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*Snarl* I will murder you all...

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Xerxes (DOA), Feb 3, 2002.

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  1. jalow

    jalow Guest

    doa? as in "dead on arrival"? lol
  2. Xerxes (DOA)

    Xerxes (DOA) Guest

    DOA was a pre-UO:R guild I was in when I made this posting name, but I never got around to changing it after DOA dissolved.

    So, DOA has no bearings on anything anymore.

    I'm now just the lowly GM of UBD >:|
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    NNNaaaaawww uh. You won't get me! I don't leave trammel!

    Useing the rule set of trammel to it's best, I've become one of the more knowen body campers of wrong ;>
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Can't say you've killed me yet either /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif
  5. Pink Jello

    Pink Jello Guest

    Well X im glad to see you bringing UBD back from the dead, Im just hopeing this time you dont just guild any newb that wants in...I did have a few good fights with some of your guys but most of the time i was killing them 6v1 me being the one.....No disrepect intended as im sure you knew that most of them were about as hard to kill as a lesser mongbat.....But yeah bring some life to the fel dungons it will give us all something to do....

    Good luck to you and your crew!

  6. *Growl* My 30intel, 42 Mage will Own you! haha
  7. KaylaMarie

    KaylaMarie Guest

    wow... I can't wait to dungeon crawl again... Just knowing the newbs of UBD are back...

    Hey T... Wanna go have some fun
  8. Pink Jello

    Pink Jello Guest

    Bring the Cookies and im there!
  9. hehe havent killed me yet either but I sure hope yall try./php-bin/shared/images/icons/sgrin.gif
  10. Xerxes (DOA)

    Xerxes (DOA) Guest

    Newbs of UBD?

    Duel me?

    The old UBD may have had some "newbs", but it made things interesting. Just cause someone can't PVP as well as you doesn't make them any less of a person. They at least tried to improve the LS community, which is more than I can say for you.

    You wanna take on the old UBD council? Me, MeRLiN Black, Apparition, Lugh, or Blaine the Gypsy? Most of them don't play anymore but I'm sure I could convince the better UBD PVPers to come back and show you just how wrong you are.

    This is why I won't be putting much effort into the new UBD or attempting to run any fun events. Because people like yourself are so unappreciative. Worst of luck to you on the dungeon server.

    BTW, 52558938. Duel me if UBD was full of such newbs.

    (Edited upon request to fit the RoC... Basically, Kayla. You are ignorant and I don't like you. =D )
  11. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    WB xerxes and I look forward to meeting you again just keep an eye on your bandaids hehe
  12. Pink Jello

    Pink Jello Guest

    Im pretty sure i said most of them, and when you say something like


    They at least tried to improve the LS community, which is more than I can say for you


    Ok yeah it was straight at first but then most of the gimps you had ruined the new taste you brought to fel with trash talking...X you know it and I know it, i was hardly saying that your skills were questionable...And if you think that you some how improved the community for pking in dungons what the hell makes you different from any other Pk guild after your members start the normal trash talk that is so normal on this shard. So who was saying they were less of a person cause they couldnt pvp? Yeah im pretty sure it wasnt me mmmkay im glad we got that straightened out...

    As for dueling you..............Because i said alot of your members were trash.
    Just icq me next time your running around im on your list already Tenchu, Ill come look for you and we do it dungon style...Heh See you read my post and pick out the one bad thing i said about UBD you take it personal, but you know what i prolly have icq logs of you saying the same thing talking about how you talked to alot of your members about they way they were treating the marks..
    So dont get all pissy man cause you have said it before yourself../php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  13. mith_LS

    mith_LS Guest

    And I've never seen Tenchu take one sentence out of a paragraph and make a federal case about it...
  14. Lugh LoC

    Lugh LoC Guest

    *gets called a newbie*

    Wow. Haven't heard that one in a while. I'm sure people have called me that recently, but usually it involves me standing over their corpse and them shouting OoOOoo. *shrugs*

    Xerxes, I have a new 7x heal/anatomy mage also named Lugh that would go quite nicely in the new guild. And dammit, I want a better dungeon than covetous this time!!! ICQ me.
  15. Pink Jello

    Pink Jello Guest

    Lugh heh i wasnt calling you a newb give me a break you guys had like 45 members and about maybe 15 of you were good..Ill admit your key members were mostly badass pvpers...All i was pretty much saying was you guys dont need all the f*cking newbs in UBD this time...What the hell is so bad about that?

    Da well love me hate me i dont care......
  16. Xerxes (DOA)

    Xerxes (DOA) Guest


    Pink, I love you, I wasn't posting that towards you =/

    Rofl, I was posting that towards Kayla.

    Sorry that you misinterpreted it, I'd never lash out at you like that. Especially not just cause you put a very polite criticism in there about UBD. I know that was true. But Kayla kind of set me off saying that she could have fun again cause the "newbs of UBD" were back.

    Well, for her an your info. UBD will not be allowing just anyone in anymore. I can assure you all members should put up quite a fight =D

    And Lugh... All new UBD members ****MUST**** be red and willing to take counts whenever they have a free short term. (i.e. disregarding your longs completely and PKing all the time and trying to stay out of statloss). If you're up for turning your char perma red then I welcome you to the guild. If not, then I'm sorry. =/
  17. Pink Jello

    Pink Jello Guest


    I feel better now i thought i was getting ganked by old skool UBD on Stratics!

    So do you have a launch date yet or what?
  18. ohhhhh
    I look forward to seeing you as well...
    the most fun I've ever had in destard was running from like 12 of your guys.

    *looks forward to more than just fighting dragons with my bard*
  19. Xerxes (DOA)

    Xerxes (DOA) Guest

    Well it's already been unofficially launched. So far it's just me and 3 other guys running around soloing, but I'm accepting all people that I feel have what it takes to do it right this time around. We aren't gonna be a huge guild like before.

    I'm *not* spending 24/7 in-game anymore, nor are any of the people already in UBD. I play when I want to, which means I don't want to hype this up too much cause I don't know how much we'll be around. As of now I try to patrol all the dungeons whenever I feel like playing UO, and every once in a while all of us will get together and sweep them as a unit, but other than that we all just solo the dungeons and call for help when its needed.

    I won't be actively going out and recruiting people, and I won't be accepting just any old person. I don't even know if I'm going to bother with a website. Our policy has changed a bit. Instead of 20k a month it is now 1k gold per encounter.

    Even if we aren't as big as before, I'm sure you'll see us around.
  20. Lugh LoC

    Lugh LoC Guest

    lol no pink don't worry about it. We love you.

    We're gonna kill a lot of other people though /php-bin/shared/images/icons/takethat.gif
  21. Pink Jello

    Pink Jello Guest

    *Hugs Lugh*
    I love you guys too!
    *Gets teary eyed*
  22. KaylaMarie

    KaylaMarie Guest

    oh wow I'm honored... It's nice to know you still don't like me..

    As for dueling you... here's my icq 109407892 feel free to add me.
  23. Still havent seen yall around....hmm probally just keep missing each other.Hehe I'll run into one off yall sooner or later./php-bin/shared/images/icons/sgrin.gif
  24. Pink Jello

    Pink Jello Guest

    You must have not played much when they were active then lol....
  25. Oz of LS

    Oz of LS Guest

    Well..even though I am a retired of Red..I still pk in the dungeon everyday..and if I see UBD in there then I hope you can all put up a good fight cause if I see a red I attack :D

    I mainly frequent Shame and Khaldun..
  26. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    good to know your back OZ
  27. Hehe I've had run in's with them before just not since he made this thread.Welcome back OZ.
  28. Oz of LS

    Oz of LS Guest

    Thank ya guys ;D
  29. Spookysheep

    Spookysheep Guest

    Bring it! Cause Spooky is back.

    GM Cooking
    GM Taste ID
    GM Camping
    GM Spirit Speak
    GM Detect Hidden
    GM Remove Traps
    33 Magery
    33 Meditation
    33 Resist

    Ph33r my mad skillz!

  30. Pink Jello

    Pink Jello Guest

    Cooks are Roxxor
  31. klagett

    klagett Guest

    Yup we are all coming back!... Daoc is getting lame...
  32. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    ahhh to be smart enough to have not spent any extra money on a boring leveling game

    * revels *
  33. Lugh LoC

    Lugh LoC Guest


    Oz, why again aren't you in LoC??!?! Huh?!?!

    Get in here! Snoogle with me and RoadKill! VVicked's with us too!
  34. klagett

    klagett Guest

    Oz is in IRL
  35. Oz of LS

    Oz of LS Guest

    I helped create IRL..not leaving it.
  36. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    * sees a Klagget and an OZ *

  37. klagett

    klagett Guest

    *see's Klagett own Oz*

    ROFL... maybe in a week or two
  38. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    I'd like to see that regardless of who wins

    * enjoys a good duel *
  39. klagett

    klagett Guest

    lol be a bit before i am even gonna try to duel someplace other than test :)....

    but test is pissing me off.... got ganked by a faction guy with 10 archer npc's .... how lame
  40. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    you should see the carreer test players hehe the have macros for setting the skills on the fly hehe
  41. klagett

    klagett Guest

    lol I enjoy test because the pvp there can get pretty intense especially if you go red... without being a househider.

    But I mainly just like to duel at the jhelom farms.
  42. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    yep I just find it annoying somtimes when I'm trying out a template and they kill and dryloot like its not hard to get stuff its just extra time thats all
  43. klagett

    klagett Guest

    I don't even have patience to make pots lol so all my stuff is newb. Most the time i don't even carry pouches just watch for para's and break it with harm on myself.
  44. Oz of LS

    Oz of LS Guest


    It wouldnt be a good duel though. It would be me killing klagett in my first dump like I did the last time I dueled him :D
  45. klagett

    klagett Guest

    You couldn't kill me in your first dump when I get 75 magery :)... I got a lot better since that time... thank god lol
  46. Decanuck

    Decanuck Guest

    hehe well ok it might be good to see a totally one sided victory then hehe
  47. klagett

    klagett Guest

    LOL, i'm sure oz and i will have a few duels eventually... he always talks me over icq and i respond and verbally own him.
  48. Oz of LS

    Oz of LS Guest

    If by verbally own you mean crying like a little pancake to me then yes you verbally own me :p
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