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Someone is knocking at the Dor....

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by MigontheStranger, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. The festivities held at the Yew Merriment Center for All were nothing less than spectacular. Why should they not, thought Migon, after all the LuT guild did something unexpected. They went into hostile lands and rescued an Sonoman Icon. They went into the jaws of death and were able to retrieve Dor from her captivity by the Golgotha guild. They being Neutral Galad, Ivana, Brown Ninja, and Jarlaxle who dared to enter the Cavitus Citadel and make things easier for him. Migon tipped his cap off to them, if only in his mind.

    Migon walked and mingled through the excited crowd quietly. He had other matters on his mind, mainly where Dor was currently recuperating. It did not take him long to wander through the Yew Merriment Center for All and locate his friend. There she sat, in the lounge room on the first floor of the building, seemingly deep in thought. She seems to have a lot on her mind, were the thoughts Migon contemplated for a brief moment, and did not hear him enter the room.

    When the door shut the noise from the jubilation of her return left the two alone, at last. He quietly walked up to her and studied her face as she seemed to be trying to forget her recent ordeal with the undead. An ordeal that must be hard to contend with for any normal being not used to the hardships of life standing on top of your head and trying to place you six feet under at such an early age. Definitely nothing that hard.

    He gently placed a caring hand on her shoulder and spoke quietly to her "Dor. I am glad to see that you are through that terrible event. You seem to be surviving well. I hope that those fiends did not harm you. That would be a crime in itself, to cause duress to such a beautiful flower as yourself." She looked up at the man speaking and he could see the stress racing across her face and knew that this place was not where she needed to be to recover completely.

    "Why do you not come with me. I have a beautiful place where you can be to yourself and can have plenty of time to regroup, so to speak. A chance to get away from the excitement for a little while. That does interest you, no?" Migon softly spoke again and looked deep into Dor's eyes as he extended a hand to her as he sat on his horse.

    Dor looked up at him, slowly stood up, took Migon's hand as he helped her up onto his horse. Without another word, Migon casted a spell and both he and Dor vanished from the back room. Nobody seemed to notice and Migon did not care if anyone did. It was too late for anyone to interfere now, now that Dor decided to leave with him. Leave with him and give him the opportunity to show Vecna how one should finesse a good kidnapping and make the victim feel as if it was their choice, instead of the brute force and barbarism displayed by Vecna a few nights ago. Amateurs, Migon thought, complete amateurs.

    Migon and Dor arrived at their destination without incident and without any fanfare, ego tripping, or power mongering. They both rode his horse into the structure that would now become Dor's home for the time being. Migon quickly tended to Dor's needs, showing her where she could reclaim the valuable sleep that she had lost over the past few days and produced some food for her to eat when she would regain her appetite.

    Migon pulled up a chair along the side of her bed, as she lay there, and proceeded to read to her a story about a young boy who sought his fame and fortune in a hard and cruel world. The story never made it to one of the crescendos before Migon observed that Dor was quietly asleep. He brushed the hair from her face and again quietly spoke "Sleep well, milady, you will need your strength."

    He placed the book down on the nightstand, walked out of the room, and closed the door. Whether she realized who he was or not he did not care. She was with him now and that was all that mattered. A few quick spells sent out by Migon weaved their way around the door to the windowless room to alert him should his "guest" decide to stir and explore the house. The spells on the doors should keep her from leaving this place, he thought, as he stored her reagents and other supplies in another location in the house.

    Walking downstairs, Migon went to his desk and proceeded to write two notes. The first one was written and secretively placed in the Yew Merriment Center for All while no one around. The messenger recalls away to allow anyone to find it. It reads;

    Dear LuT members and other visitors of the Yew Merriment Center for All,


    I am delighted to see your success in Dor being rescued and restored to her rightful place at the above mentioned vocational center. If it were not for you and your celebrating, which may or may not still be continuing, I would not have been able to acquire Dor in a much more subtle and quiet manner.

    I am writing this parchment in the hopes to see what Dor is truly worth to you for I am also sending a similar letter to Vecna or Soulstealer, whoever claims to be in charge now, for the same purpose. For your devoted respect and for gold, of course.

    It would seem that you have a choice, either offer more than what Golgotha submits for Dor and see to her safe return into your care, or lose out on the bidding opportunity and she returns to the undead. Who knows what they will have in store for her upon her possible return. I would hate to imagine.

    But whatever you decide, her life is in your hands. Shall we start the bidding out at one million gold? Do not worry about trying to reach me. I have ways of finding out what your offer is.

    Please enjoy the picture sent with this letter to prove the validity of my statement.


    Migon the Stranger

    The second note was placed on the door of the Cavitus Citadel, under stealth, for anyone to find it. The messenger recalls away. And it reads;

    Dear Vecna, Soulstealer, Golgotha members,


    I am sure you are disappointed to find and hear that Dor was taken from your captivity. Though your style lacks any couth, it definitely got the job done. I was not impressed, but at least you tried, and I am not surprised to see that you lost your "friend" so quickly. To allow a group of thieves and looters to play hero and rescue the damsel in distress? Embarrassing.

    I am writing this parchment in the hopes to see what Dor is truly worth to you for I am also sending a similar letter to the Yew Merriment Center for All for the same purpose. For you devoted respect and for gold, of course. I can already see your response though, "I am all powerful and I do not need her any longer. I am woman, hear me roar! Growl!", but I do hope this is not the case.

    I am sure it will be hard for you to overcome your ego and be willing to offer money for something you were not able to keep, but should you change your mind I figured it would be the gentlemanly thing to do, at least. I know it is tough to see your own faults, but this letter would not be coming to you if you would have done a proper job and not botched this whole thing up.

    I did what you asked, by killing Vladimir and McCoy, and that was free of charge. I do not like them much anyway, but this one will cost you. Shall we start the bidding out at one million gold? I await your response. Do not worry on trying to reach me. I have ways of finding out what your offer is.

    Please enjoy the picture sent with this letter to prove the validity of my statement.


    Migon the Stranger

    After making sure the messenger had delivered the parchments and confirming this fact in the streets of Britain, Migon quietly pays the boy and deliberately walks away as one of his compatriots appears from the shadows, dispatching the boy. The gurgling sound from the youth's throat, cut in such a manner to prevent resurrection, was music to Migon's ears. Migon casually walks over to the lifeless body and reclaims the gold, then continues his stroll for a few minutes longer until he eventually recalled back to his house where his precious new friend continued to slumber away.

    Migon sat in one of his padded chairs and began to read from another book as the evening slowly passed away.
  2. From a secure location the Gypsy's spell-woven slumber is disturbed by disturbing visions, and haunting dreams. What her protected mind can not dwell upon, her body seems to sense as vibrations in the air, and she whimpers and cries in her sleep.

    What happens to Dor filters through her barely conscious mind, and Keja's draws herself into a ball. A vivid dream of Dor in that room, leaves the gypsy soaked in perspiration and shaking. Keja well remembers that nightmare room, and all that she witnessed there, and even in sleep, she fears for Dor's safety.
  3. Lord Vecna

    Lord Vecna Guest

    *A messages is posted to the door of Migon's home, covered in blood and held in place by a magical field*

    Migon...you fool. Do you not think that at any time I wish to reclaim Dor, I can do so? Your pitiful excuse at an attempt to persuade me to give you gold for something I could easily accomplish again is a testiment to your incompiteance. You will NEVER be my equal, no fleshling could ever be...especially such a foolish one. Respect!? No mortal or fleshling gains my respect...some have earned an extremely small place in the vastness of my thoughts, but you Migon are not one of these. You are an insolent and weak being, not capable of ever gaining power as great as I have reached...and do not think in that small pea sized brain that at anytime I wish it, your life could be extinguished and you soul given to me as tribute. If you were to turn Dor over to my agents now, I may be somewhat forgiving. The choice is yours...weather to live on my side, or die against me.

    Lord Vecna
  4. Out for a healthy stroll to keep his vim and vigor flowing, just north of Cove, Migon happens to notice a strange blood covered parchment on some person's house. Odd, thought Migon, as he motions one of his compatriots to go see what the note indicates. The friend of Migon goes over to the note, studies it carefully, and turns back to say "Migon, some one has placed a note up here that is meant for you on the wrong house", the friend pauses a moment to stifle a laugh and continues, "and it is covered in rabbit blood." The friend pulls a small clump of rabbit fur from the note and lets it loose to be carried away in the breeze that happened to be passing. Migon nods as his friend proceeds to read the message meant for him, but had definitely missed its aim.

    "I am a fool that could never be his equal without any 'great' power and lack his respect?", Migon talks to no one in particular, "Oh drat, and I was so hoping we could be friends and have long hours of tea parties and play bridge. So mote it be." Migon shrugs the message off, casts a quick spell, and the note turns back into a rabbit. Migon and his friend continue walking in no pre-designated direction as he speaks to his friend "You see friend, Mr. Vecna is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. A mere road side magician who uses parlor tricks, slight of hand, deception, and the ignorance of his audience to pull off *raises his hands to purposely mock the quoting* 'amazing' and 'marvelous' works of his 'awesome power'. Mr. Vecna has definitely fooled the populous with his carnival side show act and the only thing that makes him dangerous is the fact that he is willing to do anything to stroke his own ego."

