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"Some people like the lull..."

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Quiby, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    The words of one of the many anonymous travellers who had stopped by the inn occured to her as she pondered the greatest conundrum she had been faced with in the past week or so.
    There had been no remarkable occurances at the inn, and many of the regular patrons were off on some adventure or another, the details of which evaded her less-than-perfect memory. Surely they would be back soon, and the walls would once again be filled with the familiar sound of their jovial banter, and with any luck the ache in her heart would ease.
    While she would not admit it, she occaisionally cried herself to sleep at night, worried for the safety of the friends who had treated her so kindly. After all, she had experienced a small slice of adventuring herself, and almost died in the process. But on those nights she would muffle her sobs in the softness of her pillow until sleep consumed her.

    She made her decision with all the definance a general might order a flank of soldiers to engage the enemy on the field of battle, and in much the same way, she would have to live with the consequences of a wrong decision.
    She sighed as she stirred the spices into the stew, having chosen to use a mix of spices brought from elsewhere in the land, as opposed to more locally available selection. But of course most travellers didn't care what the food tasted like, as long as it didn't tast like harpy meat, and her cullinary efforts would no doubt be wasted on the unsmiling fighter whom had ordered it.
    "Stew," she said, dejectedly, "no one aver asks for anything worthwhile"
    She moved over to the potatoes, that were simmering in a nearby pot, becoming slowly infused with delicate flavours that few people appreciated, especially not after a few mugs of ale.
    "Any idiot can make stew," she muttered, knowing that while she shouldn't think such negative thoughts, she was right, "but very few people can actually cook"

    The smells were delightful to her sensitive nose, and she was almost sorry to waste something so delightful on someone who had demonstrated no abilities beyond scowling and killing.
    As she arranged the meal on the plate, adding the final degree of perfection through the presentation, she thought back to the words of the traveller.
    "Some people like the lull," she repeated to herself, before retunrning her attention to the matter at hand, "I don't"
  2. Tristan awoke, pulling himself out of bed. After getting dressed in his leather leggings and white fancy shirt, he walked down stairs.

    "I believe I have slept in... What time is it?"
  3. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Quiby was, at the time of Tristan's entrance, too caught up in delivering the food to notice him.
    "I am sorry for the delay, milady," she said with a small bow vefore placing the food on the table and attempting to extract herself back into the kitchen before the furrow that appear at the woman's brow manifested itself as a complaint, or something more like a killing blow.

    She noticed Tristan coming down the stairs and made her way swiftly over to intercept him, her body language making no secret of the fact she was happier to see him than she was to serve the frowning woman with blood-red hair, although there was a little reserve in her happiness, caused by the mystery of how she had forgotten about his presence here. How much else had she forgotten?
    "Tristan, sir," she said cheerfully, "would you like a little breakfast? Or maybe..."
    She looked behind her, avoiding eye contact with the woman, who was staring at her with a pair of peircing blue eyes that made her shiver, but instead looking at the shadows that showed that the time was somewhere around midday "some lunch?"
    She looked back to him, a little sheepishly, as if his late appearance was some how a small faux pas of her doing
  4. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    A figure appered in one of the far shadowed cornors of the inn, he was dressed in pitch black robes, and a hood hung covering his head and most of his face. He looked over the inn carefully he noticed were it had been rebuilt since he was here the last time or atleast the last time he was alive at anyrate.

    He glanced at the patrons, only finally comeing to two familer people, he also noticed a patron her disgust and anger radiated off her, peirceing his peace of mind.

    With a swift movement most like a blink from one spot to another the black robed figure appered before the patron, startled she slid back in her chair at his sudden apperence. The figures eyes glowed green as his hand grasped onto the patrons drink, and then shattered the glass.
    "You should show more respect for the ones that allow you life." seemed to echo from withen the walls of the inn itself.

    The figure seemingly coasted along the floor across to the two people in this wretched place he remembered, Tristan and Quiby. Stopping before the two he began to speak softly
    "Have you found him? My bother where is he? Then at that moment the figure seemed to phase out from existance as if he never was here in the first place.
  5. Lord Kishkuman

    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Kysh dismounted Hoppy in a field within sight of the Inn. The Kirin he had meet in the Kirin passage had decided to accompany him for the help he had given in stopping the enslavement of the cretures of the passage by the evil of the Anhk Dungeon.

    Kysh appeared to be wearing a light blue leather armor with a green cloak. Infact he was wearing a change robe that functioned the same as his change rod. As his rod took the form of any weapon or shield he wished it to, his robes took the form of any clothes or armor he wished it too. So he wore the Blue leather armor with the symbol of the knight of virtures in honor of his father, the symbol being a shield with each of the symbols of virture, and the green cloak becaues it was his favorite color. He also carried a shoulder bag where Metal (his metal eating slime) rode and also a a small pouch with indented stones he used for a magic bow his Change rod could take the form of.

