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Soloing Peerless

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by calculator001, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. I just finished my archer and is ready to take him out on some runs. I'm wondering if he is able to solo peerless and which peerless boss in particular is easiest for an archer? My template is as follows:

    120 bush
    120 tactics
    120 archery (+20 with hunters)
    82 resist
    100 anatomy
    90 healing
    38 necro (plus items to get to 99 for vamp)
    65 chivalry

    My resists aren't that great when im in vamp form.
  2. Travesty is easiest on an Archer, but an Archer isn't going to be able to get the keys for it. I use my meleer to get the keys, then take my archer in to finish the job. Next to Travesty I'd say Paroxy, although I haven't taken my archer against either him, or the Putrefier for the final key to get in.

    You're definitely going to have to work on that suit before you do anything though. As it is now you'll get your head handed to ya.
  3. Do you think I should drop the points in necro and up my other skills? This way I can free up a head slot and use mace n shields plus I don't have to worry about the fire penalty of vamp form and can reach all 70 resists easily.

    What kind of strategies are used with travesty? Regular archer dance? Thanks for the help
  4. Going against Travesty you have to drop the Necro or she'll copy the Vamp form and just heal herself constantly. I had to soulstone Healing just to get her down to where the ninjas spawn at the end, and am actually going to have to stone my 75 Chiv and buy/work up 40 Chiv so she won't copy that either as she spams Close Wounds when she gets under 50% health. From what I've been told, she doesn't copy skills that are 40 or under, but will copy Vamp form as I found out with my meleer when I went up against her. The only strategy for using an archer is to use a VERY fast bow with a range of 10 that has DI and mana leech. As long as you stay more than 8-10 tiles away, she'll stay in changeling form and won't take your form. The times that you get too close and she does change into a copy of you, just back off until she changes back, then go back in and just lead her around in circles. When you get to the end when the ninja's spawn, honor yourself so they won't attack you and finish her off quickly. I'd suggest getting a slower bow that hits much harder for the end part so you can finish her off before your honor wears off. Just be careful of what specials the bows have that you use, as she'll use both the primary and secondary, regardless of what your own tactics are. I use a magical short with 25 ssi and a nice mana leech, and will probably use my heavy hitting 40ssi regular bow for the end the next time I do it.