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Sons and Daughters of the Dark

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Daemon McCrowley, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Daemon McCrowley

    Mar 9, 2015
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    Daemon walked the hall of Fathers, slowly and in no hurry. He stopped at each frozen father, a sign that the Son they had guided had fallen to sleep. Many of the sons he had known, fought with, and even led to battle. So many years he had lost count. His solemness grew as he walked further into the chambers, hoping the next Father would not be frozen in time. Father after Father he passed, until he reached his own....

    "Father, You summoned and I have answered" Daemon said with head respectfully bowed.

    "Daemon the time has come, are you ready?"

    "Father I was not ready when I was born to this destiny, I trust in time"

    "The Valley?"

    "It had fallen into decay in this world since I was last brought here, but all is undisturbed. We have rebuilt, all is well."

    "And you understand your fate?"

    "I do Father, yet, so many frozen, am I the only remaining son?"

    " The others can be awakened, if you can wake their sons"

    "I will try Father, though this world is so poisoned with lies, they will not heed the truth."

    "We shall see, Daemon, We shall see"


    "None of them remember?" the Countess asked as she polished her scimitar

    "No, my love, we are safe." Daemons eyes glazed as he stared into the distance, far across trammel, to Aegis as he thought *Save one my love, there is one who may remember, but will that memory render us unsafe?*
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  2. Daemon McCrowley

    Mar 9, 2015
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    Daemon smiled to himself as he watched his love come thru the door. He did not give her the love she deserved, but gives her all the love he has. This Daughter of Dark was by far the one.

    She leaned in to give him a soft kiss hello, then made her way to the bar for an ale. As she poured her tankard she asked "Have you finished?"

    Daemon closed his the tome he had been studying. "Other than the furniture and other decorations to make a home a home, I have. The buildings are placed correctly and the spells have been wove. All is protected and as it should be."

    "And by what name shall it be known?" she asked sweetly, knowing that he could care less.....

    with a slight grin and a twinkle in his eye he replied "McCrowley Hollow" than laughed as he watched her nearly spit her ale thru her nose, she set her tankard down and laughing approached him to hug him

    " That is why I love you Daemon, Handsome, dangerous, and such a good sense of humor! I am off to change, we are still riding tonight, Yes?"

    " Yes my love, tonight we begin to see this land, and perhaps begin to learn why I am once again here"

    "Will there be Ale?" Daemon loved the playful tone she could muster when she wanted to

    "There will always be ale, my love....."

    As she left the room he could hear her laughing still, muttering to herself "Hollow" before giggling again......


    "Does that sign say Yew? What is a Yew?"

    "If I recall correctly, it is a small farming village. Though this may have changed since my last visit."

    With a glitter to her eyes she asked "And how old were you then?"

    Daemon grinned "How old am I now?"

    " I do not know Master Daemon"

    " and that is exactly how old I was then" he replied. He loved the game they played, her trying to figure out his age.

    As they rode the path, happily bantering back and forth, enjoying their time together. They came into town. They rode around a bit to get orientated with the "city". They came upon an archery contest. With a knowing glance to each other, they reigned in to watch.

    The contest was going very well, and just before a winner was announced, a man in green loosened sword in scabbard. Daemon's eyes were drawn to the slight movement and the group now had his full attention. He had known her long enough to know that she was also aware that something was not ordinary.

    A man in green approached another man, shouting that he had used the word Guardian. At first Daemon was amused, and thought they must be some sort of friends with an inside joke. Daemon's amusement quickly vanished when the man shouted "And he is lisping, He is a DEMON!" and with that the man attacked. Before their eyes, a peaceful night of archery, ale and horseback turned to a melee. Daemon moved in his stir ups, but she reached out and touched his arm softly. "Stay yourself and watch" she whispered.

    After the fight, they asked the man in green why he had attacked the other man. "He is an evil demon!" The man replied with the passion that only the blind and lost can muster for such a circumstance. This statement alone was enough to send Daemon into a rage, but he knew that she was right, he must stand down and learn more of how these lands had once again become blinded. Though he knew he would not slay this man as he deserved, he couldn't resist baiting him...