    Kysh looked at the inn not sure what to do. So much had happened since last he had seen the Inn. He had been in a major war, had faced the killers of his parents, and had been offered a kingdom. So he sat down to rest under a tree over looking the Inn and thought about his future as he opened his senses to the thoughts and feelings of the animals of the forest. How he loved the forest.
  6. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Hikaru's temper simmered as she cursed herself for leaving her array of specialised weapons safely in the saddlebags of Misa, who was as adept at guarding Hikaru's possesions through biting, hissing and spitting as the fighter was at scowling.
    It was really quite typical for the restless dead to jump to conclusions when confronted with anything beyond being a general nuisance.
    Unfortunately for her, the spirit had taken her by surprise, and even if she had been suitably equipped, she had lost track of it by the time she had recovered. It equally unfortunate, as well as fortunate that the glass had been shattered, since it diverted attention away from her lapse in vigilance, but had also contaminated the stew with a little broken glass.
    "What a waste..." she sighed as she began picking the glass out of her meal, ignoring the watching eyes of the inn. After all, the girl had spent enough time making it, it was the least she could do to enjoy it, which had been her plan from the start.
    There was something about the scent of the stew that reminded her of the meals cooked for her by a mother she barely remembered; beyond the time she had been called upon to bury her, along with her father. A vague memory that stirred poweful emotions that she had spent her life repressing

    The sound of breaking glass drew her attention faster than the sound of a dinner bowl attracts a hungry cat, although she didn't have time to agonise over the prospect of cleaning up what remained of the woman's glass.
    Instead, her attention immediately went to black shrouded figure heading in her direction. Drawing on her experience, she judged that a black robed spirit would fall under the category of "bad things", and that the situation would therefore be either "bad", or "very bad". Which didn't fill her with a terrific amount of confidence.
    Every ounce of common sense told her to run and hide, which she would have been all in agreement of, except for one of the many flaws in her personality that made her dread the prospect of someone being disappointed in her, more so than the prospect of dying.
    So with every ounce of courage she could muster, she stood there in absolute terror, the colour draining from her skin with every passing moment
  7. Tristan, caught in the moment, slowly blinked his eyes... An image came to him... Xyon? No, it was someone else, it was Xyon's brother... Tristan put his hand on Quiby's shoulder as to steady her.

    "I think I may fast today my friend."

    Tristan looked about at the surrounding patrons, who had all seen this strange occurance. Since Tristan did not know Xyon's brother it made it hard for him to respond to what just happened... Find him? Tristan did not fully understand. Tristan did remember back to Xyon's death, the funeral pyre behind the Inn, conducted by G'hella the White...
    Tristan looked deeper into his mind... Zenroth... Tristan pulled Quiby to his side and whispered in her ear.

    "You will be fine my friend. I will not leave you."
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A hitherto unnoticed pile of rags stirred in the dark corner. The sharp eyes of the aging swordsman glanced about. Ever alert for trouble, he recognized the individuals.

    "So, they've returned," he thought. "They look different, but it's them."

    He settled back into slumber. That night, or some night hence, the ale would flow, tales would be told, and all would be learned.
  9. Lord Kishkuman

    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    As Kysh sat under the tree joining his thoughts with those of the forest he noticed a delightful oder. An oder that made his stomech to also begin speaking with him. He also felt that both Hoppy and Metal were having the same feelings in their stomechs.

    "Well Hoppy why don't you wait here. I'll see if I can bring back some fruit for you," Kysh said getting up. The Kirin answered by laying down on the grass, and Kysh began walking towards the source of the wonderful smell of food coming from the Inn.
  10. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    Unoticed to even the most adept eyes, another force was at work this evening in the inn. The creature had been left here, told to remain by his ageing master to watch and report. It was a boreing task rarely anything happened however the creatures eyes and sences became alert as the glass shattered it was then he saw the figure, the black wispy robes, the power he felt radiateing off the undead spirit something only another spirit would notice chilled him to his core, this figure was increadibly powerfull. He dared not approach the figure, but he listened closely, he heard the restless spirit speak of brother it was then he knew it was him he was the one the master seeked.

    Slipping across planes of exsistance the creature felt out for his master finally locateing him, flowing through the shadowrealms he finally came to his master who had just from signs of it slayed two deamons, the staff he held still glowed its power apperent. Elux turned as he felt his servents stare,
    "You have something to report do you?" asked Elux in a drained voice his breathing grasping at air that failed to fill his lungs and instead sent him coughing blood and dropping towards the ground. Catching himself on one knee and waveing the staff of zero towards the spectral servent to stay back he used his robes blue sleeve to wipe the remaining blood from his chin, and then with great effort stood once again.

    The servent thought of attacking at the moment perhaps he could win the master was weak, drained, but fear held the spectral force back, The servent then relaid the events that had taken place at the inn.Waveing a hand Elux dismissed the servent as he thought to himself about the events that had taken place now and so long ago, the war, Xyons death, his Masters death, and finally his own death and rebirth with Zero. "So Xyon's spirit is still lost and my old master is growing even angrier and more restless. Id best return to the Inn he is likely to appere again at this rate." Elux thought silently to himself.

    Raiseing the Staff of Zero a portal opened a short distance from the inn causeing the near by animals to dash for cover and hide as the swirling portal knocked up lose rocks, leaves and dirt.
    Stepping through the portal Elux could see the inn yet it was still a fair distance, "I truely must be getting old in my youth I would have never been so far off target." Elux thought before almost dropping to the ground in a coughing fit from the dust the portal had kicked up into the air.
  11. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Quiby felt comforted by Tristan's words, but somewhere deep inside she knew that everyone had a weakness.
    She looked up into his eyes and smiled, almost all the fear gone from her expression.
    "Does this mean you will come back to haunt me after you have starved to death?" she asked him, trying to get him to ask for something, so she could at least have one customer who appreciated her cooking.
    She quickly ducked away to avoid any of the potential hair ruffling, or other playful gestures humans and the like tended to inflict on her at irregular intervals, and besides, no one else was likely to clean up the mess that remained of the woman's glass.

