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So....you'll never guess what happened to me today...

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by jegilber, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. jegilber

    jegilber Guest

    First, let me start by saying that I totally understand the need for GMs to police this game. I myself have ran into scripters (mostily either mining or lumberjacking), and have been annoyed when I was unable to do which ever task I set out for..I addiitoinally have ZERO issue with someone reporting someone that they believe is scripting. If you feel your game play is being impacted by someone else with an unfair advantage, then please express your thoughts.

    Now that that's out of the way...so I am in my Keep today (which is set to Public), and I am training my Greater Drags Magic Resist (Disco--casting Clumsy as fast as my Mana will regen)...and in some random guy runs...he tries to strike up a conversation about buying my Keep and I simply don't answer...one because I didn't want to stop training, and 2 because some random guy ran into my house. I know...I know...I could've just answered him or politely told him I wans't interested, or even made my Keep Private...I get it...BUT I didn't do that..so moving on...So the guy leaves after only say 30 seconds or so...and I don't really think anything of it...about maybe 15-20 minutes later I am all of the sudden in a room with 5 portals and a GM....I am still running my Clumsy Macro...so I just watch the screen for a minute waiting to see what he would do/say...After maybe 2-3 mintues, he tells me to respond...so I played the Clumsy Macro about 20 times more...to which he repsonded did not count...so I stopped the macro and just sat there....and then in 2 more minutes he tells me to respond or he will take action, and then he is surrounded by lightning bolts...cool effect...at any rate, so I strike up a conversation letting him know that I am responding, and how can I help him..etc...so he says, thank you,..that's it, sorry about intertupting the game play and sends me on my way....

    So...kind of a long story, but hey you've already read this far...why stop now right???? At any rate...so I leave and go back to my Keep (change it to private), and go right back to what I was doing..maybe missed 10 miuntes of total training time for my greater...

    My thought/wonder is this..What is the penatly for such an aciton? I believe that several of the people who live around me are constantly macoeing, but I don't want to assume they are doing to unattendly, as I never plan unattendly, but as a tamer who fully trains ALL of his pets...I spend maybe 20 hours a week either Blue-Pet training, or working on MR for one of them, or healing for a CU etc....This sure would look like scripting I guess (although I am not sure how this would hurt anyone, but I have been playing WAY too long to jeapardize my account)...losing my train of thougt on this...

    Let me summarize, woudl you, or would you not report scripting? Are their types you would report, and types you wouldn't bother? Does anyone know someone who was caught, and what "Real Punsihment" did they face?

    And for all of you who think the GMs NEVER come...they do...I am living proof, however, there time would've been better spent today...
  2. Meat Elemental

    Meat Elemental Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 10, 2010
    Likes Received:
    On great lakes there is always someone scriptin bulls in jehlom or someone recalling in and out at brit back east, at least the ones in fel I can have fun with. Wonder if there still keeping track of who is using the cheat programs.
    Right as we speak one in tram jehlom taming bulls running the same pattern naming em all to KillMe the split second there tame, I don't bother reporting then anymore since so I see so many do it now and they know who is doing it anyways so they say.
  3. Ezekiel Zane

    Ezekiel Zane Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 29, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Unattended macroing, if there aren't any other marks on the account, would probably only net you a 3 day suspension and an email warning.

    I've had the same GM encounter several times when I was training up a blacksmith or tailor in my house.
  4. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    why would you purposely ignore a gm for extra amount of time when you are there.. lol. don't know what the penalties are but you are taking a risk. maybe next time say yeah i'm here that guy was just mad i wouldn't answer him. would save you a lot of trouble and drama.
  5. jett cornett

    jett cornett Guest

    sorry to ask a non related question, but what are good mocros for training up pet say pups or night mares and such? Only if you have time and yes i intend to attend while im macroing LOL.Thank You
  6. jegilber

    jegilber Guest

    As long as you don't mind/enduring boredom at the highest levels, then yes.

    You can train:

    Magery, Med, Eval, and Resist on All Pets
    Anat, Healing, and Resist on Cus.

    Basically, what I do when I get a new CU is:

    Take back to stable, wait to bond, take to house:

    Disco Cu, cast Poison on it until GM healing////approx 16 hours (will be GM anat by then as well)
    Cast Clumsy on it until GM resist//approx 1-2 more hours

    Then go train wrest and Tact to GM...(I kill swoops, Rune Beatles, Miasmas...whatever is being farmed)...bear in mind that all of the above will be dsico'd every time....

    For Greaters...

    I tame/bond/hosue..

    I Disco and cast Clumsy until they resist it (around 110 Resist), and then I switch to paralaze. This takes forever...man..like 24 hours at least to max them out..if there are over 120 then even longer...I have one with 125 MR...and wow...

    At any rate for Magery, you don't need to train GD until they die, so when they do I just summon like an EV on it and make it dispel it until they are back to MAX.

    For other pets, it's blue pet training all the way..please bear in mind that Magery is even slower and worse than MR...once the pet hit 92 ish, I go back to summoning things on them and make them dispel it...it is much faster than macroing...but hey you are sittiing there, so why not go for what is fastest...

    If you have really high lore/vet you can macro tact/wrest with two similar pets by having them attack each other, and vetting them, rotating between...if one or both is a casting pet, blue pet train until their mana is out before letting the macro take over. Ensure you tell them to attack one another so they don't go blue again or they will stop gaining.

    Again, this seems to work better if pets are disco'd and your vet will be more effective as well as damaged exchanged is lower.

    Make Sense?
  7. Ganesh89

    Ganesh89 Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 2, 2007
    Likes Received:

    for GD what i usually found is a real good spot is the blood dungeon in Ilsh and kill balrons with it.....fun and the occasional para is a challenge....