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Discussion in 'UHall' started by Zyon Rockler, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Zyon Rockler

    Zyon Rockler Guest

    Is there any way we can add to the spell casting magical spawns? I think it would be nice if they could summon other spawn to help them. For example, if you're fighting a daemon it can spawn imps, if you're fighting a bally it can spawn daemons. This should help make the fight more interesting. If your in a para spawn it should be possible.

    And, can we beef up the affects maybe? I don't know if it's my system but I would like to see bigger explosions and maybe energy bolt when it hits me could wave my whole character or something just so I don't become so used to it. Maybe modify them so that if the creature flamestrikes for 50 damage its bigger than say when a creature flamestrikes for 10. Also, the sound intensity.

    And, is there a way we could make the spawn interact more? For example, if it gets hurt maybe it could look like it's getting hurt and if it gets angry maybe it could throw alittle fit and how about maybe a dramatic death, where it falls down on its' knees and begs for mercy. And if we could somehow make it so these characteristics make each spawn seem unique, even if it's the same creature.

    Why don't these creatures ever run away? If they were anything like most of the players they would always be running off the screen, haha. And, another thing I don't get about this spawn, if a troll looks like it has this big hammer or big axe how come when I kill it I can't find it? And if you're going to dress these things graphically, can we at least see the things in the loot?

    Spawns should identify players when they spawn and begin moving towards them. They should be predators. When you enter a spawn zone you should be counted, so that the spawn can be adjusted. If 10 people enter the spawn point then either 1 of 2 things should happen. 10 spawns should be created or 1 big bad MOFO. This of course could be calculated where a creature becomes faster and stronger as it is attacked. This would give balance to the game whereas if you were only one person hunting you could kill the spawn and if it was a small party of people hunting they could also enjoy the same challenge as the one person and if there's a huge horde of people their numbers alone would not make them unique or powerful.

    Also, the rate of gold should be adjusted along this sliding scale. Of course, this could be done with all types of spawn and when a spawn is victorous in any battle, meaning if anybody dies while trying to kill it then it should level up.

    Also, can we get rid of the loot that is so crappy that it's only there for looks? Maybe make up a couple more of these suits, where you need to collect all of the set and every so often have one of these appear on the loot and add some weapons and stuff that these things carry. For example, a daemon might carry a daemon sword and each time you check the daemon sword its' properties are different. Same thing with the resistances on the suits, giving you the ability to choose or upgrade.

    Thanks for reading this, hopefully it's given you some ideas.