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So old Vet with a kanundurm

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lord Boru, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Lord Boru

    Lord Boru Guest

    Ok, so im out for a ride on my Beull and for some damn reason I begin to think about UO. I mean I have had an open account for many many years, never once shut it down, but have not played in ages.

    Someone besides Andrasta give me a reason to stay. I keep tabs on the community through stratics, but I dont really see anything so captivating that it draws me in.

    I dont mind the monthly fee, but it just seems pointless for me to pay it now.

    And no you cant have my stuff, if and when I go, all of it goes to the Goodman Library. So thats a moot point.

    Much Love to all my friends
    Lord Lew
  2. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    Even after over 10 years, I find many reasons (including Lady Andrasta) to play daily. UO is still exciting for me as I make new friends.

    The overall population has dwindled, but those who remain have a passion for the game and I enjoy playing with people of like mind! If you want to meet some new people and possibly some new things to try in game, then you are welcome to hunt with us any evening.

    No one can really give you a reason to play though, except for you. Desire comes from with-in!
  3. Draken-Korin

    Draken-Korin Guest

    Hello Lord Lew,

    Considering you mentioned Andrasta in your post, "should I stay or should I go?", she must be a good friend of yours. Such a voice of reason lending her ear is indeed good to have in the world of Sosaria (and I am guessing many other worlds).

    I hesitate to say many are out there like Andra, she is an amazingly caring and honest person who hates to have attention drawn to herself, as I believe you would agree.*laughs* In saying that there are others out there who share her views, and probably yours, on the game.

    That being said no one is going to give you a reason to stay, you either play or you don''t. You either find things in the game that you enjoy doing with friends or you don't. The key is finding that "group of people" that has similar likes and dislikes as your own.

    If you are looking for things on stratics to "draw you in" as you said, well.. please do repost and let me know when you find that needle in the haystack that I lost. *smirks*
  4. _Uriah Heep_

    _Uriah Heep_ Guest

    Keeping tabs on the community thru stratics...ouch!
    This is where we come to pancake and moan, gripe and bellyache, piss and whine
    Me too!
    Get back ingame and talk to ya friends, do some tavern rp, anything.
    You dont have to do champs and peerless and whatever endgame everyone else is doing.
    Start a char on another shard, meet new peeps, play between em.
    But yeah, if you dont play and dont want to play, makes no sense to pay [​IMG]
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm right there with you Lew. I've not logged into production in probably about a month.

    I've been playing that "other" game on a 10 day trial code, which is the second time I have done that and I honestly think it might stick this time.

    I'm waiting to hear something from Jeremy this week as alluded to in one of her posts in UHall regarding the game and it's status. If I don't like what I hear, I'll be closing my account up.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    awww you guys ....whats with all the gloom?

    UO is what it is [​IMG] i am thankfull to have so many great friends in here.
    Aye Andrasta can be very persuading and i cant even think of quitting , cause we have so much stuff going on and planned , working on making the libraries a bit better everyday. And jeez we can help every free hand.

    Poor Tazar is so bored he is even forced into marriage !! *mourns the crossed of Tazar on her potentian UO hubby list* [​IMG]

    But yes there is still lots of comunity and LOADS of UO spirit and lots of things to be done.

    just come join us...

    oh ya and i still have a back up plan if they decide to shut the servers down....
    but till then i am here to stay
  7. Stuffa

    Stuffa Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 4, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I've just cancelled my UO account again from the end of january lol. I never did manage to get another shard invasion going... stupid work.

    Its good to see old straticsers still popping in and out
  8. I left UO a long time ago. I put a lot of time into SWG, WoW, Eve, and other games to a lesser extent. After all those games I have come back to UO, it has to do with the friends I missed, the characters I couldnt really create in other games.

    I hope you stay.

    By the way... I think the world of Andrasta too.