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Something Huge!

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by Malcoren, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Malcoren

    Malcoren Guest

    Hi im new to stratics (probably the third time i have said that :p) anyways i have been a part of stratics for a while but not really the forums. This game is fun but some of the things that we do from day to day can get a little old. So i ask if we could do something big, something that will hit the players of toontown with an iron fist, you know make our "mark" on toontown. I do have an idea but it involves allot of cog summoning. :D

    Tell me what you think. :)
  2. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    First of all, welcome, nice to see you are enthusiastic. Secondly, though, I find your secrecy about your idea a little off-putting. Why didn't you just state your plan?

    Something big for in-game?
  3. Malcoren

    Malcoren Guest

    Sorry about not saying what i was gonna do but i needed to get off the computer. :) anyways i thought we should go to a fairly populated area, go to one street, then turn as many buildings into cog buildings as we can. Just something that people can do if they are bored you know. :eyes:
  4. Good idea - but if there are 24 districts on a street, we have 31 summons. and there are at laest 80 distircts, no way that this would be able to happen in 1 day - so i wouldnt be able to do this.
  5. Malcoren

    Malcoren Guest

    Oh no i only meant for one streat but if we did the whole place, wow that would be big. :thumbup: