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Solstice of the White Hart

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Satejrat, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Satejrat

    Satejrat Guest

    While bank sitting in Luna I noticed Solstice emote that their was gifts left at the NPC's Huts in Skare Brae.

    Within about 30 seconds after that the bank was almost cleared out.

    About 10 to 15 minutes later the players started comming back telling of the gifts that Solstice left behind.

    Some of the players was seen trying to sell the gifts thru out the day.

    Thru out the day Solstice was seen in Britain, Vespar, Yew, Minoc and a couple other towns giving away gifts to players.

    A PK who does not want his name to be known almost jumped out of his skin when the Stag (Colored Red) appeared next to him and handed him a Naughty Switch for Christmas.

    Solstice is quite Mystical and has been seen by my eyes making massive leaps from the Luna Bank to the Walls surrounding Luna.

    It also seems that Stag has quite the stealth and hiding skills too.

    Players have been trying to entice Solstice to come out of hiding by dropping Carrots, Apples and Corn for it to eat.

    Solstice has also been seen eating the treats left for him and sometimes grabbing the treats and runing off with them.

    Some of the Savage's have been seen trying to kill "White Fur" by throwing "Purple Juice" at it. Solstice at times has been injured and seen trying to limp away from the area to heal and hide.

    Some of the gifts Solstice has been seen dropping are:

    Special Reindeer Treat
    Pan of Cookies
    Gingerbread Bread Cookies
    BBQ Turkey Leg
    Fried Turkey Leg
    Solstice Private Stock
    Christmas Cheese Ball
    Pumpkin Bread
    Blueberry Cheese Cake
    Strawberry Cheese Cake
    Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
    Happy Holidays 2009

    Solstice has been seen as early as 9am est and around Midnight.

    Some players was seen trying to give Solstice a "Doe" as a gift but Solstice seemed not interested and emoted he had 20 already in his herd (What a Stag)

    Last night a battle started between Gareth and Solstice with Gareth tossing Explosion Potions at Solstice.

    Solstice being Wise, Mystical and down right Crafty used his Massive Stag Antlers to toss alot of the potions back at Gareth.

    Gareth's own potions managed to backfire a couple times so he decided to try and hide the potions under gold and boxes

    Solstice was quick with his Antlers and caught Gareth holding quite a few potions that went off in his hands and backpack. Gareth had to be resurrected a couple times.

    Current Status: Solstice +2 - Gareth -1

    Solstice has been seen licking Ice Creams where the Goblins like to stand in Luna

    Solstice has been slobbering, nibbleing and licking ears and hands of Male and Female players
  2. Gunga_Din

    Gunga_Din Guest

    Not only did he kill my friend Gareth, He slaughtered my prize bull mocking him and leading him to his death !!

    I will get my revenge STAG !!!

    We will not consume your poisoned gifts or be frightened off by your chickens !!

    Tonight...VICTORY WILL BE OURS !!
  3. Satejrat

    Satejrat Guest

    Well if the Stag got the prize bull too then the count is now:

    Solstice +3
    Gareth -2
    Gunga Din -1

    What a crafty Stag
  4. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Thank you Satejrat for the write up.
  5. Satejrat

    Satejrat Guest

    I happened to be in the right place at the right time and know the reporters cant be everywhere all the time :)
  6. Gunga_Din

    Gunga_Din Guest

    I've given up the hunt. The White Hart has won :(