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So I am strolling through Brit in all my newb l33tness when...

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Sirkus, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Sirkus

    Sirkus Guest

    Ok so I am like rolling through Brit the other night, checking out the bank and the big ugly beetle, wondering why anyone would want to hang out in Luna instead of the Brit bank, when I run into another newb!

    Wow.. so I’m not the only newb. He had a big old honkin’ “young” tag over his head just like I did (this was before my ettin and troll adventures in another post). So we stop and chat and he has only been in game for like a couple of hours, and asks if I have me newb ticket with me. I said yeah I got one so I issue the Words of Power (bank!) and withdraw my newb ticket.

    Now, to tell you the truth, this vet gone newb has never – ever – ever – used a newb ticket. So I didn’t have a clue what to do.. so he pops his in the trade window, I put mine in the trade window, double click it and POOF!!!!!!


    I get the “you cannot use this in the trade window” thing. So, me and this other newb, are like WTF so we try several combinations to no avail. So newb #2 says “I am gonna get what I paid for” and pages a GM. I’m like “good luck dude GM’s wont come around for this” but I am a good guy so I sit and wait.

    Meanwhile, other guys pop around asking “hey newbs what you up to?” and they can’t help us either. One guy said “oh yeah they only work in Fel – follow me” bahah yeah this newb was not born yesterday, and besides, newbs can’t go to fel.

    Anyhow we wait for what seems an eternity and then newb #2 gets the message “thanks for the page we are looking into it and we will get back with you” At this point, newb #2 goes into a fit about poor customer service, no wonder no one is playing, blah blah blah. I mean, really, this dude is hot. So me and another dude are like “hey man let it blow over.. this game is cool even without poor GM service”. Then at that moment newb #2 says he gets another message and says that the GM told him to give the ticket to me, then I click it. But hey hell why not, even though the ticket says “DO NOT GIVE THIS TICKET AWAY!” I mean really what the heck.

    So, newb #2 hands me his ticket, I double click it and POOF a menu of super-uber elite newbie weapons of mass destruction appear before me. A spellbook with all spells up to 4th circle, a hair restyling deed, and a few other things. So I choose the hair deed (hey man, when Sirkus becomes the elite nox fel mage he is gonna need a new do!) and I am on my way.

    Morale of the story? Don’t know… but why in the heck do things have to be so hard for us newbs?
  2. *grins*

    Good read. :)