    Migon continues, "It is a pity really. One, because he thinks he needs to do all of this hocus pocus mumbo jumbo mamby pamby flash and awe to strike fear and confusion into the hearts and minds of the commoner and two, because of the bruising of his Id by the rescue of Dor by LuT, he will now lash out at potential allies instead of welcoming their friendship. He is more narrow-minded than I thought, but what am I to do if the man refuses to listen to common sense? I will just keep tabs on the man because nothing is more dangerous than a man who feels he must do anything to attain the status of 'godhood' to become great. I am sure he will reach it one day, and I feel sorry for those followers that day who will not know any better than to 'worship' him."

    His friend nods in agreement as they continue to walk through the countryside. The rabbit on the doorstep sits on its hind legs, looks around, sniffs the air, and then scurries off in the opposite direction of the humans. "Shall we set things in motion, Migon?" asks his friend. Migon stops for a moment and then nods to him. His friend recalls out to leave Migon by himself for a moment to lean on his staff. "Turn Dor over to his agents", chides Migon, "and no harm will come to me, at his whim." Migon laughs out loud at the thought and then recalls away to another part of the lands. The laughter is left behind to echo and fade, along with the sound of the spell. Some three hundred yards away a leopard chases down the rabbit and has it for dinner and, while it is devouring its meal, a wandering troll dashes its skull in with its club to partake in a hearty meal for itself.
  5. _DMK_

    _DMK_ Guest

    Hey at least when vecna kidnapped Dor, it was fun..
  6. Lord Vecna

    Lord Vecna Guest

    *A hollow raspy voice echo's in Mogon's head*

    My young fleshling....do not presume to question my ways or fathom them for you cannot begin. I choose to strike fear into your hearts by using the power granted me by my followers and armies. One "man" as you so eloquently put it...and I am astonished by your insolence in classifying my status with one of your precious fleshlings. Your arrogance and insolence will get you in a shallow grave Migon. Your best move would be to aid me as I have asked you...for the good of your very soul.
  7. Sitting quietly in the northwest corner of the Marsh Hall tavern, in Vesper, playing chess with his friend, Migon studies the board with his hands interlocked over his stomach. His friend, also quietly studying the same board, slowly moves his hand over to his queen and slides it from A3 to E7. The queen casts a disintegrate spell and the bishop that used to occupy the square turns to ash and disappears as his friend states "Check."

    "A bold move, my friend.", Migon speaks, as he breaks the silence, "you should have me in checkmate by two moves. There is just one problem, though.", he paused long enough for his friend to give him a quizzical look, "I'll have you in checkmate this turn." With that being said, Migon moves his rook from H7 to E7. The rook begins to shake the board for a few seconds, as it turns into a stone golem. The queen attempts to cast a spell on the golem, but it deflects off the stone. The golem smiles as it raises its fist and swiftly brings it down on top of the head of the queen. The slight 'crack' of her neck could be heard as she slumps to the ground and then fades off of the board. The golem shakes the board again as it transforms back into its tower form.

    His friend speaks "That was the best move I have seen all night." Migon comments "Yes, simply the best, checkmate", as the tavern keeper behind the bar starts to scream at the top off his lungs and grabs his head in confusion. Migon and his friend look at each other and then look at Mogon the tavern keeper as he rants and raves, "MAKE THE VOICES IN MY HEAD STOP!! PLEASE MAKE THEM STOP!! WHO IS MIGON AND WHAT IS THIS ABOUT QUESTIONING SOME ONE'S AUTHORITY?! I AM JUST A SIMPLE KEEPER OF MY TAVERN, I DO NOT QUESTION ANYBODY, OTHER THAN WHAT TYPE OF DRINK THEY DESIRE!! MY NAME IS MOGON!! MOGON!! NOT MIGON!!"

    "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" yells Mogon the tavern keeper as he runs out of the door to the establishment and into some unknown direction. His screaming eventually fades from the ears of those still in the tavern and the conversation slowly picks up again around the place. "That was different." his friend says, pointing out the obvious. "Yes, it was. I would say that the service here will now become dreadfully painful and it is time to take our leave. Without a tavern keeper, there is no need to stay any longer." Migon says in agreement as they both get up from their table and recall from the tavern.

    The chessboard magically resets itself and patiently awaits the next pair of combatants to test their skills at its simple, yet complicated game.
  8. Nug the Ork

    Nug the Ork Guest

    As Nug walks down the street he sees a screaming idiot. He stops, pulls his axe off his back and lops off the loonie's head as he runs by.
  9. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    *Jaw drops* That was... *wipes tears from eyes* very funny.