    As Hikaru removed the last visible shard of glass from the stew she noticed Quiby move soundlessly up to the table, obviously to clean up the mess.
    "I didn't know you served such strong spirits," said the woman dryly, noticing from the look of puzzlement that the girl had failed to get the joke.
    "You seem a little young to be working so hard," tried Hikaru, seeing that the girl was uncomfortable around her, and wanting to change that.

    Quiby looked up from the glass, sensing that the woman was trying to be friendly.
    "How old is it that you think I am, milady,"
    "Probably older than I thought before," conceded Hikaru"
    Quiby leaned forward and whispered something in Hikaru's right ear, Hikaru turned to Quiby and nodded, before returning her right ear to Quiby's direction, at which point she whispered something else.
    "Well, you look like you're still waiting for your fourteenth birthday," teased Hikaru, attempting to appear unsurprised, but not managing to remove it entirely from her expression

    OOC: (Yes... I've noticed my signature seems dead... I'll have to look into it and start hurting people who are responsible...)
  12. As Quiby went back to work, Tristan made a glance around the room before sitting down at an empty table. He pushed his hair back behind his shoulders and stretched his arms above his head, still trying to welcome the morning. The time Tristan had spent in the Inn had almost made him domestic, it had been a long time since something surprised him like the ghost-like encounter he just witnessed. But that was neither here or there at the moment, Tristan's mind was crowded with other thoughts too. Mainly memories of friends long gone and adventures since past. Tristan did have Quiby though, she had become probably his main reason for staying at the Inn. In ways he felt like she was his responsibility. Speaking loud enough for Quiby to hear, Tristan made a comment.

    "There seems to be an ache in my stomach, I think it wants something. Maybe I'll ignore it and it will go away."

    Tristan liked playing with Quiby. In fact, he was realizing how domestic he was becoming...
  13. Lord Kishkuman

    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    As Kysh approuched the Inn he was about to close down his telapathic link to the animals of the forest, for he didn't want to enter a populated area with his eyes glowing green, when suddenly he felt a tremor of fear go through some animals not far away. The Green glow in his eyes intensified as reached out with his minds to the animals to see what had scared them.

    Though their eyes he saw a protal open up and a man that seemed familar. It took Kysh a moment to remember but he recognized the man as one of the people that had helped him the day his parents had been killed. Kysh then saw the man collapse in a coughing fit. Wasting no time Kysh dashed the short distance to where the man was, " Sir are you okay? Can I help you some how?"
  14. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    Elux was just beginning to catch his breath, forceing his lungs to draw in and out the air he needed desperately when he saw the boy running towards him. He didnt recognize the child at first, but once the boy was at hand offering help which he generously dismissed as not needed with a wave of his hand, he remembered. "Kysh im glad to see your still alive, forgive me for not relizeing it was you. Its been many years since I last saw you or atleast for me it has been. Does your presence here mean your quest has ended? At anyrate why don't we get inside the inn I fear my health has fallen with age greatly." spoke Elux in a raspy voice. He then with the help of Zero, seeing no objecton from Kysh began heading for the inn's door.
  15. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Quiby flicked her tail indignantly at Hikaru's comment.
    "You should show some respect for your elders," she muttered jestingly, before scooping up the glass in her bare hands and turning back in Tristan's direction.
    "I shall see if I can find you a few crusts of bread in the kitchen," she teased, "I usually cook breakfasts in the morning," she grinned cheekily and ducked behind the bar and into the kitchen, already running through food ideas in her mind.

    Hikaru watched the girl scoop up the glass in a single action that almost made the fighter cringe, logic would have pointed out that the sharp edges would shred the girl's palm, especially with her apparently soft skin. However, the girl didn't even wince as the shards scraped against her skin, some of the points digging fairly deeply.
    As she disappeared from sight, Hikaru's eyes retraced her steps to the man, who seemed to be either a very good friend, or a stranger with nerves of steel. He was obviously no stranger to combat, although he also looked like he was no stranger to a comfortable bed and a hearty breakfast. While he was probably stronger than she was, he would certainly be a lot slower.
    As she watched him, she wondered whether she would be able to find peace in her life, or was she destined to spend her life wearing leather armour, even when enjoying a meal in an inn, forever watchful for the verious evils that plague the land.
    At some point, while her mind was engaged in selfish ponderance, the man had noticed her gaze, and now his eyes were locked on hers.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kar walked up the narrow path through the forest. His eyes darted back and forth slowly, but not from fear or suspicion, it's just how he was. His hands moved into the pockets of his gi-pants as he made his way over to the horse Kysh had left behind. It, unlike the others, had stayed when the portal opened. Kar's hand slowly moved toward the creature's mouth and nose, letting it get the scent of him, then he moved his hand to the horse's neck. He patted a few times, then moved away, towards the Inn.

    His eyes came over Kysh quickly then, walking next to the older looking man with the staff. Kar didn't even begin to wonder who the man was, or if Kysh knew him or not. It was just normal, after all those times, it's just natural to see all the travelers come back to the Inn on their own. It wasn't abnormal to see those he left with, walking back, like children to a candy store. He smiled to himself and began to whistle quietly while moving for the front doors.
  17. Lord Kishkuman

    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Kysh smiled as the Green glow in his eyes faded revealing his normal ice blue eyes. "Well," he said to the man as then began walking to the doors of the Inn, "Looks like I'm not the only one still alive. Kar is not far behind us petting my Kirin. At least I think it's Kar my Kirin didn't get a good look at him. Anyway Metal and I are starved so I guess I'll save him a seat for when he get's in."

    Kysh felt Metal stir in the shoulder bag at the mention of it's name, but ignored it. They had arrived at the doors. Kysh opened the door and held it open for the man to enter.
  18. Tristan looked towards the lady whose glass was broken. She was also looking at him. Normally it is common for people to look at others while sitting alone in an inn or tavern, but usually when their glances catch each other they look away, back to their searching. However, both the lady and Tristan did not change targets. They were both watching each other, as if studying a whole new creature...
  19. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    Elux entered the inn with Kysh he observed Tristan, and sent a nod his way as he walked through the inn to a table large enough for the three.
  20. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Quiby's ears twitched at the sound of the door opening, and she heard more than two sets of feet enter the inn. She listened attentively as she cooked in attempt to get a little advanced notice on any food they might be ordering, or indeed if she was going to have to serve herself.
    She checked on the meat, which she had originally been braising for herself. Not that she minded sacrificing her own food so that someone else might enjoy it, especially if that someone was Tristan. She mostly enjoyed the process of turning a collection of singular ingredients into a single dish, especially if that particular dish was a challenge for her, which sadly happened less and less as time went on.
    It was very much similar to sewing, although she wasn't quite as skilled at sewing as she was at cooking, and tended to prefer cooking for the tastes and scents. She would gladly alter and item of clothing for someone, or perform repairs, or even create a simple tunic or cloak. However she would only be at her happiest while sewing if the requirement challenged her.

    She smiled inwardly, it seemed that however brief her stay at this inn proved top be, at least it would be interesting.
    Their eyes were now locked together in something that seemed, at least to her, more than a simple attempt to stare the other person down.
    She smiled slightly and nodded respectfully in the man's direction, while she could possibly best him in combat, he was superior to her in many ways. Something about the way he carried himself suggested some degree of importance, more importantly he had friends and allies, and perhaps even family.

    She averted her gaze to the bowl of stew in front of her, hoping that he hadn't, and wouldn't notice the tears welling in her eyes, caused by the though of all the things she had lost during the longest night of her life.
    She brushed a pair of errant red braids behind her ear and dedicated her attention singularly to the task of eating
  21. Tristan nodded to the lady as she nodded to him, but at the same time some old friends had found their way home. His nod worked as a signal to both, the lady and his friends. A inner sigh of relief struck Tristan, Elux, Kar, and the young boy Kysh all entered together. What of Elowan and Aravel? He didn't worry too much about the archer and ranger, Tristan knew they could take care of themselves... Seeing as the 3 sat at a table to themselves Tristan remained where he was, partly because he thought it was rude to order food and them jump tables. Glancing back to the lady who was eating Tristan noticed that she seemed distraught. Even though the matter was none of his business, he felt compelled to learn more of the matter and right a possible wrong. Instead, he decided that if she were to need help, she would seek it, instead of help seeking her. But it still got to him. He doubted he would let her leave before asking - because even though he knew it best to mind his own business, he also knew that some business needs to be tended to.
  22. Lord Kishkuman

    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Kysh sat down with the man he had entred with but then noticed Tristan sitting in a coner. Kysh wavedhis hand and gave Tristan a big smile. Tristan and Quiby were the ones who had first found him after his parents had been killed and had been the ones to bring him to the Inn. So he was always very happy to see them. He didn't see Quiby so that ment she was probly in the Kitchen. Which reminded him he was hungry. He didn't care much what he ate he just knew he need something.
  23. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    ooc: this is gonna be short cause well my temper and mood has been ruined as I just found out one of my friends is being abused once again so right now i want to cut someones throat out thats 2000miles away but anyways here goes.

    Elux looked over Kysh studying the young man, he had changed greatly since the last time he had seen him. Not physically, but a air around him, a feeling about him. "Kysh I take it your quest was a success? Im sorry I couldnt help you more back then, it seems so long ago yet for you I know its only been a short time. I just wanted to apologize thats all, I guess its one of the last things ill manage to do before I pass beyond. Anyways how about some food? Ill buy, besides I havent had a meal since the war way back, I sorta miss eating."
  24. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    OOC: (Before I get into this post, I would like to apologise for the last one… Regrettably, I have an ear infection that has lasted over 2 months, and is already threatening my job… I was in rather a large amount of pain at the time, and my judgement was a little off…
    For the sake of expediency, I will overlook the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, and the fact I posted it before finishing it…
    In Quiby’s section, I lied… A cloak is not a simple thing to make… I have yet to finish mine…
    Also, in Quiby’s section, I bogged my brain down by using too many words, and forgot to make the point I was supposed to… That Quiby enjoys the ‘journey’ of creating something more than the destination…
    Hikaru’s part was beyond description… I started off with high hopes for the staring thing, and eventually gave up (it didn’t work, since I couldn’t remember enough about Tristan), and by that point I was running very late, and forgot that there were people entering…
    In slight relation to the above point, the reason Quiby has a less-than-perfect memory, is because I do too, and if I can’t remember, I can’t make Quiby remember…
    It’s true, before I started on these pills, I’d have shrugged it off, but now I feel really guilty for it…
    Anyway, back to the stuff… Does anyone have plans? Or are we just, like, doing Big Brother?

    Quiby waited for a moment, keeping an ear open for any sounds of serving, but heard only low conversation.
    "Perfect timing," she sighed, deciding to spend a few minutes more serving up Tristan's food, and serve the customers while she was delivering it. She just hoped that the customers knew how to be patient.

    "I'm sorry for the delay," she said, smiling a smile that could disarm all but the angriest of customers, scanning the bar for things that had changed since she had last been out here. She noticed one or two glasses that would need refilling before too long, as well as two familiar people.
    One of them seemed to be familiar, but she remembered the other by name, after all, how could she totally forget someone she took an arrow in the shoulder for?
    "I am sorry it is not very exciting," she said to Tristan as she placed the food in front of him, before swiftly moving on to the woman's table and whispering to her, "perhaps your eyes are red from the onion in your stew"
    She moved swiftly from the woman's table to the newly occupied one, "My apologies, sirs," she said with a small bow. "Not only have you had to wait for service, but now that I arrive to see familiar faces I am forced to admit that my memory is not what it might have once been."

    Hikaru brought the last of the stew to her lips, and raised her eyes from the bowl to examine the new arrivals, confident that the signs of her emotional lapse were suitably beyond the notice of a casual observer.
    There were two of them, one of them seemed to be suffering from age and poor health, while the other was a boy, perhaps younger than she was. The boy was waving in the direction of the man she had been staring at, with the sort of abandon she had long since forgotten.
    The hairs on the back of her neck prickled with the presence of magic, an instinct that had many had called paranoia, but that she knew had saved her life many a time.
    Without warning, the girl appeared from the kitchen, offering an uneccesary apologiy for her delay, after all, who could blame her for being worked on her feet, cooking and serving on her own?
    She swiftly moved between tables with time-earned experience.
    "Perhaps your eyes are red from the onion in your stew" suggested the girl in a whisper before she moved on. However, they both knew there were no onions in the stew. The girl was abviously giving her a way to preserve the honour that warriors often values so highly, in case anyone else should notice.
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kar walked through the door of the Inn, following Kysh and the Elux a few paces back. He didn't stop to see who was there, he didn't need to, he moved to sit with Kysh, but upon seeing Tristan, he veered past Kysh, giving him a little pat on the shoulder then stopped next to Tristan.

    "I don't suppose an honorable man like yourself would like his privacy would he?" Kar asked with a little smile on his lips.

    Kar looked around, his eyes coming to rest on Quiby. His head tilted a little to one side, trying to think how long it had been since he'd seen her last. Too long he finally decided and then looked to some of the others at the bar. A man was getting a little out of hand about his bet with another on a sword fight that had happened a few days back.

    Kar idly moved his right hand to the dagger sheath on the front of his waist, and his left to the one on his back. He dropped the left hand that went for the one in back and the right remained, on the sheath. It was to the side, facing away from him. So that the blade were against his fore arm if he were to draw it. The same was with the one in the back.

    Kar had always taken pride in his skills as a warrior. Which was a direct result of the childhood he had spent training and through his youth. He dropped his hand back down to it's side, with the other and looked back at Tristan, awaiting.
  26. OoC:Okay, first off, I understand what your going through Zenroth - I've shared your situation before and I understand how it feels. I hope all works out and if you need anything, let me know.

    Secondly, there is no reason to apologize Quiby, I get flustered and rushed many times, as we all do. There isn't one of us here that don't have an excuse for a not-so-hasty reply, or a long absense. We all understand that things happen. Even though our characters may sit in an inn talking for weeks at a time without an event to cause any of them to leave, we also know that we still exist in the real world where things constantly happen to us. The poor grammer means nothing, we all misspell things and we all have our bad days, what matters is the fellowship we all have. It is fun for me to read and react to these posts, even if my real life events aren't bringing in the joy. I'm just glad to see everyone active again and look forward to writing with you all. And right now, I think we are just doing a Big Brother thing, I don't have an adventure planned, at least not one we should jump into yet /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Tristan tasted his food. Then called behind the busy Quiby:

    "You've outdone yourself my friend, this is the best yet."

    Tristan quietly ate his food, thinking of friends and friends-to-be. He wondered about the lady, who had just finished her food... But then a familiar friend made his hello.

    "Well, I can't say that I am very fond of being alone. Please, sit."

    At this time was when the man was getting loud, as drunks can do. It wouldn't be the first time the Inn saw a fight or two; or three; or four....

    I had to change my post because I hit the reply button, then got something to eat, then posted and I over posted Kar's post without even knowing it.
  27. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Quiby felt her fur bristle a little with pride at the compliment, although she doubted it was her best meal yet, considering the rushed manner in which she had prepared it. She looked back to Tristan and smiled, noticing another familiar face with him. She blinked in disbeleif, wondering how she had missed his appearence, but knowing that nothing was beyond her these days, especially not with the rush in which she had come out.
    Her eyes caught his tension and followed his line of sight to the minor disturbance, which wasn't uncommon when pride became mixed with ale.
    "Please excuse me for a moment," she said politely, taking the few steps in the direction of the heated discussion.
    "Perhaps you would be so kind as to settle this peacefully," she suggested in her usual polite manner, "or you can settle it outside." Her face and tone took on a distincly stern quality, which would have been comical had she not been serious.
    She returned to the table and smiled apologetically, "I am sorry for that," she bowed her head briefly, "it's at times like this I wish there were two of me."
    Her face froze breifly, having momenteraly slipped up and said something that might bring anyone's attention to the creature she thought of as her sister. It wasn't that she was ashamed of having an undead sibling, in fact she held the unconditionally love of a sibling for her, instead she realised that the existence of her undead twin might be a sore point for many people..

    Hikaru couldn't deny that, as she listened to the girl proving that she was more than a pretty face, she was looking forward to the slim chance of trouble. Now that she thought of it, it had been a little over 24 hours since she had last drawn the blood of a deserving foe, and while a drunken fool was not entirely deserving of death, if they caused trouble, they deserved something to remind them of it
    It was unfortunate that the girl was so good at her job, but at least all the while there was no trouble, there was no need for her to do anything but rest. Except...
    She stood swiftly, muttering something in a language that wasn't common, and walked swiftly and purposefully to the door, aware of the many sets of eyes following her.

    "There you go, girl," she said in soothing toned that seemed out of place coming from her lips, "I'm sorry I forgot you"
    The llama tossed it's head and nuzzled her shoulder, before helping itself to the slice pear in her outstretched hand.
    With her other hand, Hikaru petted the llama's neck, alternating between rubbing and patting the soft fur that covered the ample muscle beneath.

    OOC: (You know, I was really upset when I learned that you can't actually ride a llama... their spines cannot support a person or something, but they apparently make great pack animals... I guess I'll just have to get a bike instead...)
  28. Lord Kishkuman

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    Kysh thnked the man he was sitting with for the offer of the meal. Then he explained a little about his adventure. He described the Hidden City and then about the attack on the city by the demonic army and how duing the battle he had been kidnaped and taken to Ankh Dungeon to face the Necromancer that had ordered the death of his parents. He described his fight with the necromancer and how afterwards decided to return to the Inn.

    Kysh then noticed Quiby working. She appeared some what over worked. He decided to ask her something he had given some thought too.

    "Excuse me Quiby. I was wondering if I might be able to get a job here? I really don't have anywhere else to go and I could really help you out here. I can't cook but I can do lots of other stuff."

    OOC- Well Quiby that post couldn't have that bad becaues I didn't notice anything wrong with it at all. Besides with my Horrible spelling I wouldn't be one to judge if I had. As far as adventures I'm in the same boat as Tristan. I have some Ideas in earlly planning but nothing I'm planning on doing at the moment. And Zenroth I hope evey thing works out for you friend. Life can really be hard sometimes.
  29. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Quiby frowned as the woman forged a path to the door, and left without a word. As things were going, the woman was well on the road to making Quiby look comparatively like a girl without issues.
    "I'm sorry," she apologised, turning her attention back to Kysh and smiled conspiratorially, "I'm going to try a new recipe, come, we can talk in the kitchen"
    She turned and collected the woman's dishes, and turned back to Kysh, "by the way, how old are you?"
  30. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    ooc: First thank all of you for your kind support, second as far as a adventure goes I don't really have any major plans that will happen soon.

    Elux listened to Kysh's story as he stared off into space, "it was true the minion was correct I can feel his presence in this place." thought Elux while listening to Kysh. Elux smiled as Quiby approached it had been a long time since he had seen her. "Hello Quiby its been a long time,Zero is still a bit upset about being knocked to the ground infront of Torr so long ago" Smiled Elux, "I see your condition has improved alot since I left im glad you woke up. If its not to much trouble could I bother you for two glasses of wine back at that far table away from the crowd? Im sorta expecting a old friend to show up,actually what was I thinking make that only one glass if that isnt to much hassel."
  31. Lord Kishkuman

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    Feb 25, 2004
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    OOC- Just a note, Kysh's age for an elf would be Equivalant to about a human 12 or 13 year old. Basicly at the very start of adolesnce. I remember it took me a few hours of resarch on Elves to figure it out. Even then I had to go with the most common opinion. Another note I'll be going home tomarrow so I'll be in the car most of the day so if I don't post again today then it'll be into the evening tomarrow before my next post.

    IC-Kysh followed Quiby into the Kitchen, "I'm 55 years old," he said as they entered, "I just thought you could use some help and I'd like to feel like I'm doing something so I'm not a burden on anyone here."
  32. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    "I'm afraid I don't think I know who 'Zero' is, but I would gl;adly apologise if the incident was of my doing," she smiled, "If you will excuse me for a moment, I will return with your wine shortly"
    She bowed slightly and made her way to the kitchen, with Kysh in tow.
    Nodding as Kysh told her his age, trying to make it look as if she wasn't suprised, she had allowed the fact that he was elven slip her mind.
    She opened the door for him and gestured that he should preceed her, after all, he was something of a guest in the place where she spent most of her time.

    Quiby kept the kitch as tidy as she strived to keep herself, and so there was no clutter, or even a chaotic stack of dishes that needed washing. Much like herself, there wasn't a hair out of place.
    "Please," she said with a welcoming, yet weary smile, "take a seat, and help yourself to some cookies if you would like." She gestured to a try of cookies on one of the working surfaces, and to one of the many benches that serves as seating, and as a way for her to reach the higher cupboards.

    "It would be a lie if I told you that I wouldn't welcome a helping hand," she explained, her voice no longer as cheerful and bright as it always seemed to be in public, "Although the decision must go through two people first"
    She set about pounding a large lump of dough that would soon be fresh bread, continuing to talk when her voice would be audible.
    "Firstly, the decision would be Garth's, although he's a kind soul, and probably wouldn't say no to a chance of spending more time talking and less working," she turned to face Kysh, "Secondly, you have to make the final decision"
    Quiby liked talking to Kysh, partly because he listened well, but also because he was pretty much on her height, and she didn't have to strain her neck looking up all the time. Her face, which had adopted an ill-fitting serious expression, broke into a smile.
    "You know, you could have chosen to spend your days training, or having fun," she smile widened a little, "I can still see a glimmer of youth in your eyes, even if you are older than I probably am, but you have decided that you want to help me"
    "The choice is yours," she finished, "just remember, you can stay here and do nothing, and you would not be a burden on anyone," she whispered conspiratorially, "in fact, Tristan could probably use a training partner for exercise"
  33. Tristan stood as the lady left the inn, he turned to Kar.

    "With luck, I should be back in a moment, forgive me for my sudden exit."

    Heading for the door Tristan passed Quiby and Kysh, who were headed towards the kitchen. Can that boy cook too? Tristan thought of them and it was funny to him - they had both probably lived years longer than he, yet he was an adult and they didn't seem to be...
    When Tristan made it out the door he noticed the lady talking to her mount.

    "Milady, forgive me for intruding, but is there something you are looking for?"
  34. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    Elux smiled, as the thoughts of Zero came screaming to his mind "What does she mean doesnt remember me? Who could forget me?" Standing up Elux braced himself on the Staff of Zero that glowed a faint green, and walked slowly over to a far table away from as much of the crowd as possible. The area around the table began to grow darker as Elux approached, shadows danced about it blending it away from onlookers. Elux pulled out two chairs directly across from each other as if expecting someone to sit down in the empty chair.

    Sitting down finally, Elux leaned Zero which had began to glow brighter, against the table. At first it seemed as the area crew colder, a slight chill ran up Elux's spine, then space seemed to distort slightly as a figure began to matarialize in the chair across from him.
    "Its been a long time my old friend" spoke Elux softly. The figure came more and more into being, finally forming completly, still dressed in black robes with a hood pulled tight which seemed to shift back and forth as if air. Under the hood all that could be seen were glowing green eyes with a stare that froze blood.
  35. Lord Kishkuman

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    Kysh grabbed a cookie and started munching on it, "I would still very much try to get a job here. I could learn alot. I've spent every day since I learned to walk to the day my parents were killed training and learning to fight. This would give me a chance to learn some more skills. I still plan to do some training but only in my spare time."

    Just as Kysh finished speaking, a noise that sound much like a horse whinny came through the window. A little bit of a green glow came from Kysh's eyes as he cried, "Oh no!!! I forgot about Hoppy! I promised I'd get him some fruit! You wouldn't have any would you. Hoppy is a Kirin I met while in Ilshinar."
  36. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Hikaru turned to face Tristan, a dozen challenges on the tip of her tongue, but somehow she couldn't form the words. Instead she leant back against the flank of her llama.
    "Why have you followed me out here?" she asked flatly, "What is it that you want from me?"

    Quiby gestured over to one of the corners, "there is a basket of fresh fruit in the corner, help yourself,"
    She watched the boy's enthusiasm with interest, it had been a long time since she had ever genuinely felt that way, although she had become a master at playing the part people expected from her.
    "Would you be so kind as to deliver this wine to the gentleman you entered with?" she asked the boy as he rifled through the basket
  37. "I want nothing from you, milady. I only sensed something wrong about you, forgive me if my assumptions were wrong."

    Tristan bowed slightly;

    "Good luck to you milady."

    Tristan turned to re-enter the Inn.
  38. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Kar nodded slightly to Tristan before he left, then watches Quiby and Kysh. He shook his head, smiling slightly to himself before looking over at Elux. An eyebrow arched, he watched Elux, then he wasn't sure if there was another there or not. But he wasn't about to go over and ask the man he didn't know. He sat back and idly awaited for something to happen in the White Stag.

    o_OC: I am not really having any ideas on a story line, nor am I doing much of anything. My computer is really screwing up on me, I have to go buy more memory and stuff like that so it will actually work. But when a story line comes along, I'll be like a fish on a hook, or so I hope.
  39. Lord Kishkuman

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    "Ok, no problem," Kysh said as he Put the rest of the cookie he was working on into his shoulder bag where Metal wiggled happily inside, and then took some fruit and the wine bottle, "I'll be right back."

    Kysh took the bootle of wine over to the seat where Elux was sitting. Something felt a little unusual in that corner of the Inn so Kysh just placed the bottle on the table and gave Elux a bright smile. He then went out side and found Hoppy laying in the shade of a tree near the entrance to the Inn, "Here you go Hoppy, I may be busy for a while don't wait up for me."

    Leaving the happy Kirin with the fruit Kysh went back into the Inn.

    OOC- I was so happy to be getting home to have my cable connection again and what do I find... it's down. So it looks like I'll be on my mothers slow dial up for a while, until it gets fixed. *Sigh*
  40. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    Elux smiled as Kysh brought over the bottle of wine, "Thank You Kysh" spoke Elux in what seemed a distant voice. "Why are you here my friend? You know you cannot return to life otherwise the spell you weaved useing your life force to bind away that powerful deamon, will become undone and thus he to will be able to return into this world."

    The figure spoke in a cold voice "Because you have failed my apprentice".

    Elux frowned at he listened to his former master and friend, "There are even parts of the shadowrealms I cannot peirce god knows I have tried for so many years dammit. Look at me look at what that wretched place has done to me. To that boy it may have only been a few months, but I have searched and battled in the shadowrealms for decades,as all the while it drained me of my essence. I cannot do anymore my friend, if Xyon's spirit is withen that realm then it is unreachable by my hand."

    The figure came into clear view of any looking in that direction, as he knocked the table out of its way with a sweep of his hand, sending the unopened wine spiraling to the floor shattering. Elux moved to grasp the Staff of Zero, as the figures etheral hand touched his chest causeing Elux to fly back a fair distance where he layed on the floor his hand grasped around Zero with a unbreakable grip, his body still breathing yet no longer awake.

    The figure then faded out soon after the light normally cast by the Staff of Zero also faded away.
  41. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    "Milady?" repeated Hikaru with an accompanying chuckle, "If I were a lady, then I would not have responded so rudely to an offer of assistance from someone who doesn't even know my name"
    She took a few steps towards Tristan.
    "I'm not entirely used to conversations that don't involve steel," she explained, extending her right hand, "the name's Hikaru"

    Quiby was quite absorbed in a daydream about a calm meadow, somewhere sunny and far away from everything she made it her business to worry about, when the commotion from the taproom interrupted the soft sounds of nature.
    Few things annoyed her more than drunken brawls, and not only because it was her who had to clean up after them, but because fighting within the premises showed a distinct lack of respect.
    She slammed the adjoining door open and entered the taproom with all the subtlety and grace of a charging army. Unfortunately for her, with the potential conflict came the feline response of her fur bristling, which spectacularly failed to make her look anything but fluffy.
    "What in the name of the abyss is going on?" she demanded in a loud, not entirely impressive voice.
  42. Tristan turned back around, shaking Hikaru's hand;

    "My name is Tristan Knight, it is an honor to meet you, Hikaru."

    Tristan brushed his hair from his face, over his shoulders.

    "Forgive my intrusion into your affairs."
  43. Lord Kishkuman

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    Feb 25, 2004
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    Kysh heard a crash as he re entered the Inn. Turning to the sound to the crash he saw Elux laying on the ground. Dashing over to the man Kysh knelt and asked, "Sir!! What happened? Are you ok?"
  44. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    Elux layed upon the ground breathing but unconscious. His hand however still held a iron grip on the Staff of Zero which no longer glowed.
  45. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Hikaru nodded in response to his greeting, before looking once again into his eyes.
    "Why do you apologise?" she asked, "surely you don't regret-"
    Before she could finish the sentence, the crash of something inside the inn interrupted her.
    "Perhaps I am mistake, but that didn't sound good," she spun around and grabbed her spear from Misa's saddle.

    Quiby rushed over and crouched beside Kysh, looking somewhat confused and panicked.
    "I do not know, but it looks like he is still alive, she looked around wide-eyed for anyone that looked like they might be able to do anything
  46. Upon hearing the loud crash, Tristan re-entered the inn. At first, all he could see was a noisy crowd of people gathered, but when he got closer he noticed it was Elux. Shoving patrons out of the way, Tristan knelt down beside him and checked to see a pulse.

    "His pulse isn't racing - it is like he has just fallen to sleep..."

    Tristan checked to see if he had any broken bones but was unable to find any.

    "I can't find any sign of injury... What happened to this man? Surely someone saw."
  47. Quiby

    Quiby Guest

    Hikaru entered the inn shortly after Tristan, and listened to his diagnosis from a moderate distance. Although it sounded as though the man hadn't been struck by a physical blow, she remained somewhat on guard in case the perpetrator was something she had power against, should it return.
    She already suspected the spirit that had shattered her glass, although she had no reason to voice an unfounded suspicion when people needed real answers

    Quiby looked up to Tristan, "I heard a crash and I thought that there was a fight," her eyes were still wide with whatever emotions were running through her head, and her fur hadn't seemed to want to flatten entirely
  48. Zenroth

    Zenroth Guest

    The image of Xyon, then his brother clad in black robes, and then finally Elux shot into Tristan's mind. The message being sent directly to him was easy to figure out where it had came from. Which for all purposes seemed to be the staff Elux was still clenched onto.
  49. Tristan picked Elux up.

    "Quiby, please open up a room."

    Once Elux was put into an empty room, away from most of the attention, Tristan tried to wake him. He did not stir at all. The staff he was holding, the one he called 'Zero' was still in his hand, and even though the rest of his body seemed drained of all strength, the staff could not be moved.

    "I don't know where Xyon is..."

    Tristan whispered to himself. After the dark war Xyon came back to the world of the living, he was not like the Xyon of old, but was still the same boy Tristan remembered. Somehow he thought if Xyon was here, this would all sort itself out.
  50. Lord Kishkuman

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    Kysh watched with a feeling of helplessness. He hatednot being able to do anything to help but what was there he could do? So he continued to watch in hopes that all would work out ok.