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Sonoma spawn enthusiasts!!

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Sep 2, 2002.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm glad to see so many people using the irc channel! It's up to eveyone to work together to make it work. Please change the topic accordingly to show where the spawn is currently at and the amount of candles in progress.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For Sonoma spawn enthusiasts: in the works right now is an IRC channel called #sonspawn. For further information on how to connect : http://chat.stratics.com/
    I use irc.frws.com server myself.....seems to be the most stable so far. Please pass this info on. You can change topic of room to reflect where the current spawn is.

    I will post the directions and walk you through step by step. You may want to print this out for further reference as you are going through the download process. I have noticed the other shards (Chessie especially) spawn rooms are very productive. With that said...here are your directions...

    * Go to mirc.com
    * Click on "download and try mirc 6.02"
    * Click on any download site closest to where you are
    * Click "save" and let it download
    * Open where you put the file, double click the icon
    * Click "next" then "yes", then "install"
    * Your choice, either read the info or click "Launch" then "finish"
    * Read thru the introduction if you need to get familiar with mIRC
    * Click the x
    * There are several boxes in front of you... you want the second box. It should say (I'm assuming its the same for everyone) Random US Dal network. Even if it doesnt, doesn't matter, thats the box you're changing right now anyway.
    * Click "add" then type in the description bar irc.frws.com . Type it again in the IRC server box. * Click "add"
    * Now fill if your name (I have my nickname there, not my real name) So if your char name is Harriet, type in Harriet, etc. Your email address is NOT visable to ANYONE so don't worry, type it in.
    * Where it says Nickname type your char name , and then for alternate, if you choose, you can put something else in there or just leave blank.
    * Click "ok"
    * Click the 3rd box over from the left...it has a # and a + on it. (thats the list of all the rooms on that server)
    * Type in #sonspawn on top box and in description then click "add" then "join"
    * Guess what, YOU'RE IN THE ROOM!! Welcome!!
    * To register your name so no one else can use it on the stratics network, in the bottom bar where your curser is, type this: /register YOURNICKNAME HERE <yourpassword here>
    For example: /register Harriet <blahblah>

    We plan to be fully functional by nights end, barring no problems and with help from the nice guy from chespawn who will be sending me a program so EVERYONE can constantly update the spawns. For now, just change the topic of the room by double clicking the screen and type where the spawn is on the first bar on top. Thanks and see you there!!!
  3. Great work, Cliodna...and a good idea. :)

    I'm going to sticky this for a couple of days, to make sure everyone has a chance to read it. Good luck!
  4. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    I borrow this information for the OTE forum as well.

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Go right ahead. All GM's should be posting it on their websites. If their guilds take advantage of this, they all should do fairly well with the spawn.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd like to congratulate #sonspawn first complete spawn. We did Tortoise (undead was spawning) for hours (it started spawning around 2:30pm EST but we kept abandoning it) ...Started out as a very small group of us (four!) , and pretty soon we had the place crawling with other spawn enthusiasts. We worked the spawn better then I've seen most large groups work Deceit. Good going everyone! Work successfully completed at 12:07 am EST.

    Remember, to change the topic of the room, double click the text. Change the topic accordingly up on the top line to reflect current spawn location, candles and time.

    Again, NICE JOB!
  7. H0riz0n AoE

    H0riz0n AoE Guest

    Thanks... we PK's can use it too. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  8. Hrm, yeah...but even on your site it doesn't seem like you guys are too active yet or even a force to reckon with (yet). Besides...I'd LOVE to see you guys vs Black Shadow!!