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So. Freaking. Close. *EDIT: Got the sucker :P

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by nickdafunk, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. nickdafunk

    nickdafunk Guest

    Dreadhorn 1, me 0.

    After a very intense encounter with dread I had to walk away, as a ghost, with him down to about 1/10 of his life. Which I think would be about 5k hps...

    Amazing fight it was too, I was so impressed with the way my sammy dealt with what was thrown at him. Kept the perfection going, kept the damage high and plenty of counter attacks landed many of which were adding up to 240hp [​IMG]

    At no point did I think I was home and dry, but I was starting to think, "hang on, I might just pull this off here"

    Then, he landed 2 big hits back to back, at the same time as a huge magic combo, just a few seconds after i'd used evasion, and that was that!

    Unfortunately, I had used my last self rez for the week while in gathering the keys, so i couldn't even get back up to finish the job..

    Still, all in all i'm taking alot of encouragement from this. I'm gonna return later today to finish this job off!
  2. What weapon/tactics were you using? I failed dismally with DH. I know most of it was due to not being able to get him honored, but I think I should have lasted a bit longer than I did.
  3. nickdafunk

    nickdafunk Guest

    I think the only reason you had such a tough time is because you didn't get the honour in. If you cant get the honour in, your damage output is screwed, which means you wont be able to stay alive because you cant leech.

    Try it again mate, with honour and i'm sure you'll do fine.

    I'm using really high hit lower defense, which I think helps a great deal. I'm not missing often. My axe has 34hld alongside my mace and sheild glasses putting me at over 60%

    Im almost always in counter attack stance, unless i get in trouble in which case i will go into evasion. Didn't use confidence, didn't use concecrete, as i'm hitting with 100% physical.

    My weapon is a two hander, so i was occasionally using divine fury for stam, which was fine, didn't seem to cause me too many problems in terms of being hit more. My DCI is over 50 now so i think that helps.

    I will be nervous when i go up there again because everything was going so well for the entire time, never found my self in too much trouble, then all of a sudden, he lands this devestating combo and i was a gonner..
  4. nickdafunk

    nickdafunk Guest

    Tried again, and failed. Didn't put up as good a fight this time. I'm pissed off with myself, after doing such a good job with the keys, i let myself down.

    Gonna give this up for a bit and do something less stressfull.
  5. I'm getting geared up now myself to go and give DH another shot. I give up on Travesty. Until I can talk to one of the people I've seen kill the damn thing I'm not going there again.
  6. nickdafunk

    nickdafunk Guest


    Long battle, but i got him. Im away to lie down :p