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So there i was taking my evening stroll.......

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Blackadder, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Blackadder

    Blackadder Guest

    So there i was taking my evening stroll around Heartwood when i came across an unattended Blue Beetle.
    I looked around for its owner but couldnt see anyone, although i could hear the noises of someone fletching wood.
    I decided it best to wait and guard the beetle until the owner returned.
    Purely by accident whilst fiddling with my new Detect Hidden contraption that i had just purchased from Light fingered Larry, the owner of the beetle appeared.
    Hello, i said.
    No reply.
    You should be carefull leaving your beetle unattended, there have been a few thefts around this area.
    No reply.
    Obviously he is busy with his trade, so i changed into my Ferret Form and danced around his beetle in the hope of catching his attention.
    No reply.
    Hmmmm, maybe i should just take a peek inside his pack incase he has some valuables inside, if there was then i would inform the guards and they would make sure he stayed safe.
    I opened his bag, hmmmm fletching tools, ingots, rune books, rune stones, spell b......ooooh whats this, a very small red box neatly tucked under his spell book with just a corner showing.
    Now you know what they say about curiousity, i just had to have a look.
    Oooh a rolled up piece of paper, i wonder what it is?
    Ummm, excuse me stranger, do you need that rolled up piece of paper in your bag?
    No reply.
    Hmmm obviously he has plenty so i think i will relieve him of it.
    I decided then to stick around and ste....ummmm guard my new found friend.
    Every 20 minutes he would mount his beetle and wander of, following the same route.
    2 minutes later he would appear again with a new stock of boards.
    I decided to spend my time wisely and do some reading whilst guarding my new friend.
    After a few hours i was ready to call it a night when suddenly a strange coloured Fletching kit dropped into his special pouch.
    Oooooh, that looks nice.
    Can i have that to?
    No reply.
    S******s, i clenched my hands together and stretched and clicked my fingers. I took a glance around to make sure we were alone, reached in and felt the smooth finish of this lovely Fletching kit.
    I clenched my fingers around it and pulled it from his pack, Damn he noticed me but strangely he didnt call the guards. Maybe he didnt want it after all.
    I took out an insurance policy on my new gained tool , tipped my hat and bid my new friend farewell.

    All joking aside this is my best best steal ever since making my Thief.
    Long live Fell unattended scripters.
  2. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    kudos! Love that story, hehe. I find a similar unattended macroer in heartwood on my shard. Only problem is I ditched gm detect years ago :(
    I am really considering stoning my gm resist for gm detect.
    But, I found a way to deal with this dude. I accidentally drop a pile of books on the gate to stop him from walking off since, strangely enough, he can't quite pick it up (he is running s script that doesn't pick items from ground). I leave it there just long enough to peak into his bag. Only good thing I have found after 3 stops was a mischief maker recipe.

    Since I am not a big fan of sitting there watching him, after stealing from him I kill him and his little beetle with my uber-wrestling skills and snake form since he can't quite seem to call guards :p

    Of course, after that I move the books and leave. It's funny, because after that you see the ghost leave heartwood and constantly try to recall. Or when I kill him before he enters heartwood, he then enters there dead, goes to his spot, then starts running around, apparently trying to find his beetle. :p
  3. Hans

    Hans Guest

    Kind of ironic that you have a certain program showing on your task bar... Guess it takes a scriptor to catch one.
  4. Blackadder

    Blackadder Guest

    Well spotted, i also play a free shard and had just logged out, hadnt shut the rest down.
    Dumbnuts of the week post for me.

    Removed so as not to cause offence.
  5. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Yo black...let me guess, you're from atlantic. I've been camping that dude in heartwood for like 3 days...all he does is run that crafting script. The red velvet box in the top of his pack is where his script dumps all the items that fit the requirements he set. So just come back every 10min or so and see what new items he has waiting for you...heh. But be careful, every so often he'll look at his screen and may see you.