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#SnR on IRC: FAQ

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by Asmodeus (Atl), Aug 24, 2001.

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  1. Ever wonder what it would be like to chat with the posters of UO Spiels n' Rants in real time? To have a chance to interact on a conversational basis as opposed to a series of monologues? Well, here's the chance! #SnR on Stratics IRC is ready and open to the public!

    <font color=red>What is IRC?</font color=red>

    IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is simply a real-time chat program which allows groups of people to talk in rooms called channels.

    <font color=red>Where do I get IRC?</font color=red>

    There are several different pograms that can be used to chat in IRC. I personally recommend mIRC.

    <font color=red>How do I connect to a Stratics IRC server?</font color=red>

    Once you log into mIRC, close everything except for the main channel window, and the mIRC Options window if you see it. If not, choose File -&gt; Options. Under Connect -&gt; Options, the port should be set to 6667. Then, under the main Connect area, near the top, will be a server pull-down menu. Click "Add" and add one of these servers:

    irc.frws.com - USA - Colorado
    irc2.frws.com - USA - Colorado
    irc.truefear.net - USA - Texas
    irc.glowfish.de - EU - Germany

    <font color=red>How do I choose and register a nickname?</font color=red>

    Choosing a nickname is quite simple. Simply type into the mIRC Options window, under "Nickname," the nick you want to use. If, when you connect, you get a message telling you that it's been registered, you're out of luck; it's been registered already, pick another name. You can do this by typing "/nick [nickname]" in the main mIRC chat window.

    To register your nickname, type in the main mIRC chat window "/nickserv register [password]". REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD! When you connect using that nick any time after that, you will receive a message from NickServ that it's been registered and you have one minute to change it. Ignore this and type "/nickserv identify [password]". You should then receive a message from NickServ saying you have been recognized as the owner of the nick.

    <font color=red>Okay, I'm in. How do I get to #SnR?</font color=red>

    This part is nice and simple. Once you're connected to the IRC server, just type "/join #SnR". Welcome to the party!

    <font color=red>Rules of Conduct</font color=red>

    As listed on entry to #SnR:


    -ChanServ- Welcome to #SnR! The rules are simple: no spamming, no impersonating, and no posting porn links. Have fun!


    If a problem comes up, and no ops are around to handle it, you can usually find channel operators (IRCops) in #irc-help who can take care of people in extreme cases. In not-so-extreme cases, send me a PM on these boards.

    More information on IRC, commands, and problems can be found at http://chat.stratics.com. We look forward to seeing you there!

    <font color=red>The #SnR staff</font color=red> (in alphabetical order!)

    Asmodeus - Channel Admin (That's me! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif)
    edward - Channel Op
    Ferahga - Channel Op
    Nuke - Channel Op

    Staffing is subject to change with notice.

    - Asmodeus
    UO Spiels n' Rants, UO Spiel Essays and UO Trade moderator

    <font color=red>Hoowah Shadowclan!!!</font color=red></center>
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