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Some Comments/Questions About New Item Insurance Menu on TC1 / Origin

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Tina Small, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Has anyone else been paying attention to the new Item Insurance menu on Origin and TC1? I've been experimenting with it a bit this morning since it looks like we're probably going to be stuck with it....soon.

    One of the things I was happy to see when the latest publish hit TC1 and Origin was the restoration of the "Toggle Item Insurance" option to your character's context menu. This makes it easy to insure or uninsure an item in your backpack without having to scroll through the Item Insurance gump.

    Although the Item Insurance gump is still quite large, there are some things about it that I like: (1) You can use it to see how much gold you have in the bank, whether or not it is in coins or checks. (2) Items that aren't insured show their insurance cost in red; items that are insured show their cost in white and have a check mark in their diamond under the "Insured" heading. (3) The gump make it very easy to check the condition of items that might be difficult to see on your paperdoll because they're covered by another item (e.g., tunic, leggings, sleeves). (4) The gump shows me pieces of blackrock that are in my character's backpack...something I don't always see when they fall under a book or other item. (I guess I'd forgotten you can insure that stuff.)

    I killed my character multiple times and it looked like reinsurance worked the way it should. It would be good if more people could confirm this! I didn't do anything hokey like imbue items that were previously insured, etc. Just had the old fire beetle kill my miner a few times. So I can't confirm that the amount another player receives for killing your character is correct or that you can't do something that allows you to ultimately make a profit from killing your character.

    I do have a couple of comments:

    • The order that items show up in the menu seems to change from one viewing to the next, even though the items that changed their position on the list weren't touched or moved from the top layer of the backpack to another container in the backpack. The change in order seems to occur when your character physically changes its location, such as going from one facet to another. For example, a lute, piece of blackrock, and an insured rune were on page 4 of the gump (after equippable items) in some locations (Skara Brae Tram, Umbra in Malas, my house in Fel) and at the bottom of the list in other locations (Tram, Ilshenar, Luna and other places in Malas besides Umbra, Ter Mur, Tokuno)
    • Somewhere on the gump, it is very important to put some sort of instruction that you must click on the OK button at the bottom to actually insure or uninsure any items that you selected or deselected. Although checking or unchecking something changes the "Total Cost of Insurance" line at the bottom, the item's insured status doesn't actually change and your bank account isn't dinged for the cost of new insurance until you press the OK button and then click the Accept button on the second gump that pops up. You then get two system messages for each newly insured item: one tells you the cost and the other tells you that you insured an item.
    • If you've uninsured an item, clicking OK leads you to the screen asking you to accept the new cost of insurance but then gives you no message whatsoever after you click Accept. Not sure what to suggest as an alternative, since I imagine sometimes people might both insure and uninsure items in the same run through the menu.
    • Blessed items do NOT show up on the Item Insurance Menu. I think it might be helpful to have blessed items that are equippable show up on the Item Insurance menu with an indication that they are blessed. However, I understand that might be too difficult to program and it does make the list of insured / insurable items even longer. Not sure what anyone else thinks about this particular issue.

    Here are some screen shots of the gump and various related system messages in the legacy client, in case you're interested.

    Character Context Menu


    Insurance Item Gump, Acceptance Gumps and System Confirmation Messages


    Journal Entries Confirming Re-Insurance Cost of Items Upon Death