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So I had the perfect Greater Dragon to tame

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by thamantii, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. thamantii

    thamantii Guest

    and two ****** bags messed it all up for me last night. I was there with my GD taking on 2 at once. I had them both to less than half life and my dragon was sitting at full thanks to my high MR and pretty decent healing skills. Here comes Merlin and some other tamer walking by and watched me for a minute. Merlin starts casting EV's on the two GD's that I was fighting. I politely asked him not to because I was gonna tame one of them. He holds off for a minute and then his friend the tamer gets there. The tamer starts attacking the GD I was gonna tame. I'm sure she knew this was the one I wanted because she probably animal lored them. It was a 2000 HP GD. I asked and pleaded with them not to kill it but they just kept on. I recalled out, stabled my GD, switched to my taming gear. 120 tame / 120 lore, recall back to destard and they are still killing it. It was red lined and i asked 3 or 4 more times not to kill it to let me tame it. They just laughed. I cannot believe how dik headed some people can be for no reason. I really hope to god karma comes back and bites them in the ass. I wish that they would lose their accounts...I understand this is just a game but when you bring in *******s who get kicks off of ruining other peoples fun for no reason what so ever, then it becomes the real life attitudes of others and it's not just a game.

    I stayed in destard for another 6 hours and not once did i see another greater dragon that was anywhere NEAR close to that one. It had the perfect amount(max) of HP that is possible for a GD and it was taken away from me by two ****** bags.

    -Lord Zev
  2. Unfortunately, you run into this type of person in UO. They have always been around. I guess some people get more enjoyment out of making sure no one else gets enjoyment from the game than they do playing the game.

    These are the same type of people that would talk during a movie, or not take their screaming child out of a nice restaurant.

    Some people have no sense of decorum.
  3. Cal Hurst

    Cal Hurst Guest

    Trammel does this to people.
  4. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    There's two ways to get ahead in the world.

    1,) Work hard and earn it!

    2.) Tear down the works of others so that you look good by comparison.

    Sadly, you ran into the type 2 people...
  5. Yeah...stuff like this never happened before Trammel.

    Yes, that was sarcasm.
  6. Cal Hurst

    Cal Hurst Guest

    I couldn't tell. Thanks for the clarification.

    Anyway, pre-Trammel, you could take matters into your own hands. The amount of "griefing" tactics employed by players increased dramatically when Trammel came out, because they had the invulnerable status when it came to other players.

    In Felucca, if you messed with someone, you had best hope you had backup.
  7. RedRum

    RedRum Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    When Mondains first hit the streets, I heard of at least 3 Blaze Cu's being off'd (witnessed 1) on Pac shard due to "immature" people saying "The only person on Pac shard that is allowed to tame a Blaze Cu is _______." Luckily, people aren't in the Weald as much as they used to be and I think Blaze Cu's are being tamed when they do appear now days.
  8. Wakiza

    Wakiza Guest

    Yes stuff like this has always happened. However, trammel allows players to act without fear of any kind of player/community retribution.
  9. Dragkiris

    Dragkiris Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hey icq me at 76838269. I can make bad things happen to people...for a price.
  10. Mr.Fernandes

    Mr.Fernandes Guest

    Limited PvP doesn't amke people *******s - the fact that they're *******s does that.

    On the one hand, in an open PvP environment, if thye annoy you, you can take recourse by beating them up and (possbily) taking their stuff.

    On the other hand, that means the griefers can come do that to YOU rather then just making it harder to do wahtever you were working on.
  11. Ravahan

    Ravahan Guest

    You may not get any response, but I seem to remember intentionally disrupting another's play being against the UO Terms of Service (under harrassment). Try paging a GM on them next time and see what happens. They may get a temp ban or at the least a talking to, which might deter them from trying next time.

    That is, if you can bother waiting the 45 mins or more it takes to get a non-canned GM response.
  12. LordNoximos

    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Trammel being added has allowed people to grow acustom to such a SISSYFIED enviroment.

    Trammel caused the carebear play-style that most of you are acustom to, by saying "Trammel does this to people", Cal is saying you've all become so use to having things defenseless and ready for your harvesting, that you forget that this game was built on grief.
  13. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    A lot of the original developer team from OSI would be really upset at that comment. The game was built on Virtue, and not grief. It was a chance to bring a community together.
  14. Had OSI felt this way, they would have taken the time to create a proper solution to the out of control PK-fest that was UO before Ren.

    However, they took the easy way out and just 'shut it off' with Trammel.

    This did lead to an environment that Noximos calls "sissyfied". Look at all the neon colors and such for gods sake! (Nice outfit btw Noxi :) )

    But don't be confused...griefing in old UO was far worse than killing a tame or calling someone names.

    Houses were looted, players were rez killed over and over and over, players were trapped in areas they could not get out of, etc. etc. etc.

    I do miss the open PvP aspect of this game...but I do not miss the ability of 13 year old punks to show their collective a$$es.
  15. Cal Hurst

    Cal Hurst Guest

    You say houses were looted like it mattered. What was to be gained? A vanq weapon? Pft, give me 10 minutes with a Lich and I'll replace that, with added ghoul's touch.
  16. Were you playing back then?

    If someone looted your house, you lost everything. And items were not as easy to come by back then. Sure, they weren't hot pink and "l337" and "uber" like now, but it was still everything you owned.
  17. Cal Hurst

    Cal Hurst Guest

    Yes, I played back then.

    Items were EXTREMELY easy to come by back then. T2A itself gave way to the Terathan Keep, where people could farm Terathan Warriors, which had a magic weapon on each of them. They were easy to kill, too.

    People could also kill Nobles. Within two days I made 100k+ off of nobles, and had a full chainmail fortification set.

    And everyone knew to keep anything true of value in the bank for 1: Ease of Access and 2: 100% safety.

    But no, if your home was looted, it was easy to bounce back. That is, unless you kept your gold in your house. Which was dumb to begin with.