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**Sonoma Guild Listings**

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Greetings and well met!
    Please feel free to leave a reply to this post with and advertisement for yer Sonoma Guild.
    Write as much lore and history and information as ye wish, or as little as ye wish. Just as a suggestion you might want to list:

    - Guild Name and Abbreviation

    - Guildmaster's Name

    - Whether or not you are currently recruiting

    - Website and/or Contact Information

    - Other information such as:

    Which activities your guild engages in, what you stand for, which types of playstyles (and players) you generally prefer, and which facet(s) you normally play on. You can include your guild's creed, motto or philosophy, or anything else that may be of interest to anyone seeking to learn about your guild
    If ye want to discuss a Guild listed in here, then please do so in either a New Thread or via PM or some other chat means.

    Also, Be sure to give yer readers a method to best contact ye!


    If ye be looking for a Free Forum for yer Sonoma Guild, then check out what Stratics has to offer Ultima Online Guildmasters:


    Then look no further, for Stratics has ye covered!

    Sonoma's Guild Forum section is up and running and is accepting applicants for a forum for yer Sonoma Guild!

    Travel to this link below to request an Sonoma Guild Forum:

    Or, View the Sonoma Guild forum section at this link below:

    Here ye be an introduction of what the Stratics Sonoma Guild Forums has to offer:

    A Guild, in terms of these forums, does not have to be a Guild in the strict OSI/UO sense. Instead, what we call a Guild can be any group of Ultima Online players who desire a public and private place to communicate. If you have a town council, trade group, or other organization in game made up of members of many guilds, you can have a forum here for planning events, etc, just as much as a group of people with the same guildstone can have a set of forums.

    You can have either two or three forums created for your group:

    <u>Public Forum</u>
    Readable by all, writable by all. You, as the requestor, will have moderator access to this forum. This forum WILL strictly adhere to the rules of conduct for Stratics Forums and will only allow w3t Markup, no HTML - no profanity, no pornography, no warez, no personal information, no cheats, hacks, etc. Break these rules or allow them to be broken in your public forum and your entire set of forums will be REMOVED. You will be able to request additional moderators for your forums.

    <u>Private Forum - Members</u>
    You will be given one Members only forum for which only people you desire can gain access . Your members will be able to read and write posts in this forum away from the eyes of the general public. HTML will be allowed and the rules of conduct will be relaxed in these forums - however, pornography, warez, and any illegal activities in these forums will be immediate cause for removal of all associated forums.

    <u>Private Forum (Optional) Leaders</u>
    If your guild has a council based leadership or an inner circle which needs a private place to discuss matters, you can have a 2nd private forum for that use. The membership for this forum should be limited to only those people who decide matters for your Guild. This forum is subject to the same rules and policies as the Members Public forum.

    <u>Stratics Guild Forum Moderator Rules of Conduct</u>:<blockquote><hr>

    Moderators on these forums have the ability to ban users from these forums. If you have a problem user you must report all details, including links to posts to us. We will investigate and resolve the issue based on the Stratics Rules of Conduct. IN AN EMERGENCY YOU MAY TAKE ACTION, BUT ANY BANNING MUST BE DOCUMENTED BY EMAILING WITH DETAILS ABOUT WHY A USER IS BEING BANNED, INCLUDING REFERENCES TO THREADS WHERE THE USER IS ABUSING THE FORUMS. It is far far easier for you to report a trouble user to us and have us look into it than to have us post-investing because you banned someone w/o talking to us about it. If we find you have abused your privileges as a moderator, you risk being banned yourself and losing your guild's forums. Abusing the ban system of these forums will result in your entire guild from being permanently banned from these forums.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    <u>Please be aware</u>:
    That ye as guild leader, and yer guild members, must register a nickname on the UO Stratics Guild forums first.
    <font color="red">These forums do not use the same user database as the Public Stratics forums,
    so even if ye already use those ye will still need to sign up at the UO Stratics Guild forums.

    Enjoy, aye!

    Quenchant, Legandary Armsman
    Stratics UO Sonoma Moderator

    The Old Guild Listings can be found here.
  2. LoveSpirit

    LoveSpirit Guest

    Name of Guild: Sonoma Angels of Light Guild (SAL)
    GM of Guild: Leara Anne
    Distinquishing item: All have title displayed on character and each title has the word "Angel" in it. Guildmistress and 2 main assistants (LoveSpirit and Love Spirit) almost always wear White clothes.
    Way to contact Guild: LoveSpirit's ICQ is 324 991 870

    This guild never participates in sparing or wars. It's only purpose is to provide assistance at many levels. The vision of this guild is to network all players of "light" and goodwill and to surround Sonoma in a web of light. Helping young players to learn honor, justice, and the joy of giving (and receiving:)...helping all to learn and grow in their experiences. SAL also, assists returning players.

    Not recruiting at this time.

    There is a complex and several annexed locations throughout Sosaria built and decorated with *helping* in mind. (By doing a stratics search of
    the word "Rainbow" or "lovespirit" you can see an in depth article about this). These buildings can be identified by the word "Rainbow" on the house sign. Many guilds and individuals have assisted with the mission and work of S.A.L.
  3. Kimi_Mori

    Kimi_Mori Guest


    Name of Guild: Ultima Online Stratics Sonoma (UOS)

    GM of Guild : Kimi Mori

    colors: Black and Blue (or pink, depending on who you ask)

    Contact: [email protected]

    The UOS guildtag indicates that the person you are looking at is a reporter for stratics. If you see us in game, feel free to tell us about any upcoming events you or your guild is hosting.

    If you want to Join UOS, apply to be a stratics reporter!

