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Slightly Silly...

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by J0KING, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. J0KING

    J0KING Guest

    Ok... been turning in the blacksmith BoDs and have gotten 35 weapon BoDs in a row. I know there has been some tweaking, and the chances of getting a weapon BoD is still around 50%... but at 120 smithing you would think that the luck couldnt be that bad...


    Just had to vent off some of the frustration...

    *goes back to turning in BoDs*
  2. AHHH- things that help u get good bods:
    1. Spin around three times
    2 Always face west
    3 Sing any AC/DC song at the top of your lungs in rl
    4 jump up and down while getting bods(in rl too- cant jump in game!)

    There are a few more but i got to get back to packing- being evicted for the 3rd time in 6 months. They just dont understand BODS
  3. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Its all that RNG. I had the same problem eariler, kept turning in weapons bods, and receiving tons of weapons bods with my 120 smith. was sooo annoying.

    Then a while ago was turning in weapons bods and getting MAJOR colored bods, and hardly any weapons.

    Overall I'm sure it balances out in the end, just if you are having more than normal try later in the day and see if your luck changes. I personally think theres something with the RNG that tends to keep doing what your already doing.. getting weapons bods? will keep getting them. Not getting them? will keep not gettig them.

    who knows.
  4. Slapshot

    Slapshot Guest

    I just came back to UO from a yearlong hiatus, been doing bods when was subscribed faithfully every single day at least 2 times per day. Having said that, my streak of luck was basicly the same as yours. I'd get weapon bod after weapon bod for days on end with an occasional normal colored one thrown in now and then. Abysmal luck.

    Having been back a month now i decided to gather all my old sbods up and saved all my newly acquired ones meanwhile. I was bored today and having a really bad UO day, crap loot, died a few times due to my stupidity and carelessness and generally was in a rut.

    I started doing my normal iron sbods to try and make some room in my shoebox of a house and was really having some nice exceptional colored bod luck. WAS nice to see but seems since i finally decided to get Legendary Tailor/Smithing finished and added Armslore on him things have really changed around for the better.

    Keep plugging away, not all days are bad. My last turni in netted me that coveted 20 Exceptional Valorite Platemail LBOD i always googled at owning [​IMG]

    Now i probably won't see many more Valorite bods for months to come if a tall as that was my first ever Valorite order heh, go figure.


    Forgot to mention i'd turned in about 100 or so iron sbods before netting that LBOD; Try and look at it this way, even normal iron sbods are a potential goldmine for you!
  5. I get runs of weapon bods also, but they usually follow a run of color bods. I even got 3 valorite in a row once since the changes.