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Some Faction Ideas

Discussion in 'UO Test Center' started by ReaperNI, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. ReaperNI

    ReaperNI Guest

    Currently there is a wide spread infection of a gimp template Stealth Archers. I can proabbly say most non stealth archers are under .01% have either the skill detect hidden or tracking. which makes these players very hard to find and kill. Was thinking about maybe having a potion that when used revealed all enemy stealthers within a certain area. maybe a bug or something that when a stealther is revealed you use the bug ( might look like a fire ant or something) and will follow the stealther around for a bit.

    Second A very very large part of people gaining hugh kill points is by stealth archer with ss that follow you to the healer wait for you to res and then bang once again killed. the thing i can think of with this is 1) eleiminate kill point loss when already in stat loss and 2) not sure how it works but if it does make stat loss timer start from orignal kill that put you in

    Third you have mention use of silver and i have seen the bases and they are very very big maybe be able to use the silver to pay guards to be in the base regardless of town control.With some kind of limit number per day not just mobs and mobs like you can call now.

    Thanks for the time reading and i look forward to your feed back and yes i do have a stealth archer for those thinking im just crying bout it and i could do the same thing and watch healers all day long but really i would rather work up taming to 120 delete it and then redo it again then be a stealthing all day.

    Thanks TYR
  2. Interesting ideas,

    Idk about a potion that reveals them completely, but perhaps one that lets you see any/all stealthed players for maybes 5-10s would be good.

    I'm not sure if theres any reason now why SS needs to show ghosts, it used to be for Exorcism but as you can't exorcise them if they have a corpse, and if they don't have a corpse don't they get bounced out anyway? (Not entirely sure on the mechanics of that.) So maybe it could just be removed anyway that they can see ghosts.

    I like the guards ideas, they need to be used more and along side actual fighting, atm they seem to just get dumped in one place until someone else can be bothered to kill them all off.
  3. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Stealth archers have been around for a long time, and are hardly overpowered. There are many, many ways to handle them. Any area effect spell, being an elf will reveal them if they come anywhere near you. Then there are even two skills that helps you find out where they are and/or reveal them. You can even track them with human 20 JoAT. Why should there be yet another potion that can reveal them? There are already two (exp/conflag).

    You are complaining about the RK archer? How about you get smart about when/where you res. Playing an RK archer with SS is fun, and I used to do it when I was bored.


    Don't be a cry baby like them.

    Have a friend res you in a house, can't get inside? Have him res you and wall of stone box you in before you take the res.
  4. A Rev

    A Rev Guest

    Actually from what i have seen since the last patch there has been a massive influx of mystic mages.

    Im assuming this form of spellcasting was intended to become the flavour of the month. All im really saying is that stealth archers are becoming decreasingly less and less of a problem.