    "Who told you this man is a demon? Who told you this man is evil?" an upcry from those around the man followed, much of which Daemon could not make out. One woman caught his ear as she asked in a tone as if he were ******** "Would you let skeletons into your house?"

    Daemon looked her dead in the eye, and replied "If they are nice, of coarse!" He looked to his love and said "I believe we have seen enough tonight" she replied "Indeed" and they rode off.


    "Have a drink Love, I know your blood is boiling, you need to rest." She handed him something from a local still.

    "Boiling? Our people are nearly non existent due to the lies taught by these children that fight for fairy tales. Now they commit murder in the streets while being cheered for their righteousness???" his anger was not even attempted to be down played.

    She knew him well enough to know when not to poke. He would be likely to suit up and go back, and she knew if that were to happen, she would be at his side, and she knew that he would not stop till all the seekers of lies lay dead and the streets ran with the blood of truth. She said a small prayer to her dark mother, "Just a little more time of peace? Please? We deserve that don't we?" But she knew that the season of peace she and her man had been enjoying would soon come to an end, she knew that the day they arrived.

    "She stood up and left him brooding, as she left the room she whispered, "Come to bed Love....."
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  3. Daemon McCrowley

    Mar 9, 2015
    Likes Received:
    The Keepers of Truth, we are. We write in the Book of Truth. There are many keepers, but only one book. It is hidden and protected well, though the original tome, Tome of Time was destroyed, but that is another story........

    Ahh, Daemon McCrowley, that is a fine story indeed. When was he born you ask? Long before I was initiated as a steward to record the Truth. In fact he was already in existence when the Book of Truth was begun. The records of his originality were lost in the great war with the destruction of the Tome of Time. As long as I have been , he has been, and I suspect he will be long after I am not.

    Daemon is a child of the dark. I will try to be brief, seeker.

    Long before you nor I could count time, long before any of the history as you know it. Necromancers lived peacefully in the light. They were revered for their knowledge, wisdom, and endless studies. They were powerful beings and protectors of life, not life as you know it, true life. All beings are life. This was before such falsehoods as "good" and "evil". Alas, there arose those who feared the power of the necromancers. Their arose those who feared their practices. Their arose those who wished to be more powerful than the necromancers. There is always those is there not?

    And so, there were those who used the fears of the uneducated. Twisted the acts and rites of the necromancers. There arose the tellers of lies. These lies were woven so sweetly, and told so well, that the lies became belief, reality and eventually, history itself. Those not raised in the cities of necromancy were quick to succumb to the lies, as they knew no different, other than what they had been told and taught.

    There was a great war, a war waged on many planes, many times, many worlds. The lies spread like wildfire. The great liars call themselves by many names, though the most well known is Paladin. The necromancers were decimated. Hunted and killed, regardless of age, regardless of sex, to be a necromancer was to be put to death in the eyes of those blinded by the liars. The blind were in a frenzy and killed with out mercy all that the liars condemned.

    The wisest of the necromancers saw that there was little hope at this time. The blinded were drunk with lies, and would not listen to truth. They held council and decided the truth must be protected.

    They assembled the strongest Males and Females left to the culture of Necromancy. They performed a great ritual now lost in the waves of time. These males and females were transcended to another plane, safe from the liars, and they remain there today, In the Hall of the Dark. There life counterparts remained, tethered to them thru this powerful magic. This was done in the hopes that the truth would be preserved, and the truth told again in time to come.....

    When a necromancer succumbs to the lies, and believes them to be truth, their Dark Father or Mother becomes frozen in the Hall of the Dark. Those that remain are now tasked with awakening their brothers and sisters from the great lie, as well as all life.

    And so Daemon is a remaining Child of Dark, tasked with the awakening of life, and the end of the great lie.........

    *****************end background*********************
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  4. Daemon McCrowley

    Mar 9, 2015
    Likes Received:

    Daemon McCrowley pronounced "Day Mon Mic Crowley" jus sayin :)
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  5. Callista

    Callista Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 1, 2010
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    Spookey!! I like it!:)
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  6. Jaden Rain

    Jaden Rain Sage

    Dec 2, 2015
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    Dae.........why aren't you writing more stuff you are really good.........
  7. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Governor Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2008
    Likes Received:
    More sir, more!