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Some insane ideas

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Pinco, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Pinco

    Pinco UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    I got some ideas for general improvements:

    1. Space for housing
    In big shards the space for decent houses is finished from long time. People all around is looking for only keeps and castles for the huge amount of weight that you could use.
    Radical solution: All houses should have the same amount of weight, in this manner everyone could have a house (a house that you like!) without problem of weight.
    For example: I have a castle, BUT I really don't like the castle design. The problem is I can't have a 18x18 because has too few weight capability.
    If all houses have the same weight capability, I could also use a nice 7x7 and in the castle space we could have many other houses.
    Castles and keeps will still available for who really like the design without being a must for who need only space.

    2. All properties available for imbuing
    We all know the new properties (kinetic eater for example) are not available for imbuing, neither the fey slayer, or damage splitting or swing speed, etc...

    My idea for this is to make a recipe (rarely obtainable from champions loot or any other kind of monster/quest, just need to be rare). This recipe cannot be learned like the ML ones. The recipe is for a property (the ones not available on imbuing).

    If you double click the recipe will show the target and the imbuing gump that allow you to imbue the property on the chosen item with a custom intensity.
    But the success chance must be not higher than 50% and you have only 1 try, in both case (fail or success) the recipe is gone.
    Obviously the property must fit into the weight of the item.

    3. The Tools Box
    Actually a worker should have lot of tools of many kind for make items. How many times the tools break and you have no tinker tools around for build another one, so you have to waste time to going town and buy a tinker tool then build the other tool and then you forgot what are you doing...

    Well the tool box could be a solution!
    The idea is to make a tool with unlimited uses which can be upgraded to work with every crafting skill.
    For example: you make a toolbox (empty), then if you have 100 tinkering you could put a tinker tool inside so it works as a tinker tool. If you have also 100 tailoring, you can put the sewing kit inside and when you use the tool you can choose if craft tinker or tailoring item (or set one as default) and so on for every other skills.
    In this manner the plain tools will have unlimited uses and the only tools remaining with uses will be the runic ones.

    4. Update the login method!
    How many times you have to logout and the login again and writing the password over and over again?
    Ok, my idea is a new button: "Switch character".
    This button should log-off the actual char and then bring you to the characters list and avoid the login procedure, and here you should switch also the shard.

    5. Haunted Houses
    Why a house should always be a safe place, even if you have pentagrams, blood, and corpse parts?

    My idea is made an item (like the existing haunted mirror) as a trap!
    If you use it, an evil you will appear with all your skill (rounded to 120) and exactly your equipment. If you are naked wrongly equipped (like a fencer with a mace weapon) it wont appear.
    If you kill it, your house is safe again, but if you die the house became Haunted.
    A haunted house is like a mini champion. Inside and outside the house will start to appear undeads (like the ancient lich mini-champion on stygian abyss), the champ will still there until someone do not finish it and the house is no more considered as "Safe Logout Area".
    The champion will be the copy of your character (the same who kill you) with 20k life. Killing this champion will made the house free and as drop you could receive a copy of one of your items.

    6. "Siege-able houses"
    Another nice ideas about houses is the possibility to set it (from the house sign) as siege-able.
    If you set your house as siege-able (and you or a co-owner are at home) a party of at least 2 person should assault your house.

    A siege-able house characteristics:
    - Doors with durability (iron doors are stronger than wood doors, etc...) and repairable by paying gold or by using carpentry.
    - Doors can be blocked by context menus to increase by 20% the durability
    - Nothing can be stolen by secure containers (assault a house should have only the purpose to kill the owner and have fun)
    - When the house owner is dead the siege is over and some piece of rubble could spawn. The rubble were marked as "A rubble from the house of [character name]"
    - If a house owner pick his own rubble, he can use it for lower the repair cost by 10%.
    - A siege-able house could use traps as defense and only owner and co-owners could see them without detecting hidden.
    - A defeated house is marked as defenseless on the house sign, the mark will be removed after repairs.
    - Siege a defenseless house double the repair cost and increase the rubble drop rate (in case of defeat only).
    - The repair cost should be 80% of the house value in case of defeat. If the house owner win the repair cost will be based on the amount of broken doors.
    - You can't set your home not siege-able if it's not fully repaired.
    - A house can be sieged only once every 24 hours.
    - A house can be set siege-able or not only once every 24 hours.
    - If the party who is trying to siege the house will be defeated (all party member dies), the siege is over.
    - In siege-able houses you could use summons.
    - When a house is under siege, the owner and co-owner can't recall or use teleporters to flee, but house friends and guests could.
    - In trammel rules the house can be sieged only by guild enemies.
    - Ladders can be used by siege party for quickly enter on a balcony, but the house defender could use axes on the ladder to break it (siege ladders should have durability too).
    - Randomly when you are at home brigands, orcs or undeads could try to siege your house or became temporary allied with the siege party.
    - Locked down items like furniture do not block the path of the siege party. You can block them only if you mark the forniture as "Barricade", and in this case the siege party could use the axe to break it (and the contents will fall to the ground). A barricade should need from 10 to 20 axe hits to be destroyed.
    - 100 in lumberjacking increase the damage caused to doors and ladders by 50% and the hits needed to break a barricade will be halved.

    In order to resist from a siege you have to use a smart house design cause doors are the only part where the enemy could pass through.

    7. Corpses
    While you are farming something (like miasma) the amount of corpses around will became soon a problem for looting.

    My idea for this is a little change on the explosion spell, allowing to use it on a corpse. When a corpse will explode, cause a physical damage all around (like 20-40) and the body is destroyed forever (cannot be looted anymore). This should work on npc corpses only.

    This part will works only for mages, and the others without magery?
    For the other here is the solution: a change on the explosion potions. Left click on them and select "Mine a Corpse" then select the corpse, at this point you have 3 seconds to run away before it explode.
    The damage should be based on the potion kind (if greater or lesser) and on the alchemy skill.

    In both cases who mine the body (or cast explosion on it), is not immune to the area damage.

    You can make explode only the corpses where you has the exclusive looting rights or public ones.

    8. "Target Cannot Be Seen" and "The Location Is Too Far Away"
    How many times when you cast a spell you get this message?
    Why I have re-cast the spell in this cases?

    My opinion is the target should return without the needle of cast again the spell.
  2. ress me plz

    ress me plz Guest

    I support ideas number 3,4 6 and 8!
  3. Great job! Some really good ideas here.

    I think siege warfare has been asked for even longer than pirate/ship combat. Maybe it's a real possibility now with the booster expansion system. If ever something like this gets implemented, I hope it involves crafting siege weapons like catapults and cannons, and maybe a use for camping skill to set up camp around the house to be sieged.
  4. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    I like most of them - but to prevent griefing, #7 would need to be somewhat limited - maybe only on corpses that have gone public. Otherwise, the griefers will be exploding fresh corpses to prevent any looting from happening.
  5. Pinco

    Pinco UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    oh yes, I forgot to say that should be allowed only for who has the looting rights :p

    For the house siege I based all the ideas on the doors because in a wall should not be easy for devs to allow to "open a breach"...
  6. Yalp

    Yalp Guest

    I like some of the ideas. the recipes for non-imbuing properties is one of them.. first I'd love to see the ability to imbue spellcaster books added first..

    toolbox is a great idea

    I love the idea for mages and error messages.. great balance for the immediate shot of archers when target in range or the dexer swings.

    Love the idea of a "haunted house".. houses should have some karma.. .depending on "evil" items/ "good" items and consequences for each... that's cool

    login changes.. that would be heaven-sent!
  7. cdavbar

    cdavbar Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 11, 2009
    Likes Received:
    1-NO, sorry, I dont have a castle yet but when i get it i think ive earned the right to have more weight. There is PLENTY of housing space on the shards, even the more populated ones like GL, so many in fact it is virtually impossible to sell houses anymore unless it is PRIME real estate becuase of all the open spots that can fit 18*16's to 18*18's.

    2-I am in favor of recipe scrolls but instead of making them questers make them boss loot drops with a rare drop rate like that of a tangle or such. As for making them only one use I wouldn't do that since they are a rare drop. Now if the recipes are a casual drop like the different essences are then i would say sure on the single use.

    3-No. Most crafters that craft as their primary play style, like the aspect of it. I know not all people do but good amount do. The idea of a never-ending crafting tool will defeat the purpose of crafting the items.

    4-Great Idea. A "switch char" option would be awesome, it would use the same loggout rules though like: must be in a house you own, co-own, are friended to or an inn. Also would have the same "time out" requirements for people that were just in a battle etc etc etc.


    6-Has streanths and weaknesses, but the one thing that is definialty missing is if it were in a "seige-mode" than it would be impossible to set house to private. Also would need some type of cool down to prevent abuse or exploits such as "cannot switch out of siege-mode at this time because your house is under attack". Like i said some goods and bads, wouldnt want it to be a pvm type though, i would want it pvp/fel based option.

    7-Learn to line the corpses

    8-No. If you've been playing this long you should know what items your char can see through and not and how far the range is for spells and different ranged attacks. It is also common sense if you cant see through a tree in real life and try throwing a spell through it at someone (assuming real life spells were real) then why here?

    Just my 2 cents.