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So pvp is destroyed I see.

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by MuffinBear, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    I just started playing Ultima again after being gone for several years...I had even stopped playing the free shards but anyways, I came back to Ultima earlier this week and noticed pvp is pathetic.

    It looks like someone went out of their way to ruin it beyond repair.

    For one thing, what's with the "Wouldst thou flee during the heat of battle???

    It's strange because even if i'm not in the "heat" of battle...like if im a ghost or several screens away I still get spammed with that message if I try to go in a moongate or recall.

    And another thing, why is it even asking me? it's not like I can tell it yes.

    Why was that put in the game?

    Another thing is I will get attacked by a heavily armored red carrying an awesome weapon and casting spells on me....I will get him guard wacked and he will die naked....i've done that several times to them and it seems like pvp is pointless.

    Why even bother killing someone if you won't get anything?

    I can tell the game has declined in quality so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that pvp declined as well but I was just surprised at how pathetic pvp was....I guess I will concentrate on non pvp stuff in the game now.
  2. house4saleUO

    house4saleUO Guest

    Hiyah, sorry you feel that way. They put in the, ("Wouldst thou flee during the heat of battle???) timer because peps where attacking and the attacker getting red lined and then recalling out, jumping through a gate or running into a house for safty. Yah now that insurance has come into play the only thing you get is a the kill and there insurance gold, unless you find some nub who forgot to insure something or forgot to clean out his pack before coming to fel. PVP has deterioated alot. PVP is totally item based now, if you don't have top notch equipment and a (dare I say it) (a good speed hack) you get owned. I don't PVP anymore because I don't hack and its tough to run away when getting attacked while someone casts spells and never even pauses because they are speed hacking. I had to laugh, go to the test shard and watch those speeders, they are on foot and you are mounted and you still cain't catch them.

  3. Divster

    Divster Guest

    If you actually killed them rather than get the guards to do the work for you you might get this strange thing called satisfaction at winning.
  4. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    PVP is destroyed because you get a 2 minute flag timer?

    Don't initiate the attack, problem solved.

    PVP is destroyed because you get nothing for guardwacking a red?

    gtfo of Felucca please, k thnx.
  5. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    Oh I get plenty of satisfaction, take someone like Arch Magus

    It's very entertaining for me to do something...like set down a chair and a table and put a pan of cookies ontop of it....in a guard zone and to watch someone like Arch Magus run up to try and kill me....only to die instantly....lots of satisfaction really and sometimes I do get things like potions, bags of sending and other strange things.

    Yes, pvp is destroyed...you obviously don't know this but along time ago there was pvp all over the place...not just at the yew moongate...and it actually had risk and reward unlike today.

    Oh and stupid stuff like turning into an ostard and running while stealthed or throwing deadly poisoned darts and other such things weren't around back then.

    Also you can't even cut up dead bodies anymore it just keeps getting worse and worse!

    Anyways, yes....pvp is destroyed on these official servers.
  6. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    Get off your ****ing high horse. The game is extremely fun and the PVP is challenging and semi-rewarding. There isn't much about it right now that's unbalanced.

    It seems that every 2 months I'm pulled back into this game b/c it is the only thing even worth playing.

    You can cry about the game the way it is, or you can play it. Your choice.

    Welcome to 2009.
  7. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    The game is entertaining but it's dying and obviously the PvP is destroyed.

    There used to be huge populations on all the servers and there were huge battles between PKs and Anti PKS everywhere...places like Deceit, Despise entrance, Chaos Shrine, Brit Graveyard, Covetous and others were alive with activity and pvp.

    Now there are only a few people at yew moongate who PvP and it seems more like hit and run instead of real battling.

    Obviously it's not the only thing worth playing since most of the population that used to play this game has left it.

    Or you can post in the Rant section of the forums about how badly the game has declined since you last played it.
  8. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    I agree with everything you said, almost.

    I would love nothing more than to have been able to experience the game in it's prime. That nostalgia I wish I had.lol. The stories always fascinated me.

    I hate Yew gate fighting and avoid it as much as possible. As a PK, I generally just scout the spawns and see what's up. That's about what my game time adds up to after 4 years. BUT, when I do find the fights out there, they are fun that's for sure. whether I win or lose.

    I should have clarified. This is the only game worth playing right now for me. :D

    My advice: let go of your ego, your nostalgia, and just play the game the way it is.

    It's just a game, and it's only as fun as you can make it (not remember it).
  9. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    Oh yes....there used to be hundreds of smack talking little reds like you running around trying to kill people....now I only see maybe 3 people like you at the yew moongate.

    Nostalgia has nothing to do with it, the uo Hybrid server has more PvP than all of the official servers combined and this isn't "nostalgia" this is current.

    Oh and i'm assuming Ive gotten you guard wacked....why else would you be so angry in here insulting me and telling me to "gtfo of felluca" if nothing happened.
  10. It makes me smile when someone says "This game is dying"
    Its been dying since the day it came out according to most people :thumbsup: :danceb:
  11. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You talk like Free Shard PvP is so great, it's not. There is BS on every server. When I feel like playing against guilds of 6 ppl machine gunning explode pots I'll go back to a free shard.
  12. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    This game is dying...but you already knew that, why would you pretend it's not?

