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So I guess CD and |M| are allied

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by ShaunOfPac, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. ShaunOfPac

    ShaunOfPac Guest

    Imagine that. The two biggest trammie "PvP" guilds trying to join forces. Was pretty fun stuffing the both of them at yew gate. The best was Jake, on his mage (Brad, now in |M|), telling me how much he owns me all the time. Tells me he can drop me at will. I laughed, so he told me to flag, and I was already grey, and then dropping him in less than 7 seconds. Then he hops on Jake, and tells me how I belong in KOK because everyone in it sucks (Hmmm I'm pretty sure any member of KOK could take any member of CD with little or no effort). Then tells me hes going to own me. Then ends up dying to me while hiding in a house. Way to go Jake, you're awesome. As far as the other M, SumBeach, Chaka, Thy God, etc., thanks for the loots :heart::D
  2. just a lil correction to your post
    u havent ever killed me 1 v 1 shaun and I am cd. actually no KOK has really owned me 1 v 1 except kyrite has got me a few times in the past, this is in regards to the comment "any KOK can own any cd."
  3. ShaunOfPac

    ShaunOfPac Guest

    The three times we have fought you ran and hid in a house. You never came close to killing me, I'm sure if you would stay on my screen instead of running every time I hit you with an explo and get the next spell up you wouldn't survive :)
  4. You can say that here, but we both know that isnt the truth. You, who run off screen to precast. FYI, I am not saying I can pwn you, but at the same time I am saying you cannot pwn me, as per your statement "(Hmmm I'm pretty sure any member of KOK could take any member of CD with little or no effort)", and I dont run and hide when its 1 v 1 unless its an OFFTHEHOOK SPEEDHACKER or a #omo with a greater dragon or Dread mare.

    Alric (KOK) for 1, is a little too fast for my liking. Hes like a Hybrid Tahoe flying past my conventional gas guzzling pedal to the metal 5.8L SUV on the hwy. Hes so freeking fast, I'll bet you guys cant even slap a greater heal on him when hes on your screen, cuz in reality, hes not really on it.
  5. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    Seriously? I havent been on in a couple weeks (out of town) to confirm, but if its true....

    I'm speechless, which is alright because were all thinking the same thing.
    throwing stones in a glass house again. I love M so much :bowdown:
  6. Budweiser

    Budweiser Guest

    You hide alot, or run when it's one on one. I've seen it first hand. You can't kill anyone with your temp and think your good at pvp.
  7. yup, ok, from the blue |M| gate loiterer.

    Figure it out dude, I have 2 archers, one is a stealther, who is not built for 1 v 1 and the other is not a stealther and he will not run from many ppl as per my prior statement.

    Of the time that I spend in UO, 85% of it is SOLO
    Id like to see some ppl from |M| give that a go, getting points from stealing sigils does not count.
  8. suprshadow

    suprshadow Guest

    M only has like 2 stealth archers in factions their guild doesnt worry about getting sigils lets be honest. what a bunch of trammies. c ya kids.
  9. Hiya Supr,

    I had mentioned the points thingy because I was looking at pacific faction rankings and Kitty is up there, and I don't think she has ever been or will be a PVP threat, mebbe she got lucky and landed a KS on a 1000 point mofo somewhere?? or waits all day at healers for RK's??
  10. FionanPac

    FionanPac Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    No M and CD are not allied. Shaun is just creating rumors like he always does, from what I hear from people I know in CD, is that no mater who they are fighting, if they see hackers like Shaun running around on any of his character they will drop whatever they are doing and help anyone or just attack cheaters like Shaun.
  11. A CD members adventure with shaun,
    i ran in on him and some other dude

    on fire

    killing deamons

    other guy bolted

    shaun stayed

    so i fought him

    i had him running

    and he had me blood oathed

    but i figured f#ck it ill hit until i die or he does

    i killed him

    with like

    2hp left

    then offered to res him but he was bene....

    What???? he didnt trash talk and belittle you????? he didnt loot you and he stayed and chatted with you after you got rezzed?

    This was recent, before shaun posted the above, WTF shaun???? your nose is not growing is it? Effortless as you say
  12. I am in CD and we are allied with NO ONE. of course with the exception of our SL faction.
    As far as Jake is concerned, he went on his own to M. Good bye and good riddence to him.
    We may get killed alot but ya know we dont use the hacks and the cheat engines that MOST of the other guilds use. We do stop to help other guilds on occasion, but we do not like to ally with anyone anymore for the simple fact we always end up getting screwed when we do. Right now this game has a lot of mages and tamers and mage-tamers . So sad that people have to resort to using a pet to fight. I have a stealth archer in CD, i do ok im not built to 1vs1 like most of us stealthers are not. Thats why we have stealth.
  13. Budweiser

    Budweiser Guest

    Look at my sig (dude). My main char is Nathan. He's red... And im not in that lame guild |M|. The guild SUPR is whom I run with.
  14. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    Long live the super best friends. Long live hotdogs. Long live baby jebus.
  15. Well, I have fame!!!

    You don't!!!


    I'm sorry, Mr. Bud, I don't have a clue who you are. Nathan who????
    thats a cute kid btw, is it yours?
  16. Jake CD

    Jake CD Guest

    Hey yea you killed Brad as its just a spawn guy congrats on running off screen with your hacks that i couldnt catch u then come back and cast on me befor i know it hacks for the win.

    As in killing jake i was in stat waiting out stat no win for you either and yea i have droped you on jake.

  17. suprshadow

    suprshadow Guest

    Jake no offence but i drop you char Brad all the time and Jake is a easy kill. Please stop refering to hacks. It's so annoying listening to everyone come on here and say CHEATS CHEATS I ONLY LOST TO CHEATS WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. SHUT YOUR MOUTH ABOUT CHEATS. i would gladly stay on screen vs you and duel anyone of your chars and not "HAX OFF SCREEN AND PRECAST" cause anyone i duel knows i am not like that at all.

    P.S if we duel: No Pots, Apples, petals. thats what a real duel is and until they make chugging and eating apples and petals an actual skill they are not allowed in duels.
  18. ShaunOfPac

    ShaunOfPac Guest

    A few things. Bailan/Balder, you have hid from me every time. You're tough to kill, but you don't pose much of a threat offensively.

    Jake, for one, what ****ing hacks are you talking about? Its hilarious how people throw the word "hack" out there. The only "hack" is speedhack, but even that only gives a small advantage because there is a set speed limit you can travel, and if a third party program breeches that speed cap, its picked up and easily traceable. As far as running off your screen, rofllll. I ran maybe 5 steps, cast a cure on myself, then came cast magic arrow and began my onslaught on you. And actually Jake, you have killed me ONCE on my character Leet Banskitter, out of maybe what, 50+ times?

    As far as the person who killed me, it was Don Quixote. It was the closest fight I think I've ever been in, and if I had greater healed myself instead of fireballing, it would have gone differently. Good up to him though. I did not talk ****, nor did I ever run. I find it hilarious how people here are claiming I'm some super hacker who just runs away, rofl. I have noticed the only people who claim I'm a hacking gimp are the ones who are just plain horrible at PvP. I stand and fight 99% of the time, even 2v1 and occasionally 3v1. Hell, I had RATH, AIYROM (Something like that), and McBain of CDA versus just me. You know how that went? Rath and Aiy hid in a house, and would run out and cast and run right back in and then McBain would try to kill me with a shot, and if he missed he instantly ran away and hid. This went on for 45 minutes, nearly killed Rath and McBain, and then got tired of their cowardous ways and left. Seriously, 3v1, and CD still hides in a house.

    As far as Alric being some mega speed hacker, do you realize who that is? Hes no faster than anyone else, believe you me, lol.
  19. If I am running solo, engaged in combat with another, and there are other people about that are not from my guild, that is a gank waiting to happen. Do you think it has ever happened to me? EG. I am fighting someone like shannon, chasing her to the GZ and then I get a DM, 3 FS and an EXP dumped on me when I do my second circle of the gate?

    Effing duh I am gonna hide when I see other people coming towards myself and whomever I am engaged with.

    If there is one other foe, and myself fighting him and there is no one else around that can gank me, that is 1 v 1. That is what we had the last time we met, and you could not kill me and I could not kill you, tell me I am lying?

    I dont run from many shaun
  20. I never said hacker, I said hes damn fast

    Who is it?
  21. Jake CD

    Jake CD Guest

    Yea 1v1 i killed you and showed you that i can and befor that you alwas **** talked how i suck and then i killed you i thought this was over being in a guild is working together.
    Im not the greatest 1v1er i can hold my own alot of the times 1v1 but im mostly set my archer up for working as a team if i wanted to work by my self i would take one the 7 dread mares that im training up and turn jake into a dm tamer lamer but thats not me im a team player
  22. SUPRsalad

    SUPRsalad Guest

    WOW! the punch in face forum got locked! She was all, :yell: and 'i dont care if you were kidding!' I think im in love guys :love:
  23. suprshadow

    suprshadow Guest

    ahhhhh i love the tamer lamers man they think they are so bad ass cause they dismount all kill. BUT NO SKILL ^_^