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So priests are bunnies ???

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by IusedtoPKinUO, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. <blockquote><hr>

    Hop hop hop

    Okay okay okay so maby i'm not a bunny.
    But it does help.
    I get spammed to join instances very often.
    And usualy people can't be arsed to make a full sentence.

    Some examples:

    SCHOLO ?

    and yes usualy in caps too.
    I used to be as polite as i could and said no sorry i can't, thanks for asking.
    That's the wrong thing to say cause then they ask why not. Now you could make up a ton of reasons or just say you don't want to. then they reply with "oh common it will only take a bit of your time we got a good group we only need a healer we can even summon you.

    So to get out of that i tried to be witty.

    SCHOLO ?
    reply: let's just say that my answer rhymes to your "question".

    Want to join for ubrs got full raid.
    reply: If you have a full raid what you need me for then ?

    Now that didn't work although the other side often did see some humor in it.

    So one day i was hopping around orgrimmar on my mount and was thinking of bunny's. The next seccond i got a new whisper.

    Join Strat Baron !!
    Reply: I'm a bunny
    Wha ?
    Reply: hop hop hop

    So i was amazed.. no arm twitching, not trying to work my feelings, not pressuring me into accepting their invites.

    so i tried it some more and (except for a few exceptions) it worked like a charm.

    You could always tell people Hell NO or Buzz off !! that prolly will get 'm off your back as well. I'd rather stick to being a bunny. (

    Downside might be the entire server thinking you've gone crazy but why would i care afterall,
    I'm a bunny [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I like this ALOT !!!


  2. Crest Lavender

    Crest Lavender Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Cheers Iused - it made me smile and now - i know what you mean, even if i am not by far a wanted person - i wish there would be quests for social skills in WoW!

  3. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    That is an awesome story. My wife has a 59th Priest. It seems like she is always answering whispers.

    Sometimes she is grumpy about it. Others she just types no. In fact, yesterday she was flying over a zone and still got a whisper.

    Is there a way to put a Priest on some type of Do-Not-Disturb list? lol

  4. dalaketh

    dalaketh Guest

    LOL i'll have to try this... I hop around on all my characters. Makes me want to make another char and name it something like bunnie [​IMG]
  5. fleurisagod

    fleurisagod Guest

    My first priest was named ow. But I have found the frequent whispers annoying too and so for my second priest I am trying greyduck. Any time I get a unwanted tell I just say "quack". So far it as been amusing.
  6. Fojos

    Fojos Guest

    Haha. At least you play a class they want for instances. :p
  7. Kualus

    Kualus Guest

    Haha! :D This made me smile :D
  8. That is really funny! I need to try that sometime.. :D

    I have the same problem on my priest, even if people are standing right next to me and can clearly see I'm in shadowform. :wall: