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(RP) Smugglers Killed! Captain Detained! BMV Tiderunner Impounded Until Further Notice!

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Vivian Fellows, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Vivian Fellows

    Vivian Fellows Adventurer

    Oct 18, 2013
    Likes Received:
    By most accounts it was a normal day in Skara Brae, the ferries shuttling passengers back and forth to the mainland, tamers caring for their animals at Beasts of Burdens, and bees buzzing around the bank. It was until Servious, of the Crusaders of Virtue, received a mysterious pigeon message from what appeared to be a local fisherman.


    The main docks were bustling from both the ferries and the two merchant ships from Tokuno. Other than an overzealous harbor master stomping filthy "Jhelom" rats, all activities appeared to be above board. Nothing matched the description found in the pigeon note. No magically glowing crates, no shady looking characters. Servious stood at the end of the dock, about ready to turn back when he spied to south another ship at the much smaller private dock of Superior Ships. He could hear across the water the captain yelling at his crew to hurry up.


    As Servious approached, the two workers on the docks became noticeably tense. The captain, an old man who's white hair betrayed the strength and youth of his voice, stood amidship and cautioned Servious. He said all the right words, that the ship was merely carrying food and clothing, that he had the proper permits to be docked, how he was merely a merchant ship with the Vesper Shipping Co., but he would not allow Servious to board and inspect the cargo or see the permits claiming legitimacy. Something was off, Servious was sure of it. While he might not have the authority to board the ship, the Port Authority of Skara Brae would.


    Returning to the main dock, he found local official, Julius of the Port Authority. Julius immediately knew something was off. The dock for Superior Ships was private and shouldn't have merchant ships loading and unloading at it. The two returned to the ship. While he was gone, Servious noticed the two handling the crates had slipped into studded armor that could easily be ascertained was of the finest craftsmanship. Inspecting the shipping manifest, Julius read off the list of cargo items and ordered Servious to search the hold and match the crates to the list. Servious hunted through the hold, everything matching until he came across a locked crate marked clothing. He tried to lift the crate, but it was too heavy, way too heavy for simple cloth. Dragging the crate out of the hold, he slid it down the gangplank onto the dock. Julius looked over it, asking the captain for the key. Long since moved to silence, the captain merely shook his head and said no. Not wasting time, Servious crashed the crate in two with his hatchet, spilling the contents onto the dock. Weapons, of the finest quality, littered the dock. Before he had the chance to even get a word out, the two crew member were on Servious, their scimitars lacerating the magical barrier he barely managed to cast in time. Julius dove behind a stack of unloaded crates and watched Servious battle the two, his bolts of energy and lightning eventually electrofrying the crew.


    Their singed bodies, burnt into an angry and painful contortion, laid crumpled on the dock, the odor of burnt flesh leaving Julius nauseous. Holding cloth to his face to damped the smell, he suggested Servious take the captain to the Grand Marshal. Using magics, Servious opened a moongate to Yew and dragged the captain through. The warm ocean spray of the docks gave way to the cool and serene woods of Yew as they emerged in front of the militia barracks. The Marshal was pleased to hear that an apparent crime had been halted and had the captain locked away in the jail cell until he could go before the court. The two returned to the dock where the Grand Marshal ordered the BMV Tiderunner to be impounded and had militiamen brought in from Yew to help guard the ship until more could be determined. Along with Julius, the Yew Militia along with Servious uncovered a couple of more oddities in the hold: another crate marked clothing and destined for Trinsic was filled with weapons and all of the crates marked magical in nature had already disappeared from the hold.

    Until further notice the BMV Tiderunner will remain impounded in Skara Brae. The Grand Marshal wanted to thank all members of theBritannian Armed Forces who helped in disrupting this apparent smuggling organization, as well as the Port Authority (even if they are a bit lippy) for their help in the initial inspection.