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Some musings on the internet, UO, and "just" being a pixel...

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Dor of Sonoma, Nov 27, 2001.

  1. ...Forgive me in advance, as I am not sure where I'm going with this, being half-asleep and whatnot. I am still trying to sort out the most extraordinary week I just spent, and I am wondering if any of you have had similar experiences.

    From the beginning of my time in UO, I have noted (and been confused by) the human factor present ingame...that unpredictable, exasperating, mysterious and elusive element that sets it apart from any single-player online game. The ability (and for many, the propensity) of players to present an altered personality to others ingame only furthers deepens the complexity of any interactions...at times, it can be extremely difficult to discern whether there even is a mask being worn, much less what true form may exist behind it.

    The effect that some may have on us can be truly startling...and not easily explained, when you consider the medium of communication...a cold, electronic world without sight, sound, or touch...no body language or facial expressions to betray or reveal one's true intent. And yet...at times, a personality has reached through my monitor and touched me, with surprising intensity. The first time it happened to me in UO, I remember feeling that there must be something wrong with me...something lacking in my real life, to cause me to be so drawn to what was basically an electrical signal...to create such a physical and visceral reaction in real life. (And no, I am NOT speaking of cybersex :p) However, I lack little in my life (save for money :), so that pat explanation didn't seem to explain it for me.

    After a couple of years, I gave up on trying to understand how it works, and just grew to accept that it does--this compelling and inexplicable interaction between disparate humans with various lives seated behind remote computers. But...still and yet...how to explain the true, undeniable and personal response often engendered by mere text typed by a stranger? *scratches her head* Arrgghhh! I thought that was baffling enough...until almost a year ago, when it became ridiculously convoluted, as far as I was concerned...

    I met a player one night, ingame. He spoke very little, and what he said was of no consequence, really...just small, sparing, impersonal talk from a stanger passing through, like many of the hundreds of players whom I have met in and out of the game. His face looked like any other UO player's face, naturally. There was really nothing to set him apart...not the location, not the situation, and not his actions. And yet...I swear to god...I felt a warm aura emanating through my moniter--a real, palpable sense of human presence right there in the room with me. I felt silly, because it made NO sense whatsoever, and there was no possible explanation for me experiencing any such thing. All that I knew was that I was inexorably drawn to that...to try and figure out why, or, if nothing else, simply to be near that warm island of human serenity. Once again, pretty silly though...as he was but a chance visitor from Trammel, whom I never thought I'd see again.

    Well...as luck would have it, I did see him again--chance encounters, here and there--and damned if that aura didn't still persist, driving me nuts with curiousity. Over the course of near a year, we became best friends...quite possibly the best friend I have ever had the pleasure to know, in all of my long, friend-intensive career. *smiles* We decided it would be nice to eventually meet (as friends), and this past week, he flew out to spend the holidays with me. Much to my surprise and pleasure, I discovered that that identical warm aura that I first sensed in UO persists into the real world...which brings me full circle to my initial question: How did it happen? What was it that I sensed, on that first, brief encounter ingame? And how?? I have no more idea now, than I did then...the marriage of electronic signals with human, visceral emotions leaves me baffled still.

    At any rate, I am wondering if any of you have given this phenomenon any thought, or if you have had similar experiences that may shed some light on the subject for me.

    As for me...I always liked UO before, but now...I feel that this game has truly enhanced my life. Still in a daze. :)



    <font color=blue>The Lone Ranger</font color=blue>
    <font color=purple>Guildmaster,</font color=purple><font color=red>Sonoma War Games</font color=red>
  2. *chants*

    Dor's got a boyfriend, Dor's got a boyfriend.


    I decided to pay a visit to the YMCA last night. I took Gruumsh. Was hoping to run into Auburn Rose so I terrify her once again.

    I walked into the Y to see what? Dor. Floating around.

    Dor says "HI :)"

    Gruumsh *grunts*

    Dor "Life is soo wonderfull"

    Gruumsh *shows teeth*

    Then she floats out the front door to unlock some pumpkins on the front steps. Really. She was really, really, just floating. I've never seen a char float in UO, but Dor was definately floating. I'm not even sure she noticed that I was there. I guess a part of her must have. One of the strangest things I've seen in UO for a while.

