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[Gardening] Sooo Confused ...

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Umfufu, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Umfufu

    Umfufu Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 3, 2007
    Likes Received:
    Hi All,

    I have been away for a bit and it seems I missed out on some stuff happening in gardening !

    My apologies in advance if all this is already answered.
    But I am reading the forums and UO site but see no official statements sofar on this.

    I am now in the stage of ...
    Is this all for real ?
    Will it be fixed ?
    Is all this a bug ?
    Am I too late ?

    I read about and see some screenies of:
    Black and White Bonzai's
    Colored Bonzai's
    New Bogling Seeds ... New Plants in the primary colors on Boglings ..
    New Cross Polly Options ... to the New Plants in colors ..

    I am like omg ... what have I been missing?

    I am still reading and trying to catch up with all this, but at this point I still do not quite understand how this all happened.

    I have not read any official annoouncements about all this yet so am scared to get too happy about it cause this maybe a bug to be fixed soon ???

    If someone has the time and patience to explain some to me or link to the appropriate pages I would be very grateful.

    Also if this is for real, how does this all work with my old collection mother plants I have, all holding 8 seeds of each type of each color?
    Will the new cross polly work with these or do I have to hunt all new again to get any of the new results?

    Thanks in advance,

    A still stunned and overwhelmed gardner.
  2. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Guest

    Read this entire thread to get all the details you need:

    colored bonsai

    And hangon to your old plants as they'll come in handy for crossing.
  3. DHMagicMan_1

    DHMagicMan_1 Guest

    It's all still working at least as far as crossing the flowery cactus (colors) and getting colored spider trees... I'm trying to get all the colors of cacti and spider tree before I go nuts trying to get all the colors of Hopps ( and ) as well as all the colors of Bonsai.

    As far as I've seen, no one from Mythic has commented on any of this so I'm assuming it's just "Oh well, let them have it. Who cares?"... they are busy with other stuff.
  4. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Guest

    I'm about 10 days away from a complete collection of all the new colored bonsai, hops, spider trees, and cacti. Hoping I can get them done before any changes come.

    Except black and white I should say.
  5. Vidma

    Vidma Guest

    Does anyone on Great Lakes have an extra blue cactus seed? I am willing to pay gold for it or exchange red, yellow hop and spider tree seeds for it.