    [/ QUOTE ]


    For those that have always wanted to join the UOS team yet couldn't because you lack the skills or the time that is required, (many people cannot do this as it does require alot of time on them) there is the UOSS [Ultima Online Stratics Stringers] Normally these are alts of reporters or real life mates, yet if you like to contributed to the UOS team [snaps shots submitted to Reporters] or just be a part of the fun yet cannot be a reporter then this may be for you. Be warned you will be on a very long probration as we wish to insure that only the most trusted people are allowed in this alliance.

    [/ QUOTE ]
  4. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    So you are an inspiring Treasure Hunter to be, then come and join THB.

    Name of Guild: Treasure Hunters of Britannia

    GM of Guild: Nami

    Way to contact Guild: Treasure Hunters of Britannia there is an online application there to join. Or you can PM Nami here, or post a message at the THB [Sonoma chapter] Forum.

    We have a Trammel Rune Library and a lock picking house, open to the public, to train your skill in lock picking. Located due north of the Vesper bank'

    Lock Picking


    We are a very unformal little group of players that sell our skills to the greater population of the shard. We are not a group seeking the spot light, normally keeping to the shadows. We are in alliance with several larger Sonoma guilds that allows us to join in their fun.
  5. We Run It

    We Run It Guest

    Name-The Extraordinary Killers (Tek)
    GM- Memphis Bleek
    Recruiting- No
    Other Info-We mainly pvp and run champ spawns and such. We do a little pvm such as lady m's. What players we mainly look for is people that u can trust and know that they will come and help when they are asked...people that listen well and go out of thier way to help one another. We play in fel 90% of the time somtimes u can find us at luna bank or something but mainly in fel either at brit gate or champ spawns(dsp).If you need to get ahold of me or any other tek member just ask one of us..we are glad to help.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    YaY i won't get warned with this one. hehe. or banned.

    Hello All, my name is Melchior and I'm the guild leader of OSG, Order of Saint George guild. We are always looking for new players, returning players, or old players. This guild was formed in 03 and has great history. Most members are always ready to help someone in all aspects of the game. Although we have been scrutinized and pushed beyond the limits, it has made for one formidable and most humble guild. If you like all aspects of this game then you will enjoy OSG. We mainly reside in Felucca but we play all over involving, PVP, Spawns, Peerlesses, crafting, and small talk. Before considering joining this fine establishment, understand that we do not tolerate griefing,stealing,cheating, racism, or drama of any sort. If you just want good, sound clean fun, then look us up. We are everywhere and always willing to help. REMEMBER !!! Don't Believe the Hype. ask us and we'll tell you all. Hope to see u !!! TREAT EM RUFF !!!
  7. Name-The Empire of Zog
    GM- Lord Thraximus
    Recruiting- Yes
    Other Info- We are the oldest guild on Sonoma, formed in 97 and then 98(on Sonoma). The Zog are also a semi-RP and semi-pvp guild. All are welcome to join our ranks, but only the brightest and good looking may join the empire without fear of our secert police or glorious emperor. Anyone who has played sonoma for more than 4 years has been in or been killed by the Zogs. We are the most hated guild on Sonoma, and also the most loved. Zog is a war guild, but sadly sonoma is all "warred" out these days....Now we mostly just entertain ourselfs however we can with the local population.

    Contact GM's ICQ: 235527717

  8. We are YAD. YAD stands for "You Are Dead" because we end up seeing that phrase over and over again. [​IMG]

    We are a TB faction guild on Sonoma.
    (We also have faction guilds on siege, atlantic, great lakes and baja.)

    Factions is about team playing and having fun and controlling the towns.

    If you are interested in joining YAD please keep in mind:
    * you do not have to be a pvp God to play
    * we will help you learn
    * please leave your ego at the door
    * you must have a fondness for death robes
    * You are over 18 IRL
    If that sounds like you then contact a member of YAD and one of them will point you to the right person for more info.

    For info on factions and how they work Poo has writen a GREAT "Factions 101" here
    It's realy not a scarey as you think. Also the late and beloved Gypsy Keja Mimi wrote some great stories on her time in factions when YAD 1st started out you can find that

    you don't have to join a guild to be in factions...so if your ready jump on in...the water is warm...(only cause Silk peed in it)

    Here is the YAD message board: Stop on by and say hello!
  9. Secret Society

    GM of Guild Nimue

    contact us at Icq #360790764

    Recruiting- yes

    We are seeking new members, We hold ourselves to a high standard , We are establishing ourselves, at the present time we are a small guild looking to grow. looking in the near future to do alot of group hunts ect.

    For info on our guild you can reach me on icq
  10. Rathnor

    Rathnor Guest

    Guild Name - The Mythical Knights of Sonoma [MKOS]

    GM Name - Rathnor

    Recruiting - not currently

    Contact Info - ICQ 308751041

    We're a small guild just returning to UO after 3+ years of playing other MMORPGs. We're mostly a Role Playing/PvM guild, but we will have some members that PvP occasionally. We're still building our houses and characters up, as many of us are starting over. As a result, not all members are actually in the guild yet for training reasons.

    Once we're settled in, we'll be attending events and may even host some ourselves. Some of our best memories on UO were from role playing in events, both EM created and ones we invented ourselves.
  11. Aegis of Light (AoL)

    Guildmaster: Argond Earandir

    Old Timers will remember AoL as the guild of Janos Antero. Unfortunately many years ago Janos left AO. Currently the Guildhall is a Tower at the Yew Crossroads in Trammel. (Items on the front steps are reminders of dormant members ...) You'll still see some characters around, stop and say Hi!
  12. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Ok folks, most of this Thread is outdatted, so int he next few days I will be doing some cleanup(unsticking this thread and making a new one) so if your guild is listed in here, your guild is still active and you would like to have it lised in the new Thread please PM me and I will have it moved to the new one.