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Some thoughts on the Gauntlet as a Paladin

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Nov 9, 2003.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am posting some thoughts and observations on the Gauntlet in the hopes that some players may pickup something useful, and also, maybe post a twist that will help me out.

    * LOOTING: First, I notice players running the gauntlet much better than in the past. However, the one thing they seem to be fairly poor at is looting. Here are some tips, although I'm sure many of you know this already. In a typical situation, people are tanking a boss and you are there whacking away. Have an empty backpack in your pack and open it before the boss dies. This will tell you where the corpse gump will appear. Now take the empty backpack and move it about an inch over to one side. Have an all names macro set to a key and hover your finger over it. Once the boss dies, hit all names and double click on the bosses name (for example "a darknight creeper corpse") You click the name because doom's floor can often be weird and not allow you to open a body even though you are clicking directly on it. Now grab something in the corpse and drag it to the empty bag. You use an empty bag b/c if you drag it to your main pack you may, in your haste drop the item on a spell book, rune book, or pally book which will pop the item back into the boss. Personally, I target items like rings and bracelets when I first get to the gauntlet. After all, they weigh little and can be big cash (for example 1/3 fc/fcr) and they do not need to be enhanced (translation "broken"). Also, since they are little, they are often taken last and you are almost assured of getting a few. Naturally, being the paladin (unless you are a pally archer) you are probably right on top of the boss as he dies, which makes looting much easier.

    * THE MOONGATE: The moongate is a great place to kill a DF, however, there tends to be a pile of players, dragons, lesser spawn, bodies etc which can be hard to see through. I watch my damage and occasionally I notice myself getting damaged by/damaging a hidden RC or lich. I wonder why pallys don't dispel at the gate, I would think this would clear the lesser spawn away and avoid all that nonsense. If you ever doubt that there are spawn hidden in the pile, cast HL. You may see more red numbers than you expected. Naturally, all the spawn may agro on you and you may die, but hey... that only proves that someone should have dispelled. Here is another gate observation: Players can be nasty to each other by using specials on DF. DF responds to a special w/ whirlwind attack which does damage to all players in the area. Watch out because I believe players may pull your bar if you are tanking, and special DF if you get low, to get you killed. I think they assume that you have to be alive to get an artifact and that their chances go up if your not. I have no idea how artifacts are dropped, or if this thinking is correct, but I DO notice that when I'm in the pile, DF won't be hitting me and I will only be taking reflect damage, then when he is near dead... POW he whirlwinds a few times and some people die. Yeah, probably some people just want to get in the killing blow and use specials without malicious intent, but the effect is the same anyways. Maybe keep some mana to heal the inevitable DF special when he is low, rather than attempting to put 30 extra damage on him.

    * ARMOR: Having 120 resist affords me some choices, and this is what I have done. I take a medable 70 phys resist suit w/ as much luck and stat increase as I can pack in. I take a vet cloak and robe and a gold shield, w/ HC and fc1. Basically, I am then 70, 44, 44, 44, 44 with a few stat points.

    * TANKING: I rarely tank. Mostly I watch other players set up and once they start whacking away, I start. I ALWAYS heal the tank though, and its not outa courtesy. If he dies, then the whole thing can go to hell fast and cost me time. I even heal pet tanks. When you notice that the boss has switched to you check to see if players are healing you. If you don't see anything in a second or so, then take a few steps back. I think most guys would grab your bar and heal ya if they know who it was on. If you are tanking, then I suggest precast close wounds and just wait till you are very low to pop it off.

    *JEWELRY FC1/FCR2 ring and brace... for me there is no other way.

    *WEAPS Other than the obvious Deam and Undead slayer, I carry a GM Neon 70 cold 30 fire, w/ SS and 35% dam inc for the bugs. Saves mana from not having to consecrate and hurts bugs more than the other 2 weaps I carry.

    Feel free to add… *hopes*
  2. Galingree

    Galingree Journeyman
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    Jun 3, 2008
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    Those were the times.
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