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So I turned myself into a dingbat tamer...

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by [JD], May 21, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    After 8 months of being a dirty elf, I now sport horns in places the sun don't shine. Like Red Bull, I have Wingsssssss.....

    My pets all just finally bonded again. I'm training up a new dragon.

    Here are my initial impressions.

    If you’re contemplating making a garg, I highly recommend you get the suit first, because you won’t have as easy of a time just “picking gear up along the way” like a human or elf can. There is a serious lack of decent starter gear for Gargs. I’m sure the developers answer to this would be to level up and find gear in Ter Mur, but you’ll be alone in doing so. An oversight on their part…

    LMC gear pieces are much harder to get on a Gargie. Humans can snag a RBG for 800k but Gargies are pretty much up the creek. Snag a totem of the void or Ricardo quest tally if ya can. Imbuing will be your friend.

    Exceptionally crafted, GM arms lore Gargoyle Barbed Leather has sixty two resist points. In fact, unless you are overcapping resists to allow for Protection or Corpse Skin, you may not need to imbue even one resist point if you make enough pieces to get "just the right ones". That leaves a lot of room on your suit for… Mana Regen, LMC, LRC, and uh.. Bueller Bueller… well, maybe you can do Reflect physical, Stamina regen, luck… I’m sure something will pop in your mind.

    It is really nice... INCREDIBLY so, being able to fly and not be on foot. However, there are 2 problems:

    (1) Your pet doesn’t follow you as fast as you are going, so even though you are now free to fly, it is ironic you still have to go slow and wait for your pet. Humans/Elves get to mount their pet and ride it quickly to where they are going. Almost defeats the purpose of being a Gargoyle Tamer to begin with! Why oh why is pets movement rate linked to their Dex? And why are so many pets stuck at 125 dex?

    (2) Stamina regen is an issue of concern for any dingbat, as stamina is used up pretty liberally while flying. Consider sta regen, sta leech weapons, crystalline ring, or focus.

    There are a lot more limitations to flying as well, like you can't hit mirror images and can't animal form. Save these for when you are dismounted. Lastly you can't dismount while flying, though you can hit the 'fly' key and use a bola almost immediately. But then it takes a second to fly again so prepare to animal form or invis until you can fly.

    Certain pets seem obsolete to a Gargoyle. I let my Swamp dragon go (eaten by server up bug), and I don't really need my Frenzied. I don't have the stable room for a pack anyway. I'm left wondering why a Garg would want a Reptalon (though it would have been cool for a human or elf).

    I find myself pulling my GD out of the stable more often now. It doesn't have the resist damage types, special abilities, or uniqueness of some of my other pets but it is the best bang for the buck unless I have a specific need.

    Even though it’s the gimpest of all my characters, I’m finding this toon can solo some of the stuff in the Stygian Abyss which is more annoying for other toons of mine to do. But this really has nothing to do with being a Gargoyle. It has to do with spawn monsters ignoring summons unless being directly attacked, so they attack you instead and you're forced to chain invis. with a tamed pet, they'll all stay on your pet and you can heal from a distance.

    The new Gargoyle Berserk ability is sooo much nicer than before. I really like the new free SDI or DI. If I'm flinging spells at something and it hits me once or twice, you go 'berserk' and start doing more damage. My nukes raise up in damage, for free. And you have a 5% base HCI bonus too.

    I’ll post more after a few weeks of actually playing it to see how I like it.
  2. bosskram

    bosskram Guest

    I have thought about changing my tamer to a garg but my big draw back is my tamer runs with a 100%lrc, 1600 luck suit with some mana reg , hit point reg and its all 70's or high 60's. So have imbueing but can't for the life of me figure how to replace some of the arties that I use on the suit that have the high luck ie: mempo , and swords. Anyway good luck let me know how you like play the garg.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    you can probably alter some of your items to fit the dingbat, but it's hard to say which. there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. ie folded steel glasses which are a head slot item will convert to earrings using tinkering, but rune beetle carapace will not convert to gargoyle chest.

    only way to know is to try to alter it... pull out your smith, tinker, and tailor...