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(RP) Sosarian Warlords. Declare Your Allegiance.

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    I plan at some point to create a document that lists the various treaties and political factions of our shards townships and clans. I think such a resource would benefit our roleplayers and storytellers a great deal going forward. But for now - and in the interest of stimulating thoughtful discussion on our shards lore and fiction - I have decided to start by asking each of you where your characters allegiance lies.

    Are you Britannian? Are you Zenite? Are you a subject of the Prince of the Northern Kingdom or the Magincian Parliment? Discuss.

    I am providing two templates for this survey. One for individual characters. The other for organizations and communities. (i.e. villages and kingdoms, chivalric orders, merchant guilds, war parties, noble houses, clans, et. al.) You are not required to use the template.


    Name of Institution:

    Description: In one or two sentances describe what this institution is.

    Location: Where has this institution established itself?

    Allegiance: Name the Kingdom or Sovereignty this institution swears fealty to.

    And then tell us why your institution is loyal to that Sovereignty or Monarch.​


    Name of Character:

    Description: In one or two sentances describe who your character is.

    Residence: Where do you live?

    Allegiance: Name the Kingdom or Sovereignty your character swears fealty to.

    And then tell us why your character is loyal to that Sovereignty or Monarch.​

    This is a list of the options.

    The Kingdom of New Britannia. You are Britannian. You are subject to Queen Dawn and the House of Lords. Perhaps you embrace a philosophy with religious undertones known as the Britannic Virtues. Perhaps you embrace the teachings of Blackthorne or the Cult of Shadows. You could be a devout loyalist or a scheming traitor. But you still call yourself Britannian.

    New Britannia encompasses much of what we know today as the New World or Trammel. It includes cities such as New Trinsic and the Village of Golden. Old Britannia - which encompasses much of the continent known as the Old World - is no longer a subject of the Britannic Crown after having been abandoned following the Second War of Darkess.

    New Britannia is the most diverse of the political factions of Sosaria. The Britannians are based on the people of Medieval Britain and Carolingian France. Skara Brae has been described as a village of the Scottish Highlands. Yew is Druidic Ireland. Nujel'm might best be described as Andalusian Spain.

    The Northern Kingdom of the Dawnites. You are Dawnite. You are subject to the reigning Prince Riain Cross and his Council of Advisors.

    Dawn is the last bastion of Order and Civilization in a land long since abandoned by Britannia and its King. It is a land choked with the blood of the fallen; whose restless souls cry out for vengeance. It is a land torn asunder by violence and a war that will never end.

    Dawn occupies the harsh and wind-swept region at the Crown of the Old World; known to some as the Hyperborean North. It could be compared to a Village in the Scottish Highlands or Scandinavia. Something one could picture being in the Braveheart or the Mists of Avalon. The inhospitable terrain is often softened with the blood-churned mud of Barbarian invaders, Pirates, and foolish would-be conquerors from the Britannian Kingdom. It is a harsh place of war and tightly-knit bonds where strength and cunning are key to survival.

    The Empire of Tokunoshima. You are subject to the Empress and the Shogunate of Zento. The Empire is culturally reminiscent of Feudal Japan; but can contain elements of India and China for those who wish to be creative.

    The Holy Empire of Tel Mur. You are subject to Queen Zhah. You belong to a kingdom that is slowly crumbling around you and you have no power to stop it. The people of Tel Mur - their snake adoration and fertility rites - could be interpreted as Minoan or Mycenean.

    The Magincian Republic. Annon and the Magincian Parliment rule over the Republic of Magincia. Magincia has at various times been allied with the Britannic throne but is largely considered to be an independent state. It also has significant ties to Nujel'm and Vesper. The Magincians can be interpreted as Italians or Grecians during the High Middle Ages.

    True Britannian Faction. The True Britannians are those who have chosen to remain in Old Britannia despite the retreat to Trammel. These stubborn warriors refuse to give up their lands to the Dark Mistress and the Shadowlords. The True Britannians might or might not choose to acknowledge Dawn as their Queen; but instead crusade in the name of Lord British.

    Minaxian. You have sworn fealty to the Dark Mistress. There are those who might perceive Minax - the lover of the last living heir to the Akalabethan Throne - as the true and rightful claimant to the throne. That is a twisted idea that I've never seen explored.

    Sultanate of Nujel'm. You belong to a culture reminiscent of Andalusian Spain. You swear fealty to the Sultan and his Vizier. Characters hailing from here would be Spanish or Arabic. The Sultan - if he exists - would be a powerful figure in that he controls such a wealthy state. But that also has made him a target for the Britannians and Magincians.

    Delucia. Delucia is an enigma without much of a story to speak of. But we do know it to be independent of Britannia. Khaldun was the name of an African Muslim Philosopher and Scientist. Since we can assume that the Delucians descend from the Empire of Khal Ankur that might explain their origins and culture. I've seen others describe Delucia as a Roman Fort. (i.e. Outpost of Trinsic or Britannia.)

    Papua. The Papuans are based on the Pacific Islanders. Their beliefs might center around a Sacred Crocodile. Their society is tribal and is related to the Savages.

    Luna. The Fortress of Luna was once depicted as a Bastion of the Light. But unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade you know that the independent nation state has fallen far. It is no longer a place of Virtue. It is now dominated by corrupt merchants and scheming tradesmen dealing in the most illicit of goods. Weapons. Drugs. Flesh.

    Greed. It makes the world go 'round.

    Luna is ruled by the sadistic and racist Magistrate Gorrow and the Council of Tradesmen. The people here are Ancient Romans.

    Umbra. Umbra is Ancient Egypt following the collapse of the Roman Empire. It is dominated by necromancers and embalmers and is ruled by a Council of the Undying. The Umbral do not perceive themselves as Evil - despite being perceived as grotesque blasphemers to most Britannians - and are proud of their Pharonic Ancestry.

    Other. Explain.