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Slew of Questions Answered by Nethaera

Discussion in 'WoW Stratics Announcements' started by Eldorian, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    The official forums seemed to be a buzz in the last couple days and Nethaera recently went on an answering spree with a bunch of questions that had been asked. You can read the full thread here, but here's the majority of the Q&A below - however, most is just the normal QQing of players who don't have any patience on waiting for the next big Blizzard game/release:
    There's currently a lack of new things for top end guilds to do until Lich King comes out, what are Blizzard going to do about it?
    Guilds go through this during holidays, summer, etc. I understand the frustration that goes with wanting your guild to be more active right along side of you, but it always gets better as we get back into the end of summer.
    Release WoTLK already!
    We're just not ready yet and we're not going to release it until it's
    ready. It would be just as detrimental to your guild for them to come
    back in force for an expansion that wasn't ready for them.
    Tell us when is Lich King coming out.
    We can't do this either. All I can say is that we are making very good progress and are getting there, but we're not there just yet.
    Release the new Talents
    There is a lot of information that has come out of the Worldwide Invitational and can be found on various fansites. I'm sure there might be a few things there that you might find interesting. In the meantime, more information will be coming, again, once we're ready to give it. We much prefer to avoid theorycrafting that isn't based on real gameplay when we can. We would rather work on giving players the opportunity to play the game and experience the new content and then share feedback than before. It just gives us better feedback to work with and gives players a better understanding of new features etc.
    Release new content before Lich King comes out to give us something new to do
    We do not have any new content planned prior to Wrath of the Lich King. Our efforts are focused on creating new content as a part of the expansion and to change our focus to add content prior to it's release wouldn't be productive. I'm sorry, but I can't give you an ETA on the release and it's your choice if you wish to cancel to do something else. We'll still be here and Northrend is fast becoming reality. If you choose to come back to experience it, we'd love to see you again.
    Do something original.
    Hopefully you enjoyed the Fire Festival recently. We try to do "something original" every chance we get provided it works within the
    scope and focus of the game. Again, our focus is on Wrath of the Lich King (though we still are doing some bug fixes etc as evidenced in the
    next patch) and changing course to give people something different from what is available to do now, would only infringe on the work we're
    doing fo rthe expansion.
    Please take these questions seriously.
    I've answered what I could for you, and yes, I took your post seriously, but you also need to understand that we are progressing and
    have definite plans on how to best progress. We're not ready just yet to let you in on it all at this time, but the wait shouldn't be too bad.
    Thanks in advanced Blizzard and thank you for years of fine gaming experiences.
    You're welcome and we're hoping you're going to find what we've been working on to also add to your gaming enjoyment as well.
    Any chance we could see a decrease in the experience required to level from 60-70? Even if it were just for the few months before WOTLK, this would probably encourage people to level more alts.
    there is a chance, but I'm not aware of any particular plans for this at this point in time. Much like we changed leveling from 20-60, it's possible we could look at other things we can do to ease leveling in other spots where we think it needs it.
    do you have any info that you can share about Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor areas that are receiving upgrades in WotLK?
    As a part of Wrath of the Lich King? Hrm... I can't say of anything in particular in the old world that is getting upgrades as a part of the expansion. Although, some players have noticed a bit of construction that is happening in Stormwind (as evidenced in the PTR.)
    Much like what we did with Dustwallow Marsh, any updates would be done when we felt we could get in the time and make it worthwhile for the
    players. That said, it doesn't preclude this from happening at some point in time. We'd like to improve some of the old world areas where we can, but we don't have specific plans at this time.