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Some major pluses!

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Little Sadie, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I got to do a few CFOs and mints since SC+ has come out. I just can't say enough good things about it. I love it!

    Today in the CFO lobby there were a few RBs and the rest small suits that made us a group of 7. A duck and I loaded the elevator and everyone just stared at us. No one wanted to go in short one toon. I said We have enough people here, let's go. The duck said don't be chicken. LOL! The whole group just boarded with us saying OK. We did just fine.

    In the mint we needed an invasion. The 99 laffer didn't. We were able to explain to him why invasions were important. He had no idea you got bonus merits, bux, etc.

    In yesterdays CFO, there was mass shuffling. I was able to say You are blocking the timer! Can you please move! It was like a parting of the sea. Everyone just moved left or right so that we could see who was on with us and what we needed to do.

    In another CFO someone said Do you think I can practice the crane for a while? I'll give it up if it gets too bad. Sure we said! Go for it!

    Same CFO, another toon asked if anyone else would like to practice. Another toon said yes, thank!

    In another mint I had a toon ask to be my friend. I said sorry but my list is full. He said can't you delete someone? I told him sorry but I have had these friends for a long time and could never delete them. We ended up going on TTC and getting our Yahoo info to find each other in game.

    While I think SP+ has some kinks to work out, overall it looks to be very benificial to have.
  2. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    They actually MOVED when you said "You're blocking the timer"? Amazing. I figured at this point anyone standing in the middle was doing it on purpose. After growing up seeing that timer blocked by the big guys I NEVER stand in the middle anymore, like, ever.
  3. Interesting! Glad it makes life with randoms less annoying.
    I haven't enabled SC+ yet because I didn't want non-SFs reading my SF chat.
    Does anyone else care? Is that silly of me? Should I turn it on and save myself a lot of grief? Thoughts?
  4. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I don't care who reads my chat. It isn't like I can say anything bad on there anyway without fear of getting suspended. If some random doesn't like what I say, too bad. After a while I don't think too many will pay attention to what everyone else is saying. I was in DDL today talking to a friend and had no idea what everyone else was talking about.
  5. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Outside of River, not a lot of toons seem to have the speedchat plus enabled. I was working in Summit most of the day and saw quite a lot of animal chatter, but no conversations. No one I "spoke" to understood me either.
  6. Deb, I felt the same way!! Glad I'm not the only one!! I don't want non SFs seeing my chat when I talk to my friends. It isn't like I am saying anything bad.......but when I am chatting with friends, it can sometimes get personal. SF chat gives you a little privacy. I fished for a while in the brggh yesterday and kind of found it distracting.........kinda like the scrolling news at the bottom of the screen, it is hard to listen to what they say and read what the scroll says. There were 2 toons talking next to me and I was thinking that it could be taken as inappropriate (I want to be with you tonight, I dont want you to leave etc). Obviously all the words are in the dictionary but when you put them together like that???? I'm sure the same things were said before sc+ but at least I didnt have to hear it!! I have it enabled on my accounts because I think it will be a good thing. If I am talking with a friend and don't want a "party line" conversation, we can just go to one of our houses. I will just be more aware of the subject of conversations!!
  7. I agree, I love SC+.

    At first, i hated it. Dont know why, but its very good to have in a CFO, CJ, ect.
  8. All right, I'm a convert.
    But seriously, I was able to give moral support to an abused uber in the VP lobby. And I had a nice chat with a rabbit about how TT's bug report system is useless.
    So yeah. SC+ rocks.
  9. princess kitty

    princess kitty Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I can't get SC+. :sad4:

    Our local franchise doesn't support it. Boo!
  10. 2 nights ago, I was in a VP in River on my big toon, and I said, you first. Meaning Ill cover for whatever dumb gag choices you pick. The 63 laff toon with no level 6 gags said, no you first. My next question was, do you want to go sad? They asked if I was talkng to them, of course I was. I said go first, go first or go sad, you pick. Well, needless to say, they got down to 7 points before deciding they didnt want to play that game anymore. And everyone danced.

    A VP last night again in River. A toon with max TU uses a single TU on there friend instead of a group TU, I state that its amazing how they TU that one person that doesnt have the gags or skill to get them out of there alive. Then they want to work there baby drop, so I tell them, Im not there for them to work gags, Im just there for them to get a promo. The card stunk anyways..... well... I guess they didnt understand that, but the did understand me making sure to kill the cogs or fire them before there drop could hit.
  11. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    I'm not thrilled about them using my SF chat either, but I went ahead and tried to enable it, but I can't remember my parent password!! LOL!! I've sent Disney an email, but I guess I'll have to call them. One thing I've noticed is that twice when I was in CFO, my entire chat was gone, and I couldn't respond to anyone. Also, I've had times when I'm trying to talk to an SF, and they had no idea I was talking to them. Also, if I'm talking to an SF, sometimes my "cloud" doesn't show up with my words at all.
  12. I had this same problem yesterday while I was playing. Chat would come and go as it so pleased. I found once I logged out and back in it worked fine once again. I am guessing this is a bug that Disney needs to hear about and soon.
  13. All you have to do is go to your start up page and click "forgot password". It will email your log in password and your parent password to the email associated with your account. I found this out after calling!!

    Also, if you tp to anyone your chat will come back. It happened to me last night too and was very frustrating. Granny whispered to me and I couldnt respond to her. I tp'd to some random, said thanks, and then was able to whisper back to Marge.

    I am finding sc+ very frustrating in many ways...esp when it comes to randoms listening to conversations. I had many randoms come up to my friends and I and start talking in just crazy talk to be funny. We were trying to figure out what we were going to do and they came up and just started talking away with no respect to what we were doing. Also, I would have randoms come up to me using my name and start talking to me like I should know them, interupting a conversation and asking me to do things. I mean, my kids know better than to interupt a conversation. I cant tell you how many times I got "Hi Sally, how are you doing!!" It was great a lot of times, getting to know new people, but at other times it was just rude. I hope some of this will change. BUT at the runs last night, I was able to meet a really sweet new toon (new to me). She was so nice and if it wasnt for SC+ I never would have been able to get to know her at all. That was the clincher for me. It was also nice at the runs to be able to talk to everyone. won, too, tree!!! It was fun.:thumbup1:
  14. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    We also noticed that if you use the SF cloud to notify something, like I sometimes say "on" in SF and it stays above my head to remind me that the invasion is ON, or we use it when like 3-4 SF's want to get on an elevator together, we'll put our names in clouds over our heads to keep track, and those are not staying up there for more than a few seconds. Before, they would stay there until you spoke again.

    Oh, and yes, I clicked on "forgot password" and was immediately shown both of my passwords.
  15. Kippy

    Kippy Guest

    If your chat dissapears, just open your friends list, click on any friend and then click on whisper, the blue and green bubbles will come back. They are trying to fix this problem. Like many new things (old ones too) they have bugs that Toontown needs to fix.

    As for my opinion on SC+, I agree with Sadie, it's amazing!
    I made new friends, talked with old DXD friends, battles were so much easier, being able to tell toons ''this is my last fog'', ''I really think your bugle is a bad idea on those big cogs'', '' maybe you should go in a building if you want to work those gags'' and my personnal favorite, '' hey big suit, mind moving a little, you're blocking the clock''.
    I was even asked: are you a kid or just an adult with no life? LOL

    I did many Bullions, Factories, VP's and CFO's and I thought that SC+ made the game easier and so much more fun :)
  16. Squeaker

    Squeaker Guest

    I have to agree that most of the time I am enjoying the new chat. I don't like the loud speaker whispering but it is nice to talk to everyone no matter what toons we're on. I needed an a this morning. Three tiny toons sitting there waiting - uh oh! Well, I could talk to two of them - both young kids but they agreed to mostly do what I say. It went well - funny to listen to kids play. We lost the other one - she went sad running through the lights. :(

    On the other hand, some people who should never talk to each other, do. It's a learning process I guess. lol
  17. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    I did click on a friend MANY times to try to whisper to him in another district, and not only did I not see what I was typing, but he didn't see any whisper either. As a matter-of-fact, now I've turned this on, and I don't see anything different at all, except for more meows and ruffs and squeaks. What am I supposed to be seeing? Everyone talking? This was in Nutty River in the Dreamland PG, and I sure didn't see everyone chatting with each other.
  18. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    MORE meows and squeaks? I most definitely see less. You will see animal talk when someone has SF capability but not SC+, which I've noticed is rather rare. So my guess is you don't have SC+ enabled.
  19. I too was trying to whisper to someone in a different district. I hit the whisper button and nothing happened. It wouldnt let me say anything. It wasnt until I tpd to someone that I could whisper. I tried opening and closing my friend list, even ran thru a tunnel. Once I tpd to someone it worked again. Maybe if you just tp to a different playground it would work too?
  20. Sarcatstic

    Sarcatstic Guest

    I guess everyone has noticed that to see if a toon has the sc+ on, you just see if you could whisper to them? Click on them and and see if the whisper button can be used?
  21. My only problem now is there is so much less sounds going on. There used to be audible meows, woofs, Squeeks and so on. Now I have to have music on just to keep the silence from drowning out reality lol.
  22. ZippyW

    ZippyW Guest

    I realized two things...and one was a "duh" moment. I had to get out of TT and go back in to turn the SC+ on. The 2nd thing I'm thinking about the squeaks and mews is that, for me at least, words that I see in italics, other toons get a toon sound for. I have seen no "red line" that offers me a choice of words. So, if someone is using SC+ and replies with a word like "two" or anything else not on the TT list, then I see a toon sound, along with the ones from people who don't have the SC+ on. And I don't know if it is more or if I noticed it more because I think it's in a different font or something. I haven't done that much of a study of it, but I think that's what I'm noticing.

    But, yesterday in a factory with a friend was the first time I've had experience with random toons and I could see what they were saying, and I have to say it was really weird, but like we were all TF!! I think I've changed my opinion and like it. I'm HUGE right now and they were kidding me about it, and also they were asking if an invasion was on, one said no, but I insisted that it was (and was right! I KNEW I was right!! LOL!), so they trusted me, whereas before they may have wanted to wait because they thought I didn't understand or something.
  23. Kippy

    Kippy Guest

    ok this is what i figured out, i did experience this a few times.
    When you want to whisper:
    1- Click on the toon
    2- Click on whisper
    3- Click on the blue bubble
    4- Type in message
    5- Press enter

    Works every time :)