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some taming related questions

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Taranas, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Taranas

    Taranas Guest

    Hi all,
    I’m (like many posters on here it seems), an old time player returning after about 6 years away; I decided to re-start on a new server (Europa), and because I’d never tried one and always fancied it, decided to make a tamer. This was a couple of months ago, and I’m really enjoying it - I’m finally not feeling like a total newb any more, although there is still a huge amount of new bits to the game I’ve not even looked into yet! This forum has been a massive help, god knows how many hours I’ve spent reading all the fascinating posts on here, however I’ve got several questions that I cant find answers to & I’m hoping you can help...

    I regularly mis-click and end up attacking my Pet by mistake – this is no big problem, a quick ’all stop’ seems to do the trick, however for a minute or so afterwards, the pet highlights as grey rather than blue – what does this mean, and is there any real consequence to it? – I cant see any…

    Honour, I’ve been gradually raising honour over the last few weeks, and am now working through the last level of it, I’ll probably fill it in a couple of weeks – my question is, do all 3 levels go at once when I use it, or just a few bubbles? – can I ‘stop’ using honour if I get a successful tame, and save some for another time? I’m a bit worried at how long it’ll take me to regain it if it all goes!

    Stable slots; I read somewhere that you can use jewellery to gain extra stable slots, by pushing skills over the milestone levels. If I do this to stable extra animals, what would happen if I tried to reclaim them without the jewellery on – do they still show up, or are the pets invisible until I re-raise the skill levels? Or do the pets even ‘poof’?

    Pet training – I’ve got 2 decent bakes and a nightmare I’m training up, but it seems so slow – my best bake now has most skills in the 90’s (some maxed), but its taken weeks, hunting Harpies-Ettins-Trolls-Earth eles, then ogre lords – am I missing something, or is it always so slow? – some posts on here had given me the impression it only took an afternoon! (I’m no power player, and am lucky to get more than an hour playing most nights…)

    Finally, its really more of a mage question, but I’m sure folks on here will know - I’ve recently started using the protection spell to stop spell interrupts during taming – but apparently it drops FC by 2 - normally mages are capped at +2FC, does this still apply with Protection, or can you with the right items still get to +2FC with Prot on?

    Thanks in advance

    Taranas (Europa)
  2. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Whenever another player attacks you it will highlight, same kinda thing happened with your pet. Just all stop all follow me. If your pet was blue you might be a criminal though.

    Just uses a bubble or two, will not all go at once.

    Pets in stables don't poof if you lower the skills by removing jewelry. You just can't re-stable them until you re-equip the jewelry to obtain the extra stable slots again. It is super easy to make macros which swap equipment in the enhanced client. Or you can pay 15 dollars for uoassist in the classic.

    That stuff you listed except the ogre lords is fairly weak. Essentially fight tougher stuff. Best powergamer gains is against a shadow elemental because they are immune to pet attacks so you can train off it quite a bit without having to stop and hunt for something else to kill.

    It will set your FC to 0, so its ok for taming but if you get into a chain healing situation it may lower the amount of healing per second you can dish out. In those cases I like to turn it off.
  3. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    I used to do this all the time!!! Then I learned about the Shift/Control key combo. To get your pets to attack a target, hold down Shift/Control, drag the targets handle and target the handle.
  4. Taranas

    Taranas Guest

    thanks for the responses guys,

    Vexxen -

    Actually i was amazed to find my uoassist key from 10 years ago was still active, (and more amazed with myself for finding the 10year old e-mail with the key!) However I cant work out how to create a macro to swap jewellery - there is pre-generated one that ‘removes ring and earrings’ (this was from back before the paperdoll had slots for these items, and they were a bugger to target!) but that doesn’t help with bracelets..., the only othe way i can see to do it is a full 'undress, then dress cycle' which is slow! – is there some way to create a custom macro for this that i'm missing?

    I was under the impression that you needed to train pets on monsters within about 20skill points of what your pet has to maximise gains? Is this not true any more? All the bakes I’ve tamed have ended up with combat skills in the 40’s after taming, which is why I started on ‘newbie’ monsters – nightmares seem to ‘tame’ with much higher combat skills however, and I go straight to Ogre Lords etc with them...

    & uoBuoY -
    I did know about this, but thats not normally my problem - I have to rather ashamedly admit that most of the time i end up attacking my pets during a ‘stress’ vetting situation, where i’m chaining bandies onto pets, (with auto-attack on) and get too eager with the clicking! wish there was a way to create a macro to 'heal pet A' and another to 'heal pet B' - I'm assuming there isnt?

  5. Jlapps

    Jlapps Guest

    Just throwing in my experiences with training Bake Kitsunes. After bonding mine, I first trained them up some on Earth Elementals in Iishnar. The regular ones died quick, especially if I brought both bake's with me - the paragons lasted some time though, and provided pretty good gains. After 50-ish wrestling skill I took them to Fire Isle with a friend of mine, one at a time. A few hours gave very good wrestling and resist gains, and a small gain in magic skills. I'm currently training them one at a time there, and that one has made good progress given it died twice in a messy encounter with a Greater Dragon ('cause they have to spawn EVERYWHERE the regular ones do >.<). Skill loss sucks btw, as does having to wait ten minutes to rez my poor pet using an NPC vet. I'm really working my Vet up for the very reason that I don't want to use NPC's. Daemons are pretty good Vet training too - my bake doesn't get into the 'oh crap he's gonna die' range, but the daemon does some damage. I do also use my bake on the occasional regular dragon, though I tend to take the hits from them because they may be able to kill my bake if I'm unlucky vetting. Drakes are also decent for my bake.
  6. This is still true about the +/-20 skill points for training (+/-25 is the absolute max I think). That is for all of the combat skills except Anatomy, which doesn't matter what the targets skill level is. The Other skills, like magery, are not dependent on the target's skills.

    An easy way to get around this if you have discord on your tamer, is to discord either your pet and fight lower level mobs, or to discord higher level mobs and fight those, or discord both. That will bring the skills levels within the +/-25 range. Your pet will actually gain faster when it is discorded, too.