    This game used to be packed with players, every city and dungeon had people in them and the banks used to be the most popular areas.

    Now Luna and Haven are the only places that have players and not very many at that while most of the other towns are completely abandoned.

    So again, why would you pretend like this game isn't dying?

    It can be lame but atleast PvP is alive and well on those shards, on Hybrid you could find it everywhere especially places like outside Delicia, Brit Graveyard, moonglow and others.

    On the main server you only find it at Yew moongate and half the time there isn't any fighting anyways and I think there is much more "BS" on the official shards.
  13. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    My server, Great Lakes, is still quite populated. It's just more spread out. Any time I play I can find a fight in several places. I usually scout silver farming spots, champs, fel peerless, and faction cities in that order. 9/10 nights I'll find a fight there before I go to Yew Gate.

    Lets be honest, every once and a while Yew Gate PvP can be fun, but normally it's just trash fighting out of their house.

    I'll admit it's not like the old days of PKing people hunting Lich's by Delucia Orc Fort, or stealthing up and tossing a bunch of explode pots on people working melee skills on the Bone Wall in deceit, but the game is still fun and is far from dying.
  14. Divster

    Divster Guest

    Muffin I don't know what server you play on but considering most of your op was based around moaning about yew i would suggest getting out and about and actually finding out what places people goto. Champ spawns are on many servers still very active and you will find far more rewarding pvp in those locations rather than the guardhugging househopping "pvp" you tend to find around yew. Also things change, you can't just say poison dart/animal form has messed things up for me without actually having taken the time to get to grips with the new abilities out there, if your on europa pm me and i'll be glad to help you out as will I'm sure otyhers on other shards, its still a fantastics game, just don;t expect it to be the same game u remember in all aspects!

    Given that ure from florida I doubt ure on europa but you never know ;)
  15. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    I played on Great Lakes back in 98/99/2000 and remember when it was crowded with players...now it seems like a shadow of its former self.

    I remember huge battles between guilds (like KoV and SiN) and I remember crowded RP places (like Kazolas treetop keg and winery) but it seems like that's all gone now.

    I was hoping the players were just spread out over a huge world but now I can tell it just has a much lower population.
  16. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    Uh huh...
    and thanks for quoting things I've said multiple times. It really helps to prove your point.....?

    Shadow of it's former self? Since 98 99 2000?
    No way, it couldn't be because the MMORPG market has expanded just a weeeeeeeeeee little bit since then do you think? In the last DECADE? Maybe...:coco:

    "I remember huge battles between guilds (like KoV and SiN) and I remember crowded RP places (like Kazolas treetop keg and winery) but it seems like that's all gone now."

    Um, this ^^^^ right there in bold. That's nostalgia. look it up. deny it or whatever, but that's pretty much the exact definition.

    It's nice of you to say, but I haven't been guardwacked in probably 2 or 3 years. LOL. And it definitely wouldn't happen in Yew because I almost never pvp there.

    Times change, people change, games change. Live with it.:loser:
  17. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    I'm sorry Arch Magus but I was talking to someone else...not you....it's strange that you somehow missed that, here let me prove it.

    Lynk wrote,

    So I replied to him,

    Now it's important for you to realise I was replying to Lynk.....LYNK not Arch Magus.

    It looks like you actually got confused and you thought you were the one who posted Lynk's post and that my reply to him was a reply to you....so you wrote,

    This is extremely strange to me because I have never heard of this happening on the internet before.

    How can you be that confused?
  18. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    This right here pretty much sums it up. I still PvP from time to time, albeit not hacking though. Like some have said, times change...as do games. Consequently, to the OP...this is the state of the game.

    Until the developers invest in technology similar to other games I play where you PvP as well...the game will stay the same. That said, even in other games I play like Lineage II, people still cheat. That is just how it is. Some people just have a big chip on their shoulders and can't stand to die one on one.

    There are however things you can do like using UO Assist, traveling with a person who knows how to hold their own one on one and otherwise getting in tune with the state of the game.

    Other than that, to the OP, there is still plenty to do on the PvM side if that is your lone interest now. There are still plenty of guilds that are on the Trammel only faucet that engage in peerless, doom and things of similar magnitude. You can use the following guide to find a guild near you:

  19. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    guess I should have added


    to my last post. How stupid of me.

    Please take the rag out of your vagina and get a freaking life.:loser:
  20. MuffinBear

    MuffinBear Guest

    PvP is dead to me but I do have fun doing the trammel stuff, the only strange thing i've noticed about PvM is that the monsters can now see me as soon as I enter a dungeon and they all come straight for me. It seems like that would make hunting in some places too difficult to even try.
  21. Arch Magus

    Arch Magus Guest

    Certain actions will cause monsters in your sight range to automatically target you.

    for example: teleporting, walking through cave entrances, walking through loading areas...umm, i can't really think of others at the moment.

    No, it doesn't make it too hard either. Trust me, once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine.
  22. Nex Anima

    Nex Anima Guest

    Cool story bro :thumbsup: