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[Price Check] Some Weapons - Looking for Price Guideline

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by ianubisi, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. ianubisi

    ianubisi Guest

    I managed to pick up these today:

    Twinkling Scimitar - Undead Slayer, DCI 6%, FC 1, DI 50% (Doom!)
    Katana - Fireball 34%, SSI 30%, DI 49%
    Sai - Lightning 26%, HML 27%, FC 1, SSI 25, DI 29% (not uber, but not bad)
    Tetsubo - HSL 48%, HLD 24%, HCI 10%, DCI 15%, DI 49%

    If anyone can give me a ballpark I would be grateful.

    (on Baja if interested PM)
  2. ianubisi

    ianubisi Guest

    Any thoughts on pricing?
  3. S.W.A.T

    S.W.A.T Guest

    Sorry, not good at Price Checking, but you can now, get the Undead Slayer Talisman (10 HCI, 20 DI, 2 HPR, 1 Dex Bonus), which is a lot more effective then Undead Slayer Weapons. So I know that wouldn't go for much =P