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Soulless Bound

Discussion in 'The Hooded Crow Inn [Fiction]' started by LynneOfMagincia, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Her fingers rested gingerly on the the box. He wasn't a figment of her imagination. He wasn't a mirage. Valek, had returned and with him a renewed marriage proposal. The tattered seams of where things had been left stitching together in the velvet box before her. The strings however, were very different this time around. Change had taken hold in both of them creating a different dynamic.

    It had been days since she had first discovered the ring of white gold. Something else she had learned while he was away... Never answer a question quickly. Taking a deep breath, she withdrew the dazzling piece of jewelry and headed to The Magincian Customs building at the other edge of town. It was only fitting that the time apart be ended with him slipping it on her hand.. himself.

    - - -

    OOC Add on: Godiva... how do you feel about brushing up on your wedding skills? Say By Beltane?