    Anyway, I have my own feelings on the internet and relationships and everything. I don't really want to share them. But I can say they aren't all positive.



    Maelwyn Mage and Dexer
    Beldas & Beldin Dwarven Brothers
    Erystelle Elvish Tamer
    Gruumsh One-Eye Orc guy
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "Anyway, I have my own feelings on the internet and relationships and everything. I don't really want to share them. But I can say they aren't all positive. "

    No, they aren't all positive. But I find most are really, really good. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif
    I had a helluva bad one when I first started. Thats made me more guarded, and mush more careful about mixing online with real life.
  4. I don't find this strange at all, Dor. It has been my experience in the two years that I have been in the Land that regardless of intent to roleplay, folks' characters overwhelming reflect their real-life personalities. If you run across some character who is consistently kind and giving in game, chances are very good she will be kind and giving in RL as well. The converse seems also true--those folks who are consistent griefing and scamming are typically going to have some serious RL issues to deal with.

    Why? Because it is so very hard to completely change one's personality between RL and UO (or any other mmorpg), and keep up that pretense consistently over a long period of time. If your RL nature is to generously give to all and sundry and help out those in need, then you're going to have a devil of a time roleplaying a completely evil character over any length of time. And if you behave the gold-grabbing and grubbing miser online, chances are that material things mean a LOT to you in RL as well. In short, over time the player's real personality "will have out" (as Shakespeare would say), and his in game characters will tend to behave as the player does.

    So, Dor, I find your experience to be completely plausible, indeed natural. In fact, I know of a well respected couple on LS who met in UO and developed a close friendship that eventuated in their marriage in RL. After two years they are still blissfully wedded and inseparable.

    So I say "Bully for you Dor!" Don't look this gift horse in the mouth, my friend. I for one am happy for all the joy this budding relationship brings you (plus I like the concept of you happily "floating" about--maybe floating should be made a fourth year vet reward).

    From ghosties and ghoulies
    And long leggety beasties
    And things that go bump in the night
    Good Lord preserve us!
  5. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    I thought internet romances were very exciting, until I ran off to elope with Daisy. Daisy turned out to be a 300 lb. balding tow truck driver named Earl. That just ruined it for me...

    OK, actually, if your expectation are in line, internet friendships can be great. Pluffy and I have met a few on line friends in real life and they were fabulous. I'm glad to hear that your experience was a good one Dor. I think having expectations of possible romance is where you can get yourself in deeeeeep trouble. It may work out once in a while, but the cards are stacked greatly against you. (Just ask Earl.)

  6. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    As for people shining through the pixels at you...

    I think people show their true nature much easier in the UO environment. A generous person will likely be even more generous in game. An underhanded rotten bugger may not act that way in real life, but feels free to steal and scam in game because there will be no real consequenses. It's very revealing to see what people will do when they are free from responsibility for their actions. It shows their motivation and desires, more than any real life situation ever could.

    Just my two gp's.

    Bob Again

  7. sse_goku

    sse_goku Guest

    This happened to me also with a slight diffrence. I had a girl in rl that ive known in the game since I started and it was cool..she acted just like she did in the game. She lived quite close to me which I didnt realize. Me and her broke up because my friends offered me to be the drummer in their band that makes a few of their own songs,and covers anthrax,and metallica(my offer to join them)tool,and slipknot..AND I was recently forced out because I told them save for a few songs;Slipknot sucks.

    SSE GOKU-Fencer/Macer
    Masa & Mune-smith/alchemist
  8. Dor sure was floating... almost every second line spoke by her involved smiling...
    She couldn't sit still at all... Kinda made me laugh...

    "Then she floats out the front door to unlock some pumpkins on the front steps."

    I could have used those pumpkins... make some pies... oh well...

    Killer 73% - Explorer 60% - Socializer 40% - Achiever 26%
    Quote of the moment: "You should be a smith cause you're ignot. - G.v.P"
    Krin, Flik, Gen, Mose, and Crowley of Sonoma
  9. Well, here's a story for you. About 3 years ago, I was playing on a text based MUD a great deal. While I was there, I made friends with a girl that played there. For the next year, we talked some, just as friends. About 2 years ago, we both found ourselves not in a relationship, and she invited me out to visit her - a considerable trip, since I live in Rhode Island and she loved in Alaska. Still, I was exploring my newfound freedom to roam after my last relationship, so I decided to fly out and visit for a week. We had a good time together, and 3 months later, she moved to Rhode Island to be with me.

    A couple of months later, I convinced her to play a game I was involved in called Ultima Online, and SonomaChick and I have been together ever since :)

    Pyrus Firebane, Guildmaster, Vesper Graveyard Alliance
    Shyft Lightfoot, Co-Commander, E-R, OTE
    Lord Xynth Coldfinger, Barding Mage
    Tarl Ironhead, GM smith/miner
    Dynamo Draconius, GM tailor/fisher
    Tellurion Steele, L4 Treasure Hunter
  10. BobMcForge

    BobMcForge Guest

    Careful there, Pyrus, your Freudian slip is showing...


    ...since I live in Rhode Island and she loved in Alaska.

    Bob McTherapy

  11. Lol...oops :)

    Pyrus Firebane, Guildmaster, Vesper Graveyard Alliance
    Shyft Lightfoot, Co-Commander, E-R, OTE
    Lord Xynth Coldfinger, Barding Mage
    Tarl Ironhead, GM smith/miner
    Dynamo Draconius, GM tailor/fisher
    Tellurion Steele, L4 Treasure Hunter
  12. Well I don't know that I can add much but I will try.

    There are two theories at work here.

    1. People are more like their true selves in game because they are not as vulnerable to attack.

    2. People are less like themselves in game because they are not accountable for their actions.

    It is a very interesting question and one worth more deliberation than I have completed.

    I do watch people in game and listen when they are around different players. As in real life, I find that most have many faces that are put on and taken off depending upon the situation. I think this comes from the need to be accepted overridding the need to be oneself.

    It is a very interesting study and one worth undertaking for those that are serious thinkers.

    As far as the phenomenon you explain with the aura, I can't say that I have ever experienced it. There are some people that I am more eager to be around in the game than others but it is for reasons identified by their postings here or conversations in the game itself.

    I have witnessed this while reading the boards as well. One poster may say "eat a crap sandwich" and get flamed from all sides while another can say "eat a poopy sandwich" and have the entire board ROFLing. Very interesting indeed.

    While as I said, didn't add much to the conversation but I feel better anyway, hehe.

    The House of Wisdom--where truth and knowledge become one.
  13. Elrond

    Elrond Guest

    Human beings have some very interesting effects on machines. Sometimes, it appears that there is a latent psychic part of each human that affects not only other humans, but simple electronics as well.

    Princeton has highly complex random number generators set up around the world, something like eleven of them. I the half hour or so before the first plan crashed on September 11th the numbers all started getting "less random", during and after the plane crashes the numbers were aberrantly lacking in randomness. With so many people concentrating on one event, mere machines were influenced.

    I don't find it surprising that people can affect computer games in a similar fashion and actually project something through the ranom bits and pixels =)
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest

    (A beautiful post Dor! You know, I've had my own musings on the subject as well.. Now, forgive me for being spiritual, but truly, the human "prescence" (some would say mind, somewould say soul, body, etc.) produces an "aura" I personally do not believe these auras are a thing that can be felt at twenty paces or less. The aura I refer to is a"psychic broadcast" of sorts and when you "tune in" to a persons aura, whether through conversation, a written letter, E'Mail, or even in a MMORPG - if you have opened your conciousness to the basic human empathy that flows in an unending tide around our earth - you will feel drawn to an aura that has kinship to yours.)

    (There are also those that do not need to "tune in", they, from birth, draw people to them that share a kinship (by kinship, I am not merely referring to "bestest best friends" or lovers, this can just mean a person who you feel very comfortable around.). Now this can also work against you, if your aura draws those to you that may not always be productive to your life. My father is one of these people I have noticed over the years, though I won't bother going into the details.)

    (Several years ago, I had a bit of a "fling" online. I had just turned 18 I think and met a woman in a game I played religously at the time. I cannot remember the name for the life of me, but it was a spinoff of the "Gemstone III" game that was being played on AOL at the time. Brilliant little text-based game, with a full emote set of commands, etc. Anyway, I met a woman there and we became quick friends, talked frequently in Instant Message. Again, I won't go into full details, but I knew that this woman was someone I could really get along with, I felt.... strong and... comfortable around her. Was I in love? Certainly not. She was just a rambling stream of text. But we shared a kinship, I cared for her well-being as much as I did for my friends in town. Me a young just 18 year old Virgo - beating the odds and cracking through her fiesty Scorpio shell. I could feel her prescence on the other side of the country from where I sat at my desk. I still feel her occasionally now, even though we haven't spoken for a few years. What I am getting to here is this: You have come in contact with a very special aura, carry it as far as you can manage. For nothing is certain, and "Fate" is a questionable thing. Bah! Now you've put me in one of those wistful and reflective moods... Thank you, and good luck, Dor.)


    "Aye, to walk the path o' the virtues is no easy task. Foster the greater good, maintain the Balance. Keep searching." -Windar D'Sal


    <center>((Too true, ol' friend.)) - The man behind the man./php-bin/shared/images/icons/read.gif</center>
  15. Kket-barai

    Kket-barai Guest

    Me with my WebTV Classic on my Dad's 13 inch TV...
    Scruffy Splatter-paint tortie cat at my feet...
    Late-night into late-morning chats about anything and everything...

    Dor, I felt this same "AURA" from my husband when we met in a Science Fiction / Fantasy chat room. I sometimes think... where would I be now, if I hadn't begged and pleaded and moaned and groaned to my dad about getting that chintzy little Set-Top internet box.

    I'd be a lonely, tired woman.


    You know, after reading the rest of this thread, I have to add a bit:

    I have this thing called agoraphobia, it's quite frustrating a disease to have, but I am getting over it 8D.. Anyhow, I have never been a talker. I am a listener, and I am a writer. Most of what I am, when it comes to verbal communication, stays locked in my little head. The internet has been a wonderful thing for me because I can write my mind, I just have a hard time speaking it.

    I have never ever met anyone who was, at their core, different while in their online persona than who they were "IRL". Even Earl, down deep, would be the same person he acted like online. Writing, even if you are not good at it, comes from a different place in your brain and it taps into a deeper place in your "soul" (for lack of a better word) than does speech.

    Kket-barai - Mistress of Darkness
    Magick - Mule
    Jon Snow - Twink Tamer Extraordinaire
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  16. Speaking of who, where is he lately? Haven't seen any posts from Reach in a while.


    Maelwyn Mage and Dexer
    Beldas & Beldin Dwarven Brothers
    Erystelle Elvish Tamer
    Gruumsh One-Eye Orc guy
  17. Kket-barai

    Kket-barai Guest

    He is fiddling around with alternate shells on his computer these days...

    Darned annoying to me cuz he often overloads his RAM and has to restart... (his computer is the server to my client)8|

    Anyway he says he isn't coming back to UO until he has enough boards to finish up Bowcraft and GM Carp...

    So here poor Magick is, hacking away at trees getting measly amounts of boards for this task... (By the way, I GMED MINING!!! HEHEHEhHEhEhHEhEHEHEEEE!)

    At this rate we'll be 4 year vets before he comes back... 8P

    Kket-barai - Mistress of Darkness
    Magick - Mule
    Jon Snow - Twink Tamer Extraordinaire
  18. Towenaar

    Towenaar Guest

    Happy for you Dor. :)

    Congrats on the Mining Kket. :)

    OOoh there are a LOT of people after boards these days. My character who supplies Towenaar with Arrows logs in VERY out of the way places and lately.. someones been there. *furrows a brow and looks around*

    <center>"We do not know one millionth of one percent about anything."
    Thomas Edison</center>
  19. Elrond

    Elrond Guest

    I have seen people say several times that a person's ingame persona is pretty much always how the person acts in real life. I contest this with my own character, Elrond. In real life, I pretty much hate being recognized for anything I do. I do not appreciate my accomplishments being made known to people, sometimes it kind of offends me.

    Elrond, my character in UO, rather enjoys fame and getting attention. I noticed that, in game, I actually appreciate being well-known and having things I do, in game, recognized. That is a lot different from how I am in real life. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that UO is just a game and completely inconsequential, so any fame/recognition I receive is likewise inconsequential, so I don't dislike it.

    In short, I think that we shouldn't be saying that an online persona is a good judge of a person. They could be the exact opposite, for their real-life persona wouldn't do the things their online one would. They get to experiment and do things that *go against* their natural nature.
  20. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    &gt; I have this thing called agoraphobia,

    Maybe we can discuss? I am one who had it (worse than anyone I've ever known) and after a divorce and several years intenstive therapy I'm over it. Now, what keeps me inside, is physical health instead of the mental/emotional baggage. So one CAN get well. But you will need to face the layers below the layers, and with professional help - and delve into your past traumas. (I for one do NOT believe it's all just a matter of being born with certain genes that turn you into a house hugging, drapes shut, hermit of sorts. It's also a lot to do with how one's parents, siblings, care-givers, loved-ones, peers hagve treated you AND the experiences you've had to endure. It can also be mixed up with other illnesses like chronic depression, cerebral chemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances, medications one is already on, and any number of things.)

    If you need someone to talk to, PM me. I am not always in around to notice the blinking light, but if I see it I will reply. If you want. No pressure. If you'd rather not, then just know my strongest most positive best get-well wishes are with you, always! Ok?

    Oh, one more thing. Yes, my pc, email, supportive email friends, posting, and the Internet is what got me started on the right road. Prior to that no one understood the nature of the problem. My sister had it, too. (Both of us, traumatic stuff, not genetic.) It was wonderful finding people through my pc who not know knew about the illness but had it or had gotten over it or were in process doing whatever it takes to get over it or knew someone who had it or simply took a very sweet and dear interest in my problems. Yeah, well, other of those people broke my heart or caused even more problems. But, well, so goes this big world. :)

  21. Jagerstadt

    Jagerstadt Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    I have played many-a-MMOG, and have found that, no matter how hard you try to create a role, all of a person's characters, in any game, seem to be an extension of the person himself. The fact that you communicate with the other party as you would in the real world only strengthens this phenomenon. Of course, seeing as this thread is three years old, you probably found your answer long ago. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif This weekly thread resurrection brought to you by Sean of Sonoma - Feel free to reminisce.

    P.S. - Dor, that was absolutely amazing for being typed while half-asleep! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif
  22. hiai

    hiai Guest

    Sean...you have WAY too much time on your hands...lol

    That being said, this is a great thread to resurrect. I have some opinions about the way we interact with people online, and my own recent experiences have really crystallized into some personal realizations for me.

    I think that how we act online really IS indicative of something we are. Not to say that how we act online always reflects our everyday personas in the least. But we all play this game, or others like it, because of some need we have that they can fulfill. We can express a part of ourselves that may be buried in rl, or perhaps feel less embarrassed about being the person we feel we are.

    So while I don't think that how we act online is a proper measure of who we are, I think that it is a measure of a PART of us. I would never say that the punk who ganked me with his friends, dry-looted me, and trash-talked was that way in rl. But I do think he may have some personal insecurity issues that are in some way assuaged by the feeling of power he gets by doing these things ingame. So when it happens to me, more often than not I just end up feeling sorry for that kid.

    Conversely, when I see someone doing kind things ingame, I generally think that it IS more like what they are in rl. Why this disparity? Because this little world is our escape, where we can feel free to let loose. So if kindness is what you exhibit even when you are free to let loose your baser self, then you probably are a truly kind person.

    Basically, when it comes right down to it, I think that whenever we somehow become aware of the real person on the other end of that pixel stream, we can truly make a real connection with some hope of knowing the truth of that person.

    There are people I have met online that I feel are as close to me, if not more so, than people I have met in rl. Why? Because the mask of the computer is so effective, we have no need for any other masks. And thus all can be bared. It's amazing what can happen to you when you let your guard down completely...for bad or for good.
  23. I wrote a 3 page article printed in Wired magazine a few years back regarding online dating. Be happy to share some tid bits if anyone is interested. Was sent on 30 Real Life dates via Message boards, online dating services, etc. The results were absolutely stunning.. of course things have changed since then, but I don't think the principles have.
  24. I dont care what the experts say, or other people that have been through this expierience say. There's a lot of danger that lurks through the internet, and dating is not one that should be practiced. You never know what lurks on the other side of the computer. It's great to have friends and all that good stuff. And yes, I do agree that if you think you have known the person long enough (and you really trust them) then yea, meet up with them. If you decide to choose that route, make sure you meet at a public place, and most importantly that you bring a good friend with you to make sure you stay safe.
  25. Holy smokes this in an old thread. I thought they got rid of a bunch of the old ones. Here I was reading Dor's post and then the next one. I looked at the name and my first thought was "SOMEONE HACKED MY STRATICS ACCOUNT AND IS POSTING UNDER MY NAME !!!!!"

    Then I looked at the date and realized it was just me, 3 years ago. (Dang, have I been around THAT long?).

    A lot of good things on this thread though. Haia (did I spell that right) has about the same view as I do on the subject.

    I do think your actions in this game (or any game for that matter) are a reflection of who you are. I've always felt that people are the sum total of what they say and do. Not always what THEY THEMSELVES think they are.

    Always makes me sick to talk to some guy who steals from other people but says he's "really a nice guy on the inside" or "once you get to know me you'll see".

    Oh, and I was also wondering Dor, whatever happened to this guy?
  26. That's a good question, Maelwyn :)

    I haven't changed (as far as I know), but distance and finances conspired to keep us apart in real life. Or maybe I'm just on the Fates' bad side...who knows?

    At any rate, we remain close friends to this day, but have never met again.
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    My goodness, I simply cannot believe I recognized a thread title from three years ago.

    Heh. And it even catches a post from back when I roleplayed on the boards and (typed like this) to signify 'me'. How cute./php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Ahh.. I miss those times, and many of those names.

    Thankee for giving me a good memory.

    An' ol' Windar's still kickin', blast it! Don' ye dare bloody ferget it! I jes... been a bit quiet lately... 'tis the age thing I s'pose. Ye sleep more... Aye. ...Which one's me house again? *scratches head*

  28. And I am not talking religious philosophy. But there is something that I cannot explain that I have seen happen over and over again in the 7 years I have been around MMORPGs.

    Those that are good, and generally fair people, have goodness and generosity visited upon then ten fold. And those that are selfish and self centered, seem to also have the reverse fate cast upon them.

    I have met Dor in real life. I have met Lady Raven and Isosceles, and a few others. And generally I find the real life people to be true extensions of their in game personas.

    I agree with Hiai that someone who plays a Pk, thief or other type not associated with everyday life, plays a part of themselves as well. There is a certain part of them that wishes for a challenge or to wield power. And that part of them comes out in whatever form.

    When I used to PvP, it was from a need for a rush, and a notion that what I was doing was "balancing the scales". Hunting reds in Khaldun made me feel as though I was somehow avenging the losses that the "innocent players" had taken. The truth of the matter was that I was doing to the red on the screen exactly what he had done to the blue. Knocking off another players character means stopping that player from playing their game for a time. I think when I finally came to that realization, before AoS came about, I really learned to appreciate different play styles.

    How we see people on the screen is often a reflection of either apparent character flaws or strengths in real life. And I think that I why MMORPGs can sometimes be defined as "more than just a game".

    ~ Phoenix
  29. <blockquote><hr>

    I do agree that if you think you have known the person long enough (and you really trust them) then yea, meet up with them.


    My advice has always been this to friends who insist on meeting somebody in RL that they were introduced to on the internet.. take a friend. The friend doesn't have to be sitting with you, but at least within observation range. At the least, tell somebody where you're going and about when you'll be home so you can do a "check in" call/email when you get back.

    Example.. a friend of mine insisted on meeting with a woman he meet in Yahoo chat (yeah, already a bad idea), at a bar that same evening. I told him to hold up and I'd go with him. He told me I was just paranoid and not to worry.

    He called the next afternoon. Said he had taken the woman home with him. As soon as they walked into his place he was hit on the head by somebody who had obviously been following them. When he woke up, (thank gawd he woke up), his place was cleaned out including the refrigerator. His wallet gone too and bank account cleaned out.

    I chastised him, help him get his life back in order, and figuring this was a unique event did a little research. Turns out this is called "Baiting" and has been around for many many years. It just recently made its way on to the internet via chat rooms, matchmaking sites and forums.

    Another new development is prostitution. Many of these "professionals" are placing ads on matchmaking sites, and after meeting and being intimate, then demand payment. Since they know where the victim lives, if they are not paid, they just leave and send a "friend" later to collect.

    Ok.. enough spooking.. just be careful all of you! Don't want to miss your posts because of a little bad judement! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif