slayers stack? So, say one has a 90% orc mage slayer talisman and an orc slayer weapon, does only one work or both when attacking an orc mage? Or skeletal mage killer with an undead weapon?
    (And we still don't understand Ice slayer, never seemed to work... Does Ogre slayer and Ice slayer negate eachother vs Arctic Ogre Lords?)
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    As far as I can see, they only work for warriors.
    And again from observation, they stack with weapon damage.
    Ice slayer and ogre slayer should stack on AOLs. Remember that there is a cap if you are using Enemy of One as well, though.
    Does anybody know how slayer and killer properties on a talisman interact?
  3. MrMiagi

    MrMiagi Guest

    What do killer and protection properties on a talisman do? Do you need to activate it?
  4. davebobbit

    davebobbit Guest

    as i understand it:

    Killer talismans act in the same way as slayer but where a slayer will add damage increase 100%, the killer will add the % stated on the talisman.

    protection talismans reduce the damage from a particular monster by the percentage stated, so you take less damage essentially.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    they work for warriors as follows:

    Talismans can possess one of a short list of slayers that can be found only on talismans. Some of these slayers were released to correspond with certain new monsters released with Mondain's Legacy. The slayers are as following:

    Bat Slayer
    Bear Slayer - Grobu in the Painted Caves, all bears
    Bird Slayer - Swoop in the Twisted Weald, Pyre in the Labyrinth, and Saliva in the Blighted Grove, and all birds, harpies
    Bovine Slayer - Minotaurs in the Labyrinth, and cows/bulls
    Flame Slayer
    Ice Slayer
    Mage Slayer
    Vermin Slayer

    Killer bonuses increase the damage dealt to a particular type of creature, and are found in the range of 1-100%. Killer damage property DOES stack with Slayer damage, subject to the Damage Increase cap of 300%.

    Protection bonuses reduce the damage taken from a particular type of creature by a percentage amount. Protection is available in every Monster type. They come with an intensity range of 0 to 60% (i.e., X% amount of less damage dealt to a character). Protection does not affect reflected damage